pens that work with cricut maker

Alternative pens for writing on cricut

One of the problems some people complain about as it has to do with writing on cricut is the cost of doing just that, with the cricut pen. But there is nothing to worry about; there are other ways to write without having to use the cricut pen. The next time you find yourself in this position, and you just can’t afford to use the cricut pen, consider any of these other pens; Metallic Gel Pens—Gelly Roll, Bic Round Stic Ballpoint Pens, American Craft Slick Writers, and Crayola Fine-Line Markers.

The above mentioned pens are good for your cricut writing, and they are just good and perfect for a substitute to your regular cricut pen.

If you encounter any issues while trying to position any of these cricut-foreign pens so you can use them on your cricut design space, just get a skill bond and put it below “clamp A” simultaneously as you put the pen in. hold on the moment the pen touches the skill stick and shut up the “clamp”. Now take out the skill stick and there you have it, your cricut-foreign pen will be right as it should be, and ready to be used.

Another issue that you can handle easily is trying to use a foreign pen but it is too loose to fit in. all you have to do is find something like a strip or ribbon and tie it round the pen till it fits. Avoid placing your pen upside down when you are not using it, because this can cause it to hold back ink when you want to use it. Instead, position the pen in such a way that the ink flows downwards and unobstructed. In this case, whenever you want to use the pen, you will not need to wait for the ink to settle or get a new one.