Solving The Most Common Problems When Using Cricut

Solving The Most Common Problems When Using Cricut


Frequent Cricut Problems and Solutions

Now that you’re familiar with Cricut models and the Cricut Design Space, there are some challenges that you might encounter while using your Cricut.

The problems that we will mention will also come with solutions that you can quickly put in place in your home.

Your Transfer Tape isn’t working

Using a transfer tape can be complicated and difficult to use sometimes, but the most frustrating part of using it is when it is used on your project, but then, it doesn’t come up.

This problem is usually common when working with glitter, vinyl, and even glitter vinyl. When your transfer tape seems not to be working, that’s probably because you’re using the wrong one.

Some rolls of vinyl, when purchased, come with their transfer tape, or they recommend one for you. But this isn’t the same for every case.

For example, when working with some projects, the Standard transfer tape is ideal. This usually happens if you are making use of the standard vinyl.

But, for other types of vinyl, you should probably use the StrongGrip transfer tape made by Cricut.

If you’re looking for something cheap and quick, you can use painter’s tape or contact paper.

Your Material is Tearing

Different reasons cause this, but the main reason is probably because of your cutting mat. If your cutting mat isn’t sticky enough, the material will keep on cutting.

There are many reasons why your mat might not be working right. It could be that you’re using the wrong mat for your project or that the mat is old, and the stickiness has already weakened.

The blue Cricut mat is the Light Grip mat. This is good for materials that don’t need a lot of stickiness to stay in a place, like paper.

The purple Cricut mat is the Strong Grip mat, which is ideal for those materials that slip around a lot and might get damaged. This includes leather and some types of fabric.

Then there’s the green Cricut mat, which is the Standard Grip mat. It’s for anything that’s not too light and not too strong.

It’s essential to use the right mat for your materials, or else, you’ll waste a lot of your materials.

There are some other reasons why your materials might be tearing instead of cutting.

The blade

Most often than not, you might have trouble with your blade. When using a blade, two things can go wrong. First, the blade might just be old and in need of replacement. Second, the blade you’re using is not suitable for the material that you’re cutting.

It’s better to use the fine point blade whenever possible, but when you need a heavy hand, you should use the deep cut blade. Try not to use the deep cut blade for a lot of materials, or they will tear.

The settings

If none of the aforementioned works, you should also check the Design Space settings. You might not be using the right cut settings for the material.

Also, if the image that you’re trying to cut out is very complicated, the material might cut it wrong because of the settings. So, you should change your cut settings to the cardstock intricate design settings.

The type of material

If nothing else works, then it might be safe to conclude that the material cannot be cut by your Cricut machine. There are over a hundred materials that can work with Cricut, and so this is highly unlikely.

But, if you’ve exhausted all your options, then you can test your machine with paper. If it cuts appropriately, you will know that the material you’re trying to cut is not compatible with Cricut.

Your Blade isn’t Cutting Right

If your blade isn’t cutting right through the material, then that might cause problems for your design. There are a few solutions to this.

The most common mistake that people make is when they don’t push their blade in all the way. If your blade isn’t cutting through the material, ensure you placed the blade right.

Also, ensure that your blade is clean. If there is debris around your blade, then your blade won’t work correctly. If there is debris, then you can clean the blade using compressed air.

Lastly, it could be your Cricut cut settings. Before cutting, you should check out the settings to make sure that everything is in place. If you want to clarify if the problem is the material, you can test the settings out with a small part of the material that you want to cut.

With these solutions, your blade should work right. If not, then your blade isn’t right for the material that you’re cutting.

Problems with Images

The images aren’t showing on the mat

The first and common problem with images is when they aren’t showing on the mat. This happens when you have made a perfect design on Cricut Design Space, but when you cut it, you don’t see your images.

If you have this problem, it’s straightforward to fix it. Go to your design, click on ‘Group,’ and then ‘Attach’ from the layers panel. This will ensure that your designs stay where you placed them, and so when you cut, everything will be where they’re supposed to be.

Converting images to SVG

Another problem is one of converting images to an SVG. SVG means Scalable Vector Graphics, and in Cricut, it is a file that is designed mathematically, and it is entirely compatible with Cricut. When you use an SVG file for your images, you will have no problem with the appearance of your pictures.

It’s not always easy to find images that are already in SVG format, and so you will have to convert it to SVG using an online tool.

Luckily, many online tools convert PNG and JPG files to SVG, although not all of them work perfectly.

Uploading images on Cricut

There is another problem of how to upload your designs and pictures. This is only possible with a Cricut Access Subscription. With this, you can use images that are not provided for you in Cricut Design Space.

Rest assured because you can always upload your images on your user-friendly Cricut Design Space.

Firstly, make sure that the picture you want to use does not need you to take permission before using it. It’s safer to use pictures that you have rights to. When searching Google for images, you have to check out for the photos that you can use without asking for permission.

Also, the files have to be either .jpg, .png, .bmp, or .gif. These images can be edited while the uploading process is going on. If you don’t find them, you can use .svg and .dxf files, although they are vectors. This means that as you upload, the layers will be separate.

Next, you open your canvas area to the design you want to add the image to or a blank page. Then you select if you’re uploading an image or pattern fill. After that, choose if the image is complex, moderately complex, or simple.

Next, edit the picture so that it can flow with your design. Then, you click on continue; you will then choose if between ‘print and cut’ or just ‘cut.’

If you think you will need your image again, you can save it to the application and use it at any time.

Your Cricut Design Space has stopped working

Every application, including Cricut Design Space, is prone to cashing, freezing or other challenges. There are some reasons why these problems can happen.

Slow internet

This is the most common problem with Cricut Design Space refusing to work. Before you get angry at Cricut, you should check your internet connection.

For the Cricut Design Space to work efficiently, it needs consistent internet speed. This means that both in the area of uploading and downloading, your internet speed must be up to par for your Cricut program to work ideally. If not, you will experience problems like freezing.

If your internet connection is slow, you should place your device close to your modem. If this doesn’t work, you should contact your service provider.

The Browser

When using Cricut Design Space, your browser must be up to date to the latest version. You can use any browser when using Cricut. From Chrome and Mozilla to Firefox, any browser works as long as it’s up to date.

If you’re using a particular browser that is up to date and your Cricut Design Space isn’t working, then you should switch to another browser. This usually works.

Your device

The problem can also be on the phone, tablet, or computer that you’re using. For Cricut Design Space, there are some specified minimum requirements that your computer must meet.

Apple Computers:

Your Mac computer must meet the following requirements.

–      A CPU of 1.83 GHz.

–      Free 50MB space.

–      Have 4GB RAM.

–     Must be Bluetooth capable and have a USB port.

–   It must be the Mac OS X 10.12 or something more recent.

Windows Computers:

Your Windows computer must meet the following requirements.

–    It must feature an Intel Core series or AMD processor.

–      Free 50MB space or more.

–      Have 4GB RAM.

–    Must be Bluetooth capable and have a USB port.

–     It must be Windows 8 or a newer version.

If your system meets these requirements and your Cricut Design Space isn’t working still, then it could be because of Background Programs.

You could clear your cache and history, update your system, check for malware, or update your antivirus.

Call Cricut Help Center

If all problems persist, then you call Cricut to fix the problem. The Design Space might be crashing or freezing because of an internal Cricut problem.