Which Cricut mat should I use?


There are 3 different categories of mats offered by “Cricut” that are compatible with different “Cricut” machines and heat presses, as described below:

  1. Machine Mats

The “StandardGrip Machine Mat” is 12 x 12 inches and compatible with all the “Circuit” machines.” These mats are designed to hold the material firmly in place while you cut through it and then easily remove the material when ready. It is recommended to be used with “cardstock, patterned paper, embossed cardstock, iron-on, and vinyl.”


They also offer “LightGrip Machine Mat,” which is also 12 x 12 inches and specifically designed for adhesion of lightweight and delicate materials such as “standard paper, light cardstock, and vellum.”


Their “StrongGrip Machine Mat” comes in 12 x 24 inches and serves as a sturdy adhesion surface for heavyweight materials including “thick cardstock, glitter cardstock, magnet material, chipboard, poster board, and fabric (with stabilizer).” The company claims these mats are their “longest-lasting mat, featuring double-life adhesive technology.”


The “FabricGrip Machine Mat” is available in 12 x 12 inches, and 12 x 24 inches is designed with high-density PVC for extra strength and coated with a light adhesive for easy use with various fabrics such as “silk, canvas, burlap, leather, and cotton.”


  1. Self-Healing Mats – “Cricut” offers a wide variety of self-healing mats and claims them to be twice more self-healing than their competitors. They are designed with larger numbers on 1” wide border for easy readability. These mats cannot be used inside the “Cricut” machines. Some of these offerings include “Decorative Self-Healing Mat, Mint,” “Self-Healing Mat, Blue,” “Decorative Self-Healing Mat, Lilac,” and more.


  1. EasyPress Mats – The “Cricut EasyPress Mat” is uniquely designed to work with “Cricut EasyPress” for impeccable heat transfer projects. The long-lasting cover offers even thermal conduction and uniform distribution of the heat. The interior liner can easily absorb moisture resulting in clean and dry heat. The foil membrane can reflect heat onto the material, preventing the transfer of moisture vapors while the silicone foam insulates the surface and protects it against heat damage. They come in 3 different sizes, namely, 12 x 12 inches, 20 x 16 inches, and 8 x 10 inches, and special “Decorative Polka Dot Mats in blue/mint and rose/lilac” in 14 x 14 inches.