how to use cricut transfer tape

Vinyl Tricks

The Cricut Maker machine can do so much more for you and that includes making things better for you while you are crafting. If you are a beginner, you will certainly enjoy some amazing vinyl tricks in this guide like how to easily cut vinyl for decorations and clothing.


Cricut Transfer Tape

The Cricut Transfer Tape is designed to make the transfer of vinyl designs to project materials or surfaces easy. It makes it easy for you to position your design in the right place.

There are different types of transfer tape that you can use. There is the paper transfer tape, strong grip transfer tape, and regular transfer tape.

Paper transfer tape is typically made of paper. It’s mostly used for curved projects. However, this transfer tape is not something you can reuse.

Strong grip transfer tape is stronger and more sticky than the paper and is used on thick vinyl.

The regular transfer tape is commonly used and is suitable for all pieces of vinyl. An example of this type of regular transfer tape is Oracle MT80P.


Using the Cricut Transfer Tape

  1. Place the vinyl clear liner down into your Cricut Maker mat.
  2. Select and size the image(s).
  3. Load the mat into the Cricut Maker machine. Adjust the setting of your machine by selecting “Browse all materials”.
  4. Select the type of vinyl you are using, so that the liner is intact. This is called a kiss cut.
  5. Tap the Go
  6. Weed any piece away from your images using weeding tools that are found in the Weeding Tool Set to make the process neater and faster.
  7. Take your transfer tape. Put it over the top of your project, rubbing it from one to the other till it’s completely placed on the vinyl. This is to avoid any wrinkles or bubbles beneath the transfer tape. Remember to place the adhesive upside down.
  8. Grab a roller to smoothen the transfer tape over the vinyl. This is to get bubbles or wrinkles out should they exist and make sure that the vinyl stays glued to the transfer tape.
  9. Peel the vinyl away from the liner. This should be done at a 45-degree angle. If the vinyl refuses to come off the liner, use your roller to rub the tape onto the vinyl till it comes off the liner.
  10. Once you are done, then, it’s time to put the vinyl on your project.
  11. Place the vinyl over your project material in the place where you want it.
  12. Grab your roller once again to rub the vinyl on the material till you are sure it’s tight.
  13. Carefully pull off the transfer tape.
  14. You are done using your transfer tape.