how to make a sticker with cricut

Almost everyone loves stickers, yeah? And I bet that there are times you want to get a sticker design but you don’t seem to come by what design you actually want. You will learn how to create your own stickers using the cricut machine.

Remember the rule; if you have the ability to create, then the cricut machine will serve you right. So let’s cut the cheese and get into the main deal. To create your own cricut stickers, you will need a couple of things of course, first you will need your cricut machine, and then you will need the tools and equipment required to make a sticker.

So you need a cricut explore machine, you will need a standard mat for cutting, you will need sticker paper and a printable one at that. These are basic tools anyone needs in order to make a sticker. Coupled with that is a color printer for a non-boring sticker making experience. Stickers just like emojis are beautiful because they are colorful.

To begin making your own sticker, you will have to connect your cricut machine to your system and log into your design space. There will be a notifier that says you should create a new project, when you click on it, it will take you to a blank space for a new project. This is where you will work from.

You will be asked to upload image, so you can upload the image you want to use to create your sticker to begin making your own sticker. After uploading your choice of image, you will have to begin creating the sticker that you want. When you are done creating your sticker, you will upload it to the design space.

Make sure that you know where you saved your sticker sheet so that when you need to upload the sticker piece, you will go directly to where you saved it on your computer and send it to the upload menu. The next thing to do is to identify the type of image the sticker piece is.

A sticker image normally has three major color types, and it also consists of straightforward shapes. You will see simple image, select it and then select continue. Usually you would find these options down at the bottom of the screen.

There is an important aspect to this that you cannot afford to miss. You have to identify the parts of the sticker piece that you want the cricut machine to cut out. The normal background of the stickers you will discover has a white color, and before you send the sticker piece to your cricut machine to cut out the sticker, you will need to make sure that your stickers do not stand the risk of being cut wrong.

In order to avoid such mistakes, first ensure to cut out the white background of the sticker and properly highlight the sticker areas to be cut out by your cricut machine. You need to be careful so that your machine can cut around the sticker properly and individually.

You may ask, how do I remove the white background from the sticker image, let me explain that right away? If you look around your machine, you will find a “select and erase” icon together, select the icon and hit the click button on the part of the white background you want to erase and it will disappear. Do this for all the other parts of the sticker image that you will like to remove.

Other than the white background, there are a couple of other things you need to keep in check. Take a look around your sticker and see if you can find any trace of unnecessary particles in form texts, colors or designs that may appear on your sticker. If you can identify these unwanted particles, and remove them from your sticker image, then you are good to go. Your cricut machine can now cut through and deliver your sticker as you want it to be.

Whatever you don’t want in your cricut project, be sure you remove them before sending the project to your cricut machine to cut. You will see an image that looks like an eraser, when you find it, click on it and going back to whatever you don’t want on the image and erasing it, and that’s it, as simple as A B C.

There are two types of design space images you would find on your cricut software, select the type you want your image to be and proceed to the cutting machine. The two types of design space image are print and cut image and cut image. If you want the image to be cut, then select the cut type and continue. But if what you want is to print the image, just like the sticker image in view right now, then select print and cut before proceeding to print. And very importantly, do not forget to name your project.

After you have done all these, your sticker image is all set to be printed and used. Insert the sticker to your projects as indicated by your cricut machine software by locating the “insert” option and clicking on it.

There is something you must bear in mind as you are rounding up your project, and that thing is that your cricut design space does not have a strict habit of keeping a hold of the initial size of your project. If you are a perfectionist who will like your project to come out exactly the way you wanted it to be, then make sure that you check the size of your project and make adjustments where necessary before printing it out.

If you created a project with a size 3.3 in width, then check to see if the size was retained. If the size was retained then fine, there is no need to make an adjustments. But if the width was not maintained, then go to the edit indicator on the screen and change the width back to the original 3.3.

If you can get everything to be in order on your computer, then your work is set to be printed or cut, whichever the type as the case may occur. There is a button on the top of your screen that says Go, that is the button you will choose now to proceed.

Before you proceed to print, the next thing to do is to check all the settings on your cricut machine to be sure that they are all in the right mode. One thing you can’t have spoil your project is one tiny detail you overlooked. It is easier to overlook certain details because you have set every other thing you considered to be important.

For example, sticker images are not supposed to bleed. Yes that is right, they are not allowed to bleed, so leave the bleed setting unchecked. What is bleeding? This is a word that is used to describe that when an image is being printed, some of its colors will be loose around it—it will look like it is bleeding. There are some print and cut projects that will go well with this kind of setting, but stickers are best left without bleeding.

What next? Ensure you have a printer at home, it is with your home printer that you will print out your cricut made sticker design. You will print out the sticker using a sticker paper, and one that is printable at that. To print out your sticker, you will need to first position your sticker paper on your cutting mat, remember the cutting mat. Then you will fill it into your cricut machine and make sure that your material dial button is set to “vinyl”.

Although, the material setting selection on your machine has an indicator that says “sticker paper”, in other words it has an option that is meant for printing stickers on sticker papers. But then, it turns out that the vinyl option is even better when set for printing stickers. Why do I say this? Because when you use the vinyl setting instead of the sticker paper setting, your machine cuts all the way through the paper. This does not in any way tamper with your sticker, so that your sticker comes out clean and perfect.

At this point you can now go to the “Go” option and click on it. The cricut machine will at this same point, cut out your sticker. Depending on how many stickers you have cutting and printing in your machine, it may take quite some time to finish cutting through and out all of them.

You may want to go back to tending to your pet or watering your little flower before the computer is done cutting them all out—lol. By the time you are back, your machine would have finished printing out the rest of your stickers, and you can now remove the rest of the piece on your cutting mat. And there you go, you just made yourself a sticker or set of stickers.

You can make yourself some stickers so you can use them to do anything, I mean anything at all. Stickers can serve as reminders to you too, by placing them on your work board or close to your bed. If you wake up every morning to the sight of a sticker with an image of a student in a library, you will be reminded to go to the library one of these days.

Using the Cricut Print and Then Cut

The first thing to do is always to log into your cricut design space in order to begin creating your project, whatever it may be. So if you are reading this and you have a registered account then you only need to log into your design space. But if you are reading this and you are new to using cricut, then remember to first set up your account. Let’s go!

The moment you are in your design space, go to “start a new project” and click, the go to the indicator that says “images” and click that one too. Locate the search tool and pick the image or images you want to use to do your new project. After this, click on the insert images option on the bottom of the screen and watch as the images are transformed by your system.

To get that image to be reshaped, maybe flattened if you want them to be flattened, press the “flatten” icon and it will be flattened immediately and ready to be used.

To edit your selected images, simply look for the edit tool and edit as you want it. If you want to resize the image or images, click on the image and follow the resize trace. You will find the resize trace at