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How to make business with your Cricut Machine

If you are a craft blogger, then this machine was built with people like you in mind. Purchasing the Cricut depends entirely on your needs and how often you make crafts. If you love to craft, make personalized projects, you do plenty of scrapbooking—then this machine will save time and money for you in the long run.

There are countless things you can make with Cricut. Likewise, there are countless things you can make, which are marketable. Independent entrepreneurship is easier than it’s ever been thanks to the internet and web platforms that make selling your products a breeze.

You’ve likely already heard of some of the platforms that make it easy to start a shop of your own. Etsy is probably the most well-known of these platforms and setting up a shop with them is so simple, it’s almost impossible not to be interested in starting one for yourself!

With the Cricut, making countless items of every type and theme, for any and all occasions, is the name of the game. Doing these projects can be a huge source of joy for the avid crafter, but if you’re spending the money on the materials for your projects, it might make sense for you to start generating a return on those, depending on how much you’re doing and spending.

We’ll cover some of the basics of what it means to go into business for yourself when you’re the sole manufacturer of the goods in your store. Without having to provide a brick and mortar space for your shop, overhead can be so much lower that starting a shop or store is viable for people who might not have a lump sum of startup capital ready to hand.

If crafting is your passion, if you prefer to spend your time making items with your Cricut than you would going out or any other activity in your downtime, it could be time. If you’re finding that your crafting room is getting full of projects you’ve made, but haven’t gotten to use for that special occasion yet, you might find that you could sell those items to others, make back what you spent on the materials, as well as get paid for the time it took you to put the project together in the first place!

The thing about selling the products you create is that, since there’s no brick and mortar location to manage, no store hours to keep to, you can manage your sales and your projects in the spare time that you have. It is best to start your store while you have a stable source of income. This way, as your store grows, you can scale back where it’s necessary to do so in your usual work schedule, to allow for more time to spend on your shop.

There is a wealth of ways to market a business in today’s digital age. Between social media presence, search engine optimization and more, you can put your name everywhere it needs to be to generate interest. However, you might find that when you’re starting out, it will be easiest to pick items that are not custom. Make a couple of each type of item, take stunning product photos, upload them to your store, then sell those as off-the-rack items.

As you start to generate more business, you may find that taking on the occasional custom order or commissioned item will benefit you. By and large, you will find that custom orders will take you more time and cost more to produce, for less of a return. Be watchful of this, and if you find that making 100 of a general design and selling all of those is the best use of your time and resources, stick with that! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with going that route.

The short answer to this is no. You don’t have to make any more of any items than are being ordered at any given time. With the way Etsy works for sellers, you can determine how much time you have before shipping out an order, so you can make the items as they’re ordered, so you can be certain you’re never wasting product or letting it sit in your craft room for too long.

The only time it would be best to make any sort of inventory would be if you intend to rent a space or booth at a tradeshow or convention. Having a presence at craft fairs, conventions, tradeshows, etc., can generate impulse buys from passing patrons that could be great for your business.

If at all possible, it’s best to wait to go to such an event until you’re able to narrow down your best sellers. Once you have a smattering of items you can make that are your hottest items, you can make several of each of those, and keep them at your booth or table, ready for immediate purchase!

To be candid, no, you don’t need to create a shop if you don’t want to. There are always different ways of going about things and making money with your Cricut is as customizable as the Cricut projects themselves. If there is someone else who runs a craft shop, you might ask them to list your items for you in exchange for a share of the profits.

You could create a partnership with a local school, community center, farmer’s market, or other establishment to sell your items for you to their patrons. There are so many ways to go about getting your unique crafts into the hands of the public, and to make money off the beautiful projects you make with your Cricut system.

Making an online store for your Cricut items might be the most direct, hands-on way to generate a stream of income from the items that you make. This does not mean, however, that it’s the only way or that it’s the best way for you to go about it. Test the waters, see what’s available, and pick a path that is most workable for you and the business you’re working to create.

This, like everything else, is entirely up to you. One method of pricing is to decide on a rate you would like to be paid per hour spent on a project, multiply that rate by how many hours you spent on that project, and add it together with the costs of all the materials you used to make your project.

Do not sell yourself short on your labor costs, and do not charge less than you spend on your materials, ever! That’s no way to run a business, and it’s no way to live. Value your time properly and charge every penny that you’re worth. With how beautiful your products are, you will find people will pay your rates, and you will get rave reviews every time!

This question is a little bit loaded and, what it boils down to is which platform is the most convenient, workable, and reliable for you. The business you want to create is going to take up a lot of your time and attention, so it’s imperative that you’re using a platform that fits all your needs, meets all your expectations, and solves more problems for you than it causes.

