which cricut mat to use for cardstock

Cricut cutting mats are offered in a variety of different sizes as well as levels of stickiness. Depending on what type of material you are using will determine which mat you will want to use. Heavy materials will require a stickier mat, while materials like paper will want to be cut on a regular stickiness mat so that it does not get too stuck, and you end up ripping your project when you are pulling it off the mat. The mat is designed to hold your material in place as you are cutting it with the Cricut machine. Standard grip mats can be used for almost all of your project needs. You can use these mats with materials like cardstock, vinyl, iron-on, and other similar materials. This mat is usually included in the box with any Cricut cutting machine, and if you are looking to purchase additional mats they are in the green color in the 12” by 12” style. If you are working with materials that are more delicate, you will want to get a Light grip cutting mat. These kinds of materials include vellum and light paper.