how to sharpen cricut blade

We will begin this exciting guide by discussing the must-have tools and different materials for each of the Cricut cutting machines as well as any additional tools that you may need if you are interested in getting a Cricut Maker machine. You might think that you have to get all of the tools that are available for use in order to get most of the machine, but this simply is not true, especially when you are just starting out. There are very few tools needed to get started right away, and they all come within the box when you buy even the most basic bundle for the Cricut Explore machines. This means that you do not have to do any additional shopping for tools in the very beginning. All the other tools that are an option to purchase are just that, optional. They allow you to do even more with the machine but are not necessary. Usually, if you purchase a machine bundle directly from the Cricut website, there will be bundle options in which you can add additional tools and accessories, and a lot of them include their branded cutting materials to help you get set up on the right foot from the very beginning. The bundles are really a great place to start because they are cost-effective and give you a variety of materials to work with, so you can get a better understanding of what you can create with them, and how you need to set up the machine in order to cut them properly.


The Cricut Cutting Blades are a great tool to get started with all the Cricut cutting machines. The Cricut Explore Machines come with a German carbide fin-point blade that is extremely sharp. This allows all users of a new Cricut machine to get cutting right away. There is no installation required as it is already pre-fitted into the machine so all you must do is turn it on to get started. Although it already comes housed within the Cricut machine, it is very easy to remove it so that you can sharpen the blade as well as switch the blade out for one that may be longer or thicker depending on what materials you are working with. The blades are easy to sharpen when they get dull for working with materials that are sticky and can leave residue on the blade itself. It is common knowledge among people who have been using a Cricut for a long time that you can take the blade out of the housing and then sharpen it by inserting the blade into a ball of baking foil. This will help remove the residue and maintain the integrity of the blade while also sharpening it. Using this technique will allow you to continue to use the same blade for a very long time and it will save you money from not having to continuously buy blades as well. A fine point blade is typically used for almost all the designs within Cricut for cutting projects, and it will last many projects over the years if you take care of it properly. If you are using the machine to continuously cut rough materials, it is recommended that you sharpen your blade more often or else you will find yourself having to replace it more often than you would probably like. The housing compartment for this blade is commonly silver on the older style machine, and it is upgraded to a gold color in the newer generations of the machines.