We can tend to be forgiving of quirks in new systems when we’re learning them. However, take a little extra time to read the experiences and reviews of people who have used that platform for an extended period of time. This will give you a look into what your future could be like with that platform, and it’s the only gauge you have to go by when it comes to how that platform will serve you.

You will want to spend a little extra time looking into which platforms are available, what costs are involved (if any), how they treat their sellers, what percentages of your sales are taken, and what the sellers on those platforms think of them.

How often you use the Cricut will also determine whether this machine is worth the price. Would you use it once every three months? Would you only use it when Christmas is around the corner, and you want to make personalized gifts? Would you use it every week? Do you want to make labels and stickers for your business? Do you want to have a machine that helps you create signage for your events or catering business?

All of the answers to these questions will determine if the Cricut is indeed worth its money. One of the ways to use the machine as many times as possible is to consider turning your crafting hobby into a side income.

So what can you do make a good stream of income from your Cricut machines?

cricut projects to sell


If you have a knack for design, then making unique stickers could be your way to start a side hustle with your Cricut. Stickers are easy to make, and there are plenty of ideas and themes that you can think of to create unique designs.

Cellphone cases

From quotes to superheroes, colors to motifs—the sky is your limit in designing unique, one-of-a-kind cellphone cases. You can even start with personalized cases for friends and family.

Nail decals

If you love doing your nails, then you know there’s a market for cute and unique decals for fingernails. This is an option not many have considered so you could be one of the firsts.

Cricut Earrings

If you are okay with spending some time weeding out small cuts from intricate designs, then you might want to consider creating Cricut earrings.

Other Ideas to Explore

The following are other income generating ideas with the Cricut machine:

Window decals—everyone has a peculiar image, an object we are practically obsessed with. Getting a vinyl window decal of one’s favorite image will go a long way in giving your decor a boost. Making and selling window decal is quite easy and profitable.

Make and sell canvas wall art—customized wall art would generate quick and easy money. Get inspirational sayings or design and make them into wall arts for sale.

Design and sell onesies—onesies or bodysuit are generally cute cloth which can be better with amazing artwork. Onesies for babies can be made with a lot of other text apart from “Daddy loves you” or “Momma’s baby.” Other mushy word art can be used in designing onesies for kids.

Become a Cricut affiliate—this entails being paid to make tutorials video by the Cricut company. These videos are uploaded to the internet for the netizen to make use of. To become a Cricut affiliate, you need to have a strong internet presence. You must also have a tangible amount of followers on his or her social media accounts.

Post tutorial videos on your vlog—this has nothing to do with being an affiliate; rather, you create a blog for videos and upload tutorial videos and get paid through the generated traffic.

Use of social media—you can make any of the craft you find easy and post pictures of it online, announcing to those on your list that it is for sale. This works better because whoever is buying get to see the picture of whatever he is getting before ordering for it. Personalized crafts should also be included in your order of business.

Design and sell hoodies—hoodies are great wears for cold seasons. A designed one would roll better with the youth. The design can be preordered too.

Design and sell leather neck piece—a leather pendant can be designed for a necklace and sold out to interested buyers. An all leather neck piece can also be made and sold.

Design and sell banners—banners can be made for celebration, festive periods, camping, parties, religious activities, or sporting activities. All these can be made and sold.

Design and sell window clings—window clings with the design of the seasons can be made and sold. Other designs or image can also be used for creating window clings.

Design and sell stencils—stencils can be created and sold for those that want to hand-paint a post or sign. It would also generate a nice amount of money.

Design and sell safari animal stickers—stickers of safari animals are attractive items. They can be and sold to animal lovers. The sticker is easy to make and will also be a source of income generation.

Design and sell labeling stickers—labeling stickers can be made for labeling things in the house. Things in the kitchen, pantry, playroom, classroom, and other places can be labeled with labeling stickers.

Design and sell labeling vinyl—labeling adhesive vinyl can be made for labeling things in the house. Things in the kitchen, pantry, playroom, classroom, and other places can be labeled with labeling vinyl.

Design and cut appliqués—fancy fabrics can be made into appliqués to design or decorate a place or object.

Design and sell Christmas ornaments—Christmas is a period people celebrate and decorate their workplace, abode, and religious settings, among others.

Design and sell wall decals—different designs of wall decals can be made and sold for a cheap and affordable price.

Design and sell doormats—beautiful doormat can be made with the machine and sold to customers. It can be designed with either text or images. Customized doormats can also be sold.

Design and sell kitchen towels—towels used in the kitchen can be designed and sold at affordable prices. The towels can be designed with text or images of delicacies.