what blade cuts leather on cricut

The second most commonly used blade is referred to as the deep cut blade. If you are working with materials that are relatively thick, this is the blade you will want to use to ensure that the cut goes all the way through the material in the way that you need it to. These types of materials are balsa wood and different types of leather. Yes, you absolutely can cut leather with a Cricut machine! If you are using a deep cut blade, you will need to get a custom housing piece for it, which is something that you must purchase separately. If you are wanting to use that blade, you will just have to remove the previous housing for the regular cut blade and insert the deep cut blade housing and attach the blade as needed. Similarly, with the fine point blade, you will want to take good care of this blade and sharpen it often because you do not want to be replacing this one often because it is known to be more expensive than the fine point blade. It is easy to tell the housing of this blade apart from the fine point blade because the color of this housing is black. This way you know if you have left your deep cut blade on from a previous project you will want to swap it out with the fine point blade before starting our next project. You also have the option to purchase just the blade on its own if you need a replacement once you have gotten the housing unit for it.