How To Upload And Edit Images on Cricut Design space

Uploading and editing images in cricut is pretty easy when you follow the right steps and instructions. There are basic step by steps of uploading images into your design space. The different places where you can insert your images are the ‘images’, ‘shapes’ and ‘upload’. The image section is where you will find some free images, some images and there are also some which are found or included in Cricut Access (although this is a service you would have to subscribe to), but we will be concentrating on the ‘upload’.

Most people get the satisfaction of uploading their own images, designs and graphics to cricut design space, then cut then out with their own machine. There are basic steps for uploading images to cricut design space, these steps are:

First open the Cricut design space.

Click on the green ‘new project’ bottom in order to create a blank project.

At the bottom of the tool bar on the left side of the project is the ‘upload’ icon, click the icon to open the upload tab the upload your images of choice.

When the image is uploaded the next thing is to process it to your test. The three basic tools you could use are:

  • Then select and erase: This allows you to select any piece or a specific color in your image and erase it. It acts like the magic wand tool in Photoshop.
  • Erase: This is basically your normal eraser which you could resize using the slender.
  • Crop: This is used to remove piece of your design or a using the crop tool.

Press the ‘continue’ option then proceed to give your file a name and choose the file type.

Click the ‘save’ button which will make your uploaded image to appear in uploads image section.

Select your uploaded image an insert image to beg begin project: On the design space when you click on the ‘upload’ option there will be two different options, that’s is upload (a cut image option) and a pattern full option, you could choose best on what you will be doing. There are examples of image formats which you could import into you does space to edit. They could be in SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) type, PNG (Portable Network graphics) type and also JPG type among other formats bit we will be talking of uploading and editing images in this format.

Importing SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic) Images to Cricut Design Space

This type of image format is the easiest type of images to upload into cricut design space. The SVG image type could be sized up and down without losing its quality. To upload an SVG Image type, hit the little cloud symbol with the up arrow. Check upload and then select your file. After that hit the insert image and it will be inserted into your design space or canvas. Each piece of the design of image is a different later where you could change the color of each piece and also cut them into different choice of pieces, but they all like one piece and also stays together. When you have finished designing or cutting them to your choice then press the ‘make it’ button and see the outcome of your design.

With different colors to the design, you could find the designs all mixed up and in different mats, this is because you need different colors of vinyl. Cricut design space tries to utilize effectively each piece of vinyl by arranging all the different piece of design in your mat for you. So the best way is to go back to your design and select all the pieces of your design, this could be achieved by dragging your mouse over the design and select it or hold down on the CTRL on your keyboard and selecting all the layers on the layers panel. Then click on the ‘attach’ button at the bottom of the layer panel, this will help hold together the pieces of your design without

Permanently losing the data of each separate piece. Then when you click ‘make it’ you will find out that the design holds together. You could always separate them anytime make changes to any pieces of design.

Importing PNG Images to the Design Space

This type of image or file format is mostly or preferable used with Cricut. This file format is a lossless image compression file type, it has more information than the JPG file format, and it also has a transparent background thereby making its importation and cut easy. This type of file format uploads as a single layer and it means that it will stay together and cut just as it is imported, this entails that you cannot easily outer the color of a piece of design or the write up of a design once it has been imported.

In order to upload a PNG with a transparent background, you will click the ‘upload’ with the cloud. After you have selected your file, you will need to select or choose if it’s a very basic image that has high contrast colors with a single color or transparent background, or a moderately complex one or one that is a very complex image, then you will be taken to a part where you may want to alter anything; when a file has transparent background and no pieces you could always leave and over to the other step. You will need to select or choose to either to print then cut or just a cut only Image. When you make a choice maybe the cut only, then your design will be loaded into you uploaded image gallery and then you can insert it into your canvas to design. When it is inserted into your canvas, for an image with a transparent background you could move it or resize it but unlike in the SVG you will notice that the image with a transparent background has a single layer in the layer panel which men’s that you cannot only select the light bulb and make it a different color to print it on a different mat, you could also duplicate it and contour the lines to make the parts separate. When you press the ‘make it’ you will find out it is on one layer and the pieces do not appear mixed up, this way the exact layout you uploaded is what will be cut.

Importing JPG Images to the Design Space

The JPG file format does not have a transparent background and it is good for photos as it retains colors beautifully. When uploading images into the design space, you will need to make certain changes. It is almost the same basic step when working with other formats mostly PNG.

You will click the ‘upload’ cloud and also will need to choose if it is simple, moderate complex or complex image. But choosing the complex image will help it to retain its quality. When you are son with the touch ups, then you can choose to either print then cut or cut only. You could choose to print then cut, then it will be in your uploaded images and you insert it to the canvas to make your desired design.

How can you upload a vector image to the Cricut Design Space?

Vector images are image files that have multiple layers, usually created in a program like Adobe Illustrator. You can upload .sag and .def. files to the  Cricut Design Space and they will all be uploaded as multiple layers with each of the image layer or color being separated into separate or isolated layers in Design Space.

To upload a vector image, from the ‘Upload ‘option in Cricut Design Space, click the green and white “Upload Image” button. Then either drag or drop an image file into the canvas, or click the green and white “Browse” button or option to open an image file

Important fact to remember, vector image files contain all of the image properties within the file itself. So the Cricut Design Space can easily retrieve and process these images for you without you having to do any work.