how to make money with a cricut

Making Money With Cricut


It is a well-known fact in the world of business that to make money, you first need to invest money. With that being said, if you already own a “Cricut” cutting machine, then you can jump to the next paragraph, but if you are debating if it’s worth the investment, then read on. As mentioned earlier, “Cricut” has a range of cutting machines with distinctive capabilities offered at a varying price range. The “Cricut Explore Air 2” is priced at $249.99, and the “Cricut Maker” is priced at $399.99 (the older “Cricut Explore Air” model may be available for sale on Amazon at a cheaper price). Now, if you were to buy any of these machines during a holiday sale with a bundle deal that comes with a variety of tools, accessories, and materials for a practice project as well as free trial membership to “Cricut Access”, you would already be saving enough to justify the purchase for your personal usage. The cherry on top would be if you can use this investment to make more money. You can always get additional supplies in a bundle deal or from your local stores at a much cheaper price. All in all, those upfront costs can easily be justified with the expenses you budget for school projects that require you to cut letters and shapes, creating personalized gifts for your loved ones or decorating your home with customized decals, and of course, your own jewelry creations. These are only a handful of the reasons to buy a “Cricut” machine for your personal use. Let’s start scraping the mountain of “Cricut” created wealth to help you get rich while enjoying your work!


At this stage, let’s assume that you have bought a “Cricut” cutting machine and have enough practice with the beginner-friendly projects. You now have the skillset and the tools to start making money with your “Cricut” machine, so let’s jump into how you can make it happen. The ways listed below have been tried and tested as successful money-making strategies that you can implement with no hesitations.


 Selling pre-cut customized vinyl


Vinyl is super beginner friendly material to work with and comes in a variety of colors and patterns to add to its great reputation. You can create customized labels for glass containers and canisters to help anyone looking to organize their pantry. Explore the online trends and adjust the labels. Once you have your labels designed, the easiest approach is to set up an “Etsy” shop, which is free and very easy to use. It’s almost like opening an Amazon prime membership account. If your design is in demand, you will have people ordering even with no advertising. But if you would like to keep the tempo high, then advertise your “Etsy” listing on “Pinterest” and other social media platforms. This is a sure-shot way to generate more traffic to your “Etsy” shop and turning potential customers into paying customers. An important note here is the pictures being used on your listing. You cannot use any of the stock images from the “Design Space” application and must use your own pictures that match the product you are selling.


Create a package of 5 or 6 different labels like sugar, salt, rice, oats, beans, etc. that can be sold as a standard packager and offer a customized package that will allow the customer to request any word that they need to be included in their set. Since these labels weigh next to nothing, shipping can easily be managed with standard mail with usually only a single postage stamp, depending on the delivery address. Make sure you do not claim the next day or two-day delivery for these. Build enough delivery time so you can create and ship the labels without any stress. Once you have an established business model, you can adjust the price and shipping of your product, but more on that later. Check out other “Etsy” listings to make sure your product pricing is competitive enough, and you are attracting enough potential buyers.


Now, once you have traction in the market, you can offer additional vinyl-based projects like bumper stickers, iron-on, or heat transfer vinyl designs that people can transfer on their clothing using a standard heating iron. Really, once you have gained some clientele, you can modify and customize all your listings to develop into a one-stop-shop for all things vinyl (great name for your future Etsy shop, right!).


Selling finished pieces


You would be using your “Cricut” machines for a variety of personal projects like home décor, holiday décor, personalized clothing, and more. Next time you embark on another one of your creative journeys leading to unique creations, just make two of everything, and you can easily put the other product to sell on your “Etsy” shop. Another great advantage is that you will be able to save all your projects on the “Design Space” application for future use, so if one of your projects goes viral, you can easily buy the supplies and turn them into money-making offerings. This way, not only your original idea for personal usage will be paid off, but you can make much more money than you invested in it, to begin with.


Again, spend some time researching what kind of designs and decorations are trending in the market and use them to spark up inspiration for your next project. Some of the current market trends include customized cake and cupcake toppers and watercolor designs that can be framed as fancy wall decorations. The cake toppers can be made with cardstock, which is another beginner-friendly material, light in weight, and can be economically shipped tucked inside an envelope.


Personalized Clothing and Accessories


T-shirts with cool designs and phrases are all the rage right now. Just follow a similar approach to the selling vinyl section and take it up a notch. You can create sample clothing with iron-on design and market it with “can be customized further at no extra charge” or “transfer the design on your own clothing” to get traction in the market. You can buy sling bags and customize them with unique designs to be sold as finished products at a higher price than a plain boring sling bag.


Consider creating a line of products with a centralized theme like the DC Marvel characters or the “Harry Potter” movies and design custom t-shirts, hats, and even bodysuits for babies. You can create customized party favor boxes and gift bags at the request of the customer. Once your product has a dedicated customer base, you can get project ideas from them directly and quote them a price for your work. Isn’t that great?!?!


Another big advantage of the heat transfer vinyl, as mentioned earlier, is that anyone can transfer the design on their desired item of clothing using a standard household iron. But you would need to include the transfer instructions with the order letting them know exactly how to prep for the heat transfer without damaging their chosen clothing item. And again, heat transfer vinyl can be easily shipped using a standard mailing envelope. We have added a dedicated section on tips for using everyday iron-on with a household iron.


Marketing on Social Media


We are all aware of how social media has become a marketing platform for not only established corporations, but also small businesses and budding entrepreneurs. Simply add hashtags like for sale, product, selling, free shipping, sample included, and more to entice potential buyers. Join “Facebook” community pages and groups for handcraft sellers and buyers to market your products. Use catchy phrases like customization available at no extra cost or free returns if not satisfied when posting the products on these pages as well as your personal “Facebook” page. Use “Twitter” to share feedback from your satisfied customers to widen your customer base. You can do this by creating a satisfaction survey that you can email to your buyers or include a link to your “Etsy” listing asking for online reviews and ratings from your customers.


Another tip here is to post pictures of anything and everything you have created using “Cricut” machines, even those that you did not plan to sell. You never know who else might need something that you deemed unsellable. Since you will be creating these only after the order has been placed, you can easily gather the required supplies after the fact and get crafting.


Target local farmer’s market and boutiques


If you like the thrill of a show-and-tell, then reserve a booth at a local farmer’s market and show up with some ready to sell crafts. In this case, you are relying on the number of people attending and a subset of those who might be interested in making a purchase from you. If you are in an urban neighborhood where people are keenly interested in unique art designs but do not have the time to create them on their own, you can easily make big bucks by setting a decent price point for your products.


Bring flyers to hand out people so they can reach you through one of your social media accounts or email and check all your existing “Etsy” listings. Think of these events as a means of marketing for those who are not as active online but can be excited with customized products to meet their next big life event like baby shower, birthday party, or a wedding.


One downside to participating in local events is the generation of mass inventory and booth displays, topped with expenses to load and transport the inventory. You may or may not be able to sell all of the inventory depending on the size of the event, but as I said earlier, you can still make the most of this by marketing your products and building up a local clientele.