which cricut machine is better

What machine should I buy?

Before we get started on how to use the Design Space feature, let’s review the types of machines available. There are many to choose from and for first-time buyers, it can be daunting to select the right one. We’ll focus on the more recent models.

Your budget and how you intend to use the machine are big factors; however, you’ll find most Cricut machines are around the same price with the exception of the Cuttlebug Machine.

This is a small, portable hand-crank machine that has a maximum cutting width of six inches. It only works with dies and embossing folders; however, it’s perfect for those who are looking for a machine they can use for scrapbooking and card making.

The hand-crank machine has been a staple in the Cricut family and you can usually find a new one for under $100. A used hand-crank can be far less money. If it’s in good condition and that’s what you want, you can sometimes find them for as low as $25 at garage sales and garage sale sites.

This year, a new model was released called The Cricut Maker™. This has all the bells and whistles to do most anything. It has the capability of cutting more materials than any previous models and the company boasts its fast, precise cutting.

The Cricut Maker can be used with your own images, which is a plus for those who prefer to use their own or don’t want to buy a subscription or pay for individual images. It allows you to personalize your items and make your own statement. You can make personalized cards, signs, and anything your heart desires. The ability to personalize your items with multiple lines and fonts broadens your horizon, and if you make products to sell, you can offer personalization.

The Cricut Maker is supposed to be better than the Cricut Explore Air 2, and is considered the top-of-the-line. The Explore is promoted as being easier to use than the Maker. It works with paper, vinyl and cardstock, which is a plus.

Of course, you’ll need the tools of the trade and these are sold in what are called “Bundles.” There are many bundles available, and you can purchase them alone or with your machine, with the exception of the hand-crank model.

A bundle includes the machine and a set of accessories. The bundles vary; however, many include printable sticker paper, cardstock, trimmers and cutting tools, pens, and usually free project ideas. Each model comes with a different bundle.