materials you can cut with cricut maker

It is a common misconception that you can only cut paper and vinyl with the Cricut machines. When you get your machine, you will quickly discover that you can cut up to 100 different types of materials. At this time, we will go over the variety of different materials in detail so that you can understand how you can use these materials with your Cricut project. The collection of diverse materials we are about to share with you will get you inspired to create a variety of projects ranging from flashy to polished. These materials will make it easy for you to achieve the look you are going for exactly. You will have the opportunity to get more comfortable with the different types of materials, and you will easily be able to create projects with more than one material in it. You will want to utilize different resources like the cricut website to refer to when you are having issues or wanting answers to questions in which you need to know what material to use and when is the right time to use it. The more you know about the machine and the materials, the better your project will be.

Adhesive vinyl comes in a variety of different colors. It also has designs and patterns as well. The adhesive properties can either be semi-permanent, which means that it can be easily removed with adhesive remover, or it is permanent, which means that you are likely never going to be able to remove it. Semi-permanent is usually used for projects that are kept indoors such as window clings and wall decals. Permanent vinyl is usually used for projects that are going to be outdoors or will be under a lot of use, such as holiday décor that will be sitting outside or designs that will be displayed on top of tables. Vinyl is one of the most commonly used materials outside of paper because it is one of the most versatile materials and can be used for a lot of different types of projects. Vinyl is a good material to start with because it is very easy to maintain and cut. Adhesive vinyl is a material that will need to be weeded to see your final design.

Iron-on vinyl is a unique type of vinyl in which it can be adhered to a surface using heat. The adhesive in the vinyl is heat sensitive so that it helps hold to the surface you are placing it on. It can be used on various types of fabric and other materials such as wood, paper, and certain types of metals. It is common to find how-to videos on how to use iron-on vinyl because it can be very tricky to use. One thing that a lot of people tend to forget to do when using iron-on vinyl is to select the option to mirror the image you are looking to cut on the vinyl. Mirroring the image means simply flipping it in reverse so that when it is cut, it is backward. You will want to cut the image backward on the matte side of the vinyl, with the shiny side of the vinyl placed directly onto your mat. This is so that when you pull your image off the mat, your cut image is flipped correctly when you pulled it off to place it onto your shirt, tote, etc. Cricut has created a built-in feature within Design Space so that when you have your dial turned to Iron on, it will prompt you to select the mirror image option before the machine will cut your image. If you forget to mirror your image and hit cut, it will bring up a pop of notice to make sure you don’t want to flip the image before it gets cut. This is a nice feature because before this was an option, many people would forget to flip their images and end up wasting a lot of material. There are several videos online that show you how to correctly use iron-on vinyl with your Cricut machine. We recommend watching a few of the videos before working with your first iron-on project. It is an important part of getting used to working with this type of material.

There is a variety of paper products that can be easily used and cut with the Cricut machine. These varieties include cardstock, which is obviously the most common and popular among the different paper varieties, corrugated cardboard, Kraft board, embossed foil, scrapbook paper, pear and shimmer paper, and poster board. Paper products come in a lot of different sizes as well. You can purchase cardstock and other paper in the common size of 12” by 12” inch which fits perfectly with the commonly used Cricut mats. You can use paper for card projects, wall decor, gift boxes, gift tags, cake toppers, and lantern projects. Most crafters are familiar with the Cricut and they often recommend starting with paper projects first because it gives you a pliable material that allows you get an idea of the different things you can do with the Cricut machine. You can make intricate cuts with paper and it allows you to get a better understanding of how deep the fine point blade can cut.
Leather can only be cut with the Cricut Maker machine. You can now make your purse making dreams a reality with this machine. Cricut offers a few different color options in the branded line of genuine leather. It has a smooth surface with a supple feel and boasts a rich color. You can easily mix and match your leather colors depending on what type of project you are working on. Leather is one of the newest material options to come available and Design Space offers many different projects that use leather to help you get started with it. Leather is a material that will always be in style and it will allow you to create fashionable looks that you are likely going to be able to sell if that is the direction you are trying to take your craft.

Fabric is another material that can only be used with the Maker machine. It is a common favorite among Cricut cutters. This material can help you create custom clothing and home décor. A lot of times, we find ourselves looking for a clothing item that seems to not exist. Now, we can create these items ourselves without even needing a bulky sewing machine. You can use fabrics to create cozy comforters as well. Friends and family will appreciate your gifts of fabric projects because they are durable and will last a long time with minimal care.