How to Organize Cricut Supplies

How to Organize Cricut Supplies

Did anybody figure out how to get a Cricut during the insane Amazon Prime Day on Tuesday?! They sold out so quickly, and I can understand why. The Cricut electronic cutter is my most-loved creating, stylistic item, and it can do ANYTHING! Alright, perhaps not anything… but pretty darn close!

I use my Cricut constantly, and the more I use it, the more supplies I gain to go with it, and the more supplies I have, the more I need to store… I think you see where this is going. An organization test with several potential creative solutions!

My office/craft room is in urgent need of an upgrade. Add to that the way that I do a large number of my craft projects in the kitchen the need to be safe around children. I don’t just need to be better organized, I also need a framework to make it easier to move all my supplies around the house.

I’d been investigating Cricut organization products for a while when Cricut themselves reached out me with the ideal answer for my needs: a Cricut machine tote, moving specialty tote, and matching tweed shoulder bag. They offered to send me the totes to try out, and I seized the opportunity. I’ll disclose to you more about how wonderful this set is in a moment (and allow you to win a set of your own!). However, I additionally need to share a portion of the other super smart organizing ideas that I found along the way.

Alright, so how about we start by discussing this uber-classy arrangement of tweed Cricut and specialty totes… truly, I wish my baggage was even a fraction this decent! The long, thin case on top is the machine tote, and it’s serious business! There’s no way my machine could get harmed in this bad boy! It’s cushioned on all sides, and there’s a helpful cutout in the base cushioning, ideal for concealing the entirety of your lines and links.

I went through my art room and got together the entirety of my Cricut instruments, mats, and vinyls. I put it all in the bag and there was still additional room! So then I thought I’d check whether my Cuttlebug would fit as well… Yep! Furthermore, there was STILL room left over. At that point, I added my paper cutter and piles of scrapbook paper — still additional room.

Let me bring up a couple of my favorite features.

  • There’s a Velcro strap around the draw out handle to hold the top of the tote open
  • Detachable zipper compartments that safely Velcro to the top
  • Tall enough inside for sheets of vinyl
  • The front unzips to tilt forward for easier access to everything inside
  • The inside pocket is big enough to hold a tablet
  • Space for extra apparatuses, like a Cuttlebug
  • Multi-bearing wheels allow it to easily move in any direction
  • Pockets, pockets, and more pockets

The machine case stacks superbly over the art tote. There’s even a ring on the rear of the machine tote to secure it to the handle of the specialty tote. The only Cricut product I have that won’t fit in these cases is my enormous 12”×24” cutting mat. I wish there were a slim space behind the internal dividers to allow this admittedly large mat to slide in.

Yet as much as I love these Cricut totes, I realize that different needs require different. Accordingly, I’ve gathered together more organizational ideas for you. Not long ago, I composed a post of around 20 different ways to organize with a shoe rack, including putting away scrapbooking and Cricut supplies.


Vinyl Storage

I store my vinyl in two different ways. To begin with, I use these container gadgets from Ikea. They are super cheap, and they have gaps that are the perfect size for setting vinyl! I have one for iron-on vinyl and one for removable vinyl. Best of all, they are very cheap. At the time of this post, they are $1.99 each. These plastic dispensers come with a clingy that joins to the divider; however, the heaviness of the vinyl is excessive, and the glue won’t hold. When using these, make certain to tie down the plastic bag dispensers to the divider with screws.

Otherwise, I use the Cricut Rolling Craft Tote. The Rolling Craft Tote has a side area that is ideal for standing up different sheets of vinyl. The tote also allows me to organize general Cricut supplies and materials. It is HUGE. The measurements and photos online don’t do it justice. I truly have plenty of provisions, and with the exception of some cardstock packages, they all fit in the Rolling Craft Tote. My Cricut Cuttlebug slides down in the front area as well.

I realize that many people may take a gander at the Rolling Craft Tote and think that it is just for moving Cricut materials around, but I love it for home storage. I have little children in the house, and this keeps them from rummaging through my supplies. Additionally, I know a few crafters who don’t have a devoted specialty space and just use the kitchen table or any place that they can find room. This tote would be a great way for putting away supplies in a corner while as still looking stylish.

The Rolling Craft Tote has wheels, but you could also decide not to use them. I like the side pockets and durable handles for lifting the tote. The tote can get very heavy when full, so the top handle proves to be useful in this situation.

Cricut Machine Storage

My children are somewhat fixated on my Cricut machine. This will be good when they get older. As of now, my little girl uses it for putting letters and borders on school projects. To keep my Cricut Explore Air 2 from the grip of little hands, I use the Cricut Machine Tote. It isn’t just for traveling! This tote is superior to the Cricut canvas cover, because it’s padded and includes pockets for cord storage.

For Cricut instruments and smaller accessories (like the Cricut pens), the Cricut Accessory Pouch is my go-to. Indeed, I have four of them. I use one for tools and three for different varieties of Cricut pens. I like that the pouch folds down to reveal its contents in an manner conducive for creating.

Other Cricut supply and material storage options:

  • Rolling craft carts
  • Metal buckets
  • Over-the-door shoe organizer (for things like pens, vinyl rolls, and so on)
  • Plastic stockpiling holders
  • Plastic boxes
  • Rolling wood drawers
  • Wire racks with containers

Cricut Shoulder Bag

Do you take your Cricut supplies out and about? If you do, make sure to take a look at the Cricut Shoulder Bag. It’s the ideal size for several common items, and if your PC is smaller, then it may be able to fit as well. The shoulder bag has a few decent highlights which you can find right now.