No chimney to knit by the fire? It does not matter! Today, knitting is everywhere. In knitting workshop, transport, waiting rooms, at home. But beware of the bad positions! For a perfect relaxation knit break, you learn to take care of your back and eyes. Here are the essentials to know to knit at ease.

The hook

The most important thing is your well-being. Settle in a place where your serenity is total. The choice of location belongs to you.

On the other hand, make sure to follow these 3 rules of survival to be able to knit for hours without any fatigue!


Backache, cramps in the fingers, tense neck muscles, when you start knitting, you do not necessarily measure the impact of these small pains.

To avoid spoiling your pleasure of creating an accessory or a knit garment with your 10 little fingers, here are 2 tips to help your body:

Avoid squirming constantly and settle down in your seat. Sit upright, no bending. If you knit for 1 hour, the neck pulls and your back can take a hit. That’s how you get cervical spondylitis of knitting, be careful!

Choose a seat with armrests on which you can rest your arms or press your needles. The working position is ideal to avoid cramps and knit without fatigue.

The armrests are also convenient to put your needles without risk of falling. Time to fix a few things like catching a piece of yarn that skids or just put your meshes on hold to heat a little coffee

Also be aware that even if you work with circular needles or a hook, the tips remain the same. We keep control over his position whatever your favorite technique!


After the fingers, the arms, it is the eyes that we ask for a lot of knitting. Yes, we knit by fixing in turn the ends of the needles, the small inscriptions of the explanations, your work … Mesh place, stitches towards … But where am I, me? A real ocular gymnastics!

How do we avoid the syndrome of the eye that stings, the one that forces us to stop our knitting with regret?

Choose a light source and indirect light. Never dark places, or dim lighting. Like a small plant in the sun, your well-being increases under the effect of a beautiful light! Creativity also, it seems!

A last little thing about grandmother, so as not to damage your eyes counting its ranks, use a contrasting colored thread. The trick is to slip this thread through the first stitch. You can count them faster and without suffering. And as this thread slipped into the first stitch of the row is not knitted, simply pull it slightly to remove it. Child’s play.

And hold in speaking of rank, it is also very easy to find a rank mercery account! A machine very practical, reliable and relaxing when you knit large books!


When you knit, you need a lot of attention and concentration. And what’s more annoying than having an obstacle in the middle of the road! Clear your workspace of any object! Your steaming cup of tea is not far off, but it’s not on the armrest.

On the other hand, your knitting material remains at your fingertips. No need to stop knitting to get anything! Scissors, glasses, buttons, wool, everything is already there!