Tools and Accessories to Use with a Cricut Machine 

Tools and Accessories to Use with a Cricut Machine

When you have a Cricut machine, there are a few tools that you would need which would make your crafting project easier and manageable. All these different tools help with cutting materials. The tools that you would need are:

Cricut Cutting Mat

For every Cricut Machine you have, the must-have item every crafter needs is a cutting mat. This cutting mat enables you to hold any material you use while the machine goes through cutting it. These mats come in different grip strength and also varying sizes. You can differentiate it by the colors it comes in based on the grip, so you do not confuse them. Some projects would require you to use the StrongGrip mat, whereas some projects work better using a mat suitable based on the materials you are using, such as fabric.

The outcome of your project depends on the kind of mat you use so choosing the right mat is imperative. The different types of mats available are the LightGrip Mat, StandardGrip Mat, StrongGrip Mat, and the FabricGrip Mat.

Cricut Bright Pad

This Bright Pad includes a five-brightness setting adjustable LED light. It makes your crafting easier, and it aids in illuminating extremely fine lines for tracing. It is extremely useful when you are weeding so if you do find that weeding is a challenge, then the Cricut Bright Pad will solve this issue for you as it makes this process easier.

Cricut Pens

Cricut Pens come in different colors and a variety of sets that make DIY projects such as gift tags, cards, invitations, and banners so much more creative and beautiful. Crafters usually use these pens when they need to Write and Cut. You can get the Metallic pens, Candy Shop pens, the Classic set, Gold set, and even one called the Seaside set.


Lint Roller

Yes, you read that right, get yourself a lint roller. It is useful for removing any unwanted pet hairs, dust or excess materials from your mats. Animal hairs are big problems as they stick to the adhesive mats like there is no tomorrow, but a lint roller works great if you want to get rid of them.

Scoring Stylus

Add a scoring stylus to your cart as soon as possible if you are a paper crafter. The tool is excellent for making paper baskets and boxes. It gives the products the professional, store-bought finish and makes them so easy to fold as the stylus already creates the grooves for folding your paper projects.


Invest in an EasyPress. This is perfect if you are interested in printing T-shirts or customizing pillowcases. Basically, anything you want to have printed, you are going to need one of these bad boys to do it. There are lots of bundles available on the Cricut website, and they can range from $119.99 (only the EasyPress) to $389.99 for a large bundle with everything you need to get started on your printing journey and so much more. The prices change depending on the size of the EasyPress, as well as the size of the bundle you wish to take.

Complete Starter Kit

The Complete Starter Kit is great if you don’t feel like purchasing tools individually or if you’d rather follow protocol and purchase exactly what you need. The kit comes with all the essential items; that’s why it is a great purchase. However, if you’re tight on cash, buying the bare necessities will be best. This includes the materials you may require to start crafting so you don’t have to worry about any list of items that need to be bought.


Cartridges are designed to help with the keyboard overlay that is needed for designs. The DesignStudio that is downloadable on the computer will help with developing the design that you are looking for. Each cartridge is designed to have a booklet to help you with how to use it. Each cartridge will only work for that specific overlay; however, a company called Provo Craft designed a universal overlay cartridge that will help with this single-use overlay issue. This allows the DIY crafter to only have to learn one keyboard overlay instead of multiple, giving them a much better chance of being able to learn the Cricut machine easily. Each Cricut, whether a cake version or a paper version, has a specific set of parameters that will be set to use for cutting. This makes each one of the Cricut machines specific to their use and a unique tool to have.

Buy a cartridge or several. Please do invest in these. They are amazing, and they aren’t that expensive if you look around for clearance sales or marked-down prices on Amazon. There are so many cartridges to choose from; it’s like a never-ending pit of creativity. The selection ranges from themed cartridges to ones that only have fonts. It’s great for any project, and it saves you the trouble of struggling with Design Space and creating your own designs. They also come in neat little boxes that are so easy to store and always looks uniform.


Sharpies – you will not be sorry that you have them. Yes, the Cricut pens are cool, but they are overpriced. Purchasing some extra Sharpies – or any form of pens that can be manipulated into fitting into the pen holder – will work perfectly. You will have a variety of colors and save a couple of bucks in the process.


The door on your Cricut Cutter machine protects the machine when not in use. On many Cricut Cutter machines in various models, there is a compartment on the inside of the door to place any needed tools for crafting. If the doors on your Cricut cutter machine are not staying shut, make sure that you have taken out or unloaded any accessories in the machine’s accessory clamp which can cause the doors to remain open. If this is not the case or the doors of the machine will not open or stay open take a picture or video and send it to the Help Center at


For lifting cut peace of papers from the cutting mat spatula is used. Other related things like some stuffed card can be used. But, as spatula is not expensive and specially designed tool, so its use is recommended. It does not harm your cutting mat. Removing gross and sticky material from spatula is easy.


Glue, gums are adhesives, choose adhesive of your choice from any well-known brand. Sticky material like adhesives should not be ordinary, purpose of sticking two things together must be fulfilled through your selected adhesive. Different sizes of glue coffee cups are available. Select any jumbo pack or coffee cup or according to you requirement. The drying time of glue also matters, so go for some very good adhesive.


Without tape completing task is almost impossible. Consideration Points for selecting tape are: it should be chemical or acid free and it should be very sticky. Glue is alternate for tape but sometime glue also does not work like tape.


Keep a pair of sharp scissors with you. Enough sharp to cut cards, ribbons and papers. Must buy a cover for scissors. Place it above the reach of children and in a place where humidity does not affect it. Neat paper or card cutting really affect your decorative work.


Sometime you need to deal with very tiny papers. Tweezers work efficiently in holding that small piece of papers which usually turns, curves and torn during use. Sometime additional use of glue sticks two papers which are difficult to get separate tweezers are perfect helper at that time. Keep it while doing crafting you will must be needing it.


Blades and trimmers are essential thing it helps in cutting papers very neatly and in desired shape without putting additional effort to create neat effect.

Stock of paper and cards Card are comparatively thicker than paper. They are different things. Buying a stock makes you tension free, either you do test cuttings or throw it in making unusual shapes for trail. They should be sufficient for, until your whole tasks get complete.


The blades are designed to cut specific textiles when using the Cricut. Every single Cricut machine that you can buy comes with your own specific blade for that machine. You can purchase other blades that would be even more useful for specific textiles. Many of them come with a German fine point carbide blade. This is a useful blade for all projects. However, you may want to invest in a deep cut blade eventually. This one provides an effortless cutting of a much thicker textile such as leather and wood. There is an individual housing that will be used for this specific blade that is different from the one that comes with your machine, so keep that in mind. There is also an option or a fabric blade that is bonded. This is used to cut fabrics that are already stabilized with some sort of heat-pressed bonding. In the Cricut Maker, you will get a knife blade and a rotary as well. These do not work in other Cricut machines though.


As mentioned in the previous paragraph the Cricut cartridge contains fonts and images often in a specific theme. The keypad allows you to input phrases and words to tell the Cricut what to cut out using the font in the cartridge.


For the most part, all buttons are self-explanatory the on button turns the machine on, the Cut button tells the machine to Cut once the design is already in place, and the Stop button tells the Cricut machine to stop cutting once the design has been fully cut. It is important to not try to Cut or press the Cut button without a cutting mat in place and without a design and cartridge ready to go. Select the STOP button if you’ve made a mistake during the cutting process, the blade will stop cutting and from there you can correct your mistake. The Off button turns the machine off.

Roller Bar

The roller bar piece of the Cricut Cutter machine has wheels called star wheels. Star wheels allow materials to not shift when cutting. However, when cutting thick materials like felt and foam the star wheels can leave marks and indents in the material. To avoid this marking from the star wheels moves the star wheels all the way to the right side of the rubber bar one by one. If the cartridge is in the way of this maneuver turn your Cricut Cutter Machine off by selecting the OFF button and gently move the cartridge over to either side. To make sure that the material still is not passed over by the star wheels make sure the material has at least one inch away from the right side of the rubber bar where the star wheels are now located.

Display Screen

The display screen on your Cricut Cutter machine shows the design in which the machine will be cutting. The design can be edited on the display screen. Settings for your Cricut machine are also accessible through the display screen, such as: calibrating the screen and resetting the machine. A few common problems with the Display Screen include the LCD being unresponsive, the screen stuck on the End User License Agreement, the display screen being pixelated, and the screen stuck on the Tap to Zoom message. If you have any of these issues turn your machine off, then perform a hard reset. If the issue persists, contact Member Care at where you can find phone numbers and emails to contact. It is important to take care of your Display Screen as it is a vital part of your Cricut Cutter machine.

Do I need all these tools?

While these tools are all great in helping you create a project, you will be glad to know that you do not need to have every single tool mentioned above to use a Cricut effectively. However, among the must-have items are the mat and the tools mentioned in the Essential Tool Set. These are extremely helpful to complete your projects especially the ones with tiny cuts. A good way to begin your Cricut crafting journey is to equip yourself with the basics, such as the mat, the Tweezer, and the Weeder to start off and then slowly add on other items.

Where do I get these supplies?

One of the best ways to score a good deal with Cricut supplies that are good quality and the right ones is directly from Cricut. By signing up for their emails, you will be informed of any sale or discounts that Cricut has all the time. You can also go online and look out for crafters’ blogs and craft sites that use Cricut, and you’ll find codes that you can use to get 10% discounts on your purchases. Not only that, you can get free shipping. You can also check out your local craft store to see if there are any items at the clearance section. Do take note though that some codes offered by crafts stores may not be applicable on the Cricut online store.

Another good place to purchase discounted or cheap Cricut supplies is on Amazon and even eBay.