is cricut maker worth it

Reasons to buy Cricut Machine:

  1. Precise cuts. I can cut little pieces, smaller than I thought conceivable.
  2. It can cut a greater variety of materials all the more effectively. I’ve truly pushed the machine and found the main thing I couldn’t cut was ridged cardboard. I’ve effectively cut chipboard, texture, vinyl, cooler paper, plastic, and leather.
  3. Easy import from Illustrator. As somebody who likes to work in Illustrator, I love that I can plan my project in Illustrator and import them into the design space with no other follow steps essential.
  4. A vast library of pictures to browse. In case I’m not in the mindset to attract it myself Illustrator there are a lot of extraordinary pictures as of now in the design space. Besides they have a permit for Disney pictures. I utilized some to make simple shirts for a Disney Cruise we went on a couple of years ago. Moreover, think about what’s straightaway? Solidified! Yes, head over there, they are in the Design Space now they an online Exclusive which incorporates cut files and coloring pages.
  5. I can utilize my current cartridges. I have many Cricut cartridges from the VERY first Cricut available. I love that I can without much of a stretch add them to the plan space and still utilize those pictures in my new machine. In addition, I have the extra added advantage of having the option to control the pictures carefully now.
  6. IPad connectivity. Coming in January you can utilize the Cricut Explore with an iPad-NO other PC required! This implies your Cricut and your machine can be in various rooms of your home, or you can take everything “in a hurry” with you effectively.
  7. Print and Cut that really works! I’ve utilized it a few times now and it’s worked the first run through without fail.
  8. It can both cut and score. An extraordinary help when assembling 3D objects.
  9. Great Make it Now area on their site. Once in a while, you would prefer not to “create” another project you simply need to make something. You can click and make what’s on the screen exactly as it is.
  10. I’m not going to go into details however if you are pondering about the entire Cricut versus Outline correlation this post has great information about it
  11. The same marvelous machine is yet far better! Ok, this truly is certainly not another “reason” to love another machine. With the exception of me, it’s the more significant explanation I love this new machine. I as of now love my Cricut Explore Air 2. I love utilizing Design Space and I’m extremely content with all the innovative fun I can have with this device. The Cricut Maker is only that, however surprisingly better. There are more highlights, more capacities, upgrades to things I as of now love and new things to attempt.
  12. Cricut Maker cuts fabric – the new Cricut Maker has been re-engine to work with fabric. It comes prepared and equipped to make with another rotatory cutting blade and exceptional fabric explicit tangle. You read that right, fabric! Presently, I realize a few people have been cutting fabric with their Cricut machines. I haven’t had a lot of luck with it. For a long time, I’m cutting the fabric that I can use in my sewing projects appliques, designs, and so on. Presently the Cricut Maker has been configuration to do only that! I tried the cutting capacities and they are lovely. Same clean lines you’d expect if you cut by hand! No issue? Forget about it! Crafters can join realizing that there is no material we can’t create with utilizing our Cricut… well, most materials. I haven’t discovered one yet that I can’t cut… that
  13. Sewing Patterns from Simplicity in Design Space
  14. Rotary Blade – I realize I previously discussed the rotational cutting blade in #1, yet it’s noteworthy enough to make reference to once more. Not exclusively does this blade cut fabric pleasantly, it will also be your closest companion for cutting sensitive materials. I hear it will cut crepe paper flawlessly! So think. You’re not simply restricted to fancy cardstock and craft papers. We should explore different avenues regarding every one of the materials from tissue paper to balsawood – the Cricut can deal with it!
  15. Knife Blade – Cut thicker materials with the new knife blade. Cut balsa wood or birch wood or what about thicker cardboard or even chipboard. Presently your imagination can go significantly further with more materials and cut choices!
  16. Adaptive Tool System – so you previously read that the new Cricut Maker accompanies a revolving cutting edge and a knife blade will before long be accessible. Things more alternatives to come. This new Cricut machine has been intended to take into account more devices as the group imagines more devices to make. So as they concoct more approaches to enable you to make, the machine is prepared for new devices to be included… you’ll simply need to keep a watch out what’s next!
  17. More Storage – The pen holder on the Maker has been updated to hold a greater amount of your instruments and accessories. There is a profound cup and a shallow cup to get to an assortment of things effectively. Furthermore, the in-door accessory holder has also been overhauled to incorporate a couple of extra compartments. All your Cricut accessories have a home!
  18. Print on Colored paper – What!? Truly, it’s valid. The print-then-cut component is combined with the Cricut Maker to consider imprinting on colored and designed paper. You never again are constrained to printing your Cricut plans on white paper. So proceed, get innovative and print layers of art and cut your pretty plans with progressively fabulous color!
  19. Device holder and charger – We utilize our cell phones to make with our Cricut machines and now the Maker has a spot to put those gadgets while we work at our activities. Set your telephone or tablet in the device holder at the highest point of the machine. Further, there is a USB port on the Maker so you can connect your gadget and charge it while you are making. Helpful, I state!
  20. iOs AND Android applications – You can set up your cut designs from anyplace with the mobile applications accessible for the two iOs and Android. Effectively make the formats you need to make on your iPhone and put something aside for later at that point finish on your PC. You can send structures to cut right from the mobile application or save to your Design Space record and access it later.
  21. Beautiful Design Details – really, the structure is significantly prettier and the size is slightly greater with the Cricut Maker. In any case, very little greater. The Cricut Maker will, in any case, fit in your carrying case should even now fit on your preferred craft shelf. They’ve also incorporated some additional fancy bling and finishing.

What does a Cricut machine accompany?

There are a few unique models, and the things that accompany each machine differ among them. In addition, there are a few things that generally come with all the machines.

Each Cricut accompanies:

  • A Cricut cutting machine
  • An amazing fine-point cutting edge and edge housing
  • A 12×12″ LightGrip cutting mat
  • A USB cable
  • A power connector
  • Welcome guide for a simple arrangement
  • Free membership to Cricut Access
  • Access to 25 free, prepared to-make projects
  • Materials for training projects

A few models accompany more things, as various edges, scoring wheels or an exceptional pen for writing.

What Can I Do With A Cricut Machine?

There are TONS of things you can do with a Cricut machine! It is highly unlikely I could even list every one of the conceivable outcomes, however here are a couple of popular projects to give you a thought of what the machine can do.

  • Cut out fun shapes and letters for scrapbooking
  • Make custom, high-quality cards for any uncommon event
  • Plan a onesie or a shirt
  • Make a leather bracelet
  • Make buntings and other gathering designs
  • Make your very own stencils for painting
  • Make a vinyl sticker for your vehicle window
  • Mark stuff in your washroom, or in a room
  • Make monogram cushions
  • Make your own Christmas decorations
  • Address an envelope
  • Decorate  a mug, cup, or tumbler
  • Engraving glass at home
  • Make your own divider decals
  • Make a painted wooden sign
  • Make your own window sticks
  • Cut appliqués or blanket squares
  • Make decals for a stand blender
  • Paper flags for a gathering
  • Iron-on vinyl for shirts
  • Paper blessing boxes and labels
  • Monogrammed water bottles
  • Paper roses for bunches
  • Vinyl marks for your washroom
  • Shading pages
  • Decals for model planes

Since you realize that this machine is a die-cutter, I’m certain you’re thinking about what makes it so exceptional. What does a Cricut do to paper and different materials that make it worth far beyond a couple of scissors? I recollect the first occasion when I saw a Cricut machine in real life. My companion had referenced one when we went to supper one night, and she kind of gasped when I asked her what it was. At that point, I asked her to clarify precisely what she was discussing, because I had no clue. Later, I got my own machine. I requested that my niece approach set it up with me, and we both really screeched while we viewed our first project, a welcome card, being made. At the point when it originally began composition, I even called my better half in so he could watch!

Making the card utilized the majority of the cutting machine’s fundamental capacities. Initially, it cut out the card shape, slice cuts to insert a small piece of card stock and cut that bit of card stock. Later, it drew swirly lines with a pen and composed a welcome with that equivalent pen. At last, it scored the card for folding.