what accessories do i need for my cricut


In addition to the machine what else could you possibly want or need?

In this section we’re breaking down some of the essential accesories for someone that is brand-new to Cricut.

Cricut Essential Toolset

This toolset has everything that you need to get started. There are a few tools in here that you may not think are necessary but the more you start crafting, the more you’ll use all of these tools. It contains:

  • Paper trimmer
  • Blades and scoring for your paper trimmer
  • A pair of cricut scissors
  • Handy dandy scraper tool
  • A spatula
  • Reverse tweezers
  • A weeding tool
  • Scoring stylist.

If you have a cricut maker you can also buy the scoring wheel but the scoring stylist works at all of the Explorers as well as the cricket maker. If you’re getting this you will not need the scoring wheel unless you’re doing more advanced and thicker 3d projects but right here they’re going to have everything you need to get started with all of your essentials when it comes to tools with the machine of your choice.

Additional Mats

Next up for every beginner cricuter I recommend additional mats. The two mats that I find myself running out of time and time again are the blue light grit mats as well as the green standard grip mats.

Next thing that I’ve always wanted to stock more up on is:

  • Craft board,
  • Cardstock, and
  • Sampler packs of all kinds of different materials.
  • On cricut.com they have a ton of different materials from cardstock to the craft board, they have faux leather, they have all kinds of different materials and you can make some really awesome projects with those colors and different materials like that. Check out shop.cricut.com to pick a few different sampler packs whether it’s cardstock or anything like that to get started when it comes to your papers and faux leather and craft boards.

Cricut Easy Press

The number one reason why I love to include a Cricut easy press and a beginner’s guide is that it sets you up for success. Sometimes irons are not going to give you the best quality possible – and we want you to have the best quality shirt or a project that you can and using an easy press is going to ensure that quality for sure.

The 9X9 Cricut easy press is a perfect size for someone that’s only wanting to invest in one easy press. We even use it to iron curtains and tablecloths; it’s a really multi-purpose tool that you are going to love in your crafting.

We also have the Cricut easy press matte 9×9, it goes with the machine. It’s a little bit larger than nine by nine but it’s meant to use with your 9 by 9 easy press.