1-Waist is wrong. Because we misinterpreted the pattern, we decided to weave “by eye”, so we could n’t rest the sample well for any reason or wrong reason. On our knees, the daughter’s sweater won’t pass her head or the baby hat we knit will get into us. This all includes weaving and redoing.

2- Calculate the material incorrectly. In many cases, you are confident that you have enough material to purchase, so you are starting to knit quietly, but you may see half of the work using the last ball. And at this very moment, I started thinking, “Where did you buy this wool?” And “Did you notice more balls?” And if the answer to our question is that there is no more material than we were using, our first question would be: Usually from this error, there are striped clothes, different colored edges or sleeves, extra-long fringes, necklaces instead of scarves, vests instead of pulls

3-Lose the pattern and do not write down the details of the work. It may seem easy, but with the enthusiasm for knitting, it’s easy to forget to mark the pattern you are using, separate it, and save it where you can refer to it when you want to continue.

Also, it is very common not to write down the material and needle number used, and as you continue to work, you will not remember which needle you knit, and you will notice that it is not the same as before there is often.

This error occurs mainly on an anxious weaver who has a bag with lots of unfinished projects because I can’t wait to complete one project and then start another project, like me The

Buy yarn without knowing what it will be used for. I have to admit: when I see lonely sheep alone in an offer basket with a very attractive price label, I can’t resist and have to buy them! The problem is that once you get home, you have to decide what to do with those little balls, and in many cases few can be knitted in just 100 grams.

And one falls into “the ruins trap”. This consists of going to buy more yarn so that we can weave something with the small balls we provide. To make matters worse, you may purchase more yarn than you originally wanted.

5- Forget the organization. This error can occupy one of the previous four locations, depending on the situation displayed. When we were in the waiting room of the clinic and asked how many patients should be in front of us, they said “10”, forgetting the organization is a weave anger.

It’s very sad when we start to think about everything we can do if we sit and wait to wait without the fabric. The same is true for long road trips and vacations. We may not even be able to touch our own fabric. Just take a walk.