what cricut blade cuts wood

There is a this type of blade that is commonly used in the new Cricut cutting machines. This blade is called the Bonded Fabric cutting blade. You will want to use this blade if you are working with a variety of different fabrics. You will first want to make sure that the fabric has been sprayed with Heat N Bond so that it becomes stabilized. You can use another type of stabilizer if you find one that works better for you. This cutting tool is very precise, and it stays sharper longer than the other types of blades. It can also be used with a fabric that is also an iron-on type of material. This blade is also made from the German carbide premium steel that the other blades are made with. This blade is designed specifically to make cuts that are extremely intricate for the Cricut machines. You can identify this blade among the other types of blades because it is pink in color.


If you are looking to get a Cricut Maker machine, it has its own additional cutting blades that allow you to cut intricate details in a variety of different materials. The Knife blade was released for the Cricut Maker in 2017 during the month of August. The Knife Blade was designed to cut materials that were thicker and denser and are not easy to cut as with the other blades. These materials are cut more successful with this blade, Balsa Wood, Cricut Chipboard, Basswood, Cricut Craft foam, Matboard, and leather. If you are cutting with the knife blade, Cricut Design Space program will usually ask you if you want to cut with more than one pass through so that you can ensure you are getting a complete cut. This is usually recommended when you are cutting thick woods and materials that include metal.


The Cricut Maker also comes with one other additional blade which is a rotary cutting blade commonly used for cutting different forms of fabrics. This blade is revolutionary because it actually rotates within the housing, so it can cut intricate designs without having to physically turn that material to do it. This blade is the longest lasting because it is not as likely to get nicked like the regular rotary blade on a sewing table which is likely to continuously get tossed around. You can buy additional blades on their own, but you should be able to use one blade across many different projects as long as it is taken care of.