what is a cricut

What Is A Cricut Machine?

It is always good to begin a class by first doing introductions, and defining, so that everyone understands the basics at least about whatever subject they are about to begin learning of. In this class, the subject of study is cricut machines, and we would begin by defining and explaining what a cricut machine is.

You may have been gifted a cricut machine by your mom or say your friend, but you just don’t know how it works. Probably you don’t even have an idea of what the machine is or what you can do with it, and so that  is exactly why you are here right now, hoping to get all the answers to all your questions about that strange or slightly familiar machine. That is not an issue at all, follow closely and pay attention, and you will learn even more than you probably were prepared to learn about cricut machines.

The simple thing is that a cricut machine is on a really basic and layman’s explanations, a cutting machine. What do I mean by that? Well, it is as simple and plain as it is, a cricut machine is simply a cutting machine. It is a machine that you use to cut things into different shapes, designs and patterns, it all depends on what you have up there in your creative and imaginative mind.

What do I mean again? Well, a cricut machine is technology’s way of helping you create that gift box, card, beautifully designed mugs, cups and plates, and even those personalized t-shirts you dream daily about. If you have an idea or image in your mind, or you have need of a birthday or congratulatory card, beautifully painted canvas and what have you, a cricut machine will help you cut, paste, write and even paint them into reality.

Cricut machines are your quick and very effective aid to designing the right shapes you want out of a cardboard paper, to redesigning your room with beautiful self-made home or even party decors.   You can make a design on your phone or laptop and send it to your cricut machine to cut it out for you, following the design you already made.

Why do I say that a cricut machine gives you what you want? Because it depends on the images, shapes, colors and designs on your mind. So long as you have the creativity in mind, and you can draw them, paint them, or write them as you want them, then the cricut machine can definitely cut it out for you.

Do you remember those beautiful canvas and neatly cut letters of different shapes in your class room? Cricut machines do those for you too. So long as you have something in mind you intend to replicate, then your cricut machine will serve you well. This is why I said earlier that cricut machines help you explore you creativity. With cardboard papers and plastics and shirts, ceramics and canvas and paint colors, vinyl and boxes, you make whatever design you please.

Still do not get it? Well, a cricut machine is just like your razor blades, rulers, shape markers and makers, scissors, pins and any other tool in this category you usually go for when you want to make a design, cut out some shapes and stickers for your room, school locker, car, door, thick note book, differently patterned letters for pasting and many more.

You should have already figured out way more than is being said here as it has to do with cricut and cricut machines. Now I bet you are beginning to remember all the times you tried to make a kite as a child, to build paper houses, paper boats, paper cars, and many other such things.

If you are older, lol, you probably get now, exactly what you were doing as a child when you tried to make your own guns, to draw spider man and make your own attire and face mask. Some of them went bad, scratch that, really ugly. Lol, but somehow you managed to make something.

A cricut machine does just that for you, it cuts out the shapes you already designed; it can print out stuff you made too. A cricut machine or the cricut pen is what you can also use to write letters and draw fun shapes into a book. From your computer, writing letters will not be boring at all because you have a range of fonts to choose from, depending on whatever font you want.

Let’s take a quick look at what you can do with a cricut machine.

Beautiful and fun shapes and letters

A cricut machine is designed to serve your creative abilities through cutting, pasting and a whole lot of other things. One of the things you can do with a cricut machine is to make really amusing, fun shapes and letters  such as flowers, paper dresses, ribbons, pets, and even more. These shapes can be used as stickers to decorate a room or school locker. They can be pasted in your favorite side of the car. Fun shapes especially amuse children, but of course, that is not to say that they can’t amuse a grown up either, why else are they called fun shapes.

With cricut machine you can make beautiful and fun shapes and letters. You can make emojis and funny faces, puppy faces and flower shapes. Once you can make a pattern for your cricut machine to follow through with, it can give you just what you gave it to cut out for you. Some of these shapes are just too adorable and cute like in the diagram below.

Cricut machines are used to design letters as well; they make use of a cricut device known as the cricut pen.


Cards are one of those traditional ways of communicating to people and sending love and deep messages that will never fade out. Cricut machines are used to make cards too. All you need is paper and cricut pen, yes, cricut pen. There is such a thing as cricut pen. They are used to write on cards and address letters.

Cards serve lots of purposes, from wedding cards, to birthday cards, to thanksgiving cards, to congratulatory cards and Valentine’s Day cards. People try to capture in a few words, their emotions and deep, heartfelt ones at that in cards. This is why on Valentine’s Day; people usually go looking for that one card or so that comes close at least, to capturing the words in their hearts.

What is amazing however is that there really is no need to keep going back to the same card shops in search of something that only you can make? Just get the right tools and make your heart known as much and well as you really want it to be known.


For personalized t-shirts, cricut machines are used to apply paintings of letters and designs as you want it to your t-shirt. With a combination of vinyl and preferred colors, painted to make a beautiful design like a huge rose or some catchy words like life’s beautiful, but you’re the beauty in it. However and whatever the inscription or design is, it is completely on you and what you want, but your cricut machine will perfect your creativity.

Have you ever heard of leather costume jewelries? Well if it is your first time of hearing that, welcome aboard. It’s one of the much other cool stuff you can do with a cricut machine. You can make a bracelet out of leathers; you can also make leather earrings and similar accessories. Cricut machines cut through the beautiful design designs you make and deliver them to you.

Cricut for party decors

Tell me that one party which does not require some fun and lightening decors. Almost none, it like those decors are part of what make them parties, and also part of what make them fun. Without those very beautiful and distinct decors, the life of the party seems a little cut down.

You can almost immediately tell what kind of party is going on when you see the décor for the party. That being said, people actually do like to create things by themselves, that will explain why you would rather get a cricut machine and some tools to make decor designs for that party you want to throw.

Maybe the party is in your house and you would like to make it look like a party place, and so you go out to a tool store to get some stuff to work with. Maybe some balloons and ribbons. Cricut machines are there to make your party personal and fun. Wall posters, letters, stickers, ribbons and balloons are made to lighten up the atmosphere for the party.

While throwing a party might tend to cost a bit, setting up the venue for your party does not have to cost a thing either. Just get a couple of friends to help you create the perfect design for the party and watch as you and your friends make the best out of a few DIY décor tools, using the aid of a cricut machine to cut every design and put everything in its own shape.

There are just a whole lot of things a cricut machine will do for you, such as stickers for the windows of your car, decorating your playroom or your store cupboard, design your pillow to be beautiful, craft beautiful knick-knacks for Christmas, and create decoration for your walls among other things.

These are the functions of a cricut machine and the amazing things you can do with a cricut machine.

Here is a fact to not forget if you are new to this whole beautiful story about cricut and cricut machines. As a newbie, you are to first ensure that you have the right tools, provisions and resources necessary to be able to carry out cricut projects. That is of course after you have been able to answer the question of whether or not you need a cricut machine.

The truth here is not everyone will be interested in cricut and cricut machines. Some people will prefer still, to go to a gift store or a market to get any of these DIY stuff that cricut machines rather make easier to do on your own. So the first thing really is not getting a cricut machine immediately you learn about one, but knowing if you really want one.

The moment you answer this question, then you can take the next step which is finding out the things you would want to make, getting the right tools and resources needed for those things. People usually need blades, markers, paints, scissors, colors, cards fabrics, vinyl, and a whole lot of other stuff.

Using a cricut machine will not be difficult the moment you master it. But instead of going all in without having any prior knowledge about how to use a cricut machine, you may want to rather take it one step at a time. If you rush into doing cricut designs, as a beginner, you might be at risk of giving up before you even begin. So here is what to do instead, instead of designing that very large tennis ball shape and putting it into your cricut machine to make a mess of, cut a smaller shape of a tennis ball. That way, it is easier to not make a mistake, and eventually, a mess of your work.

As a beginner also, you will have to be ready to make some mistakes, they are unavoidable. That is an aspect of being a beginner that makes the process very exciting and interesting, until you over grow it.

All these and more are the things that a cricut machine can o for you. So there you have it, a cricut machine is your dream come true—a cutting machine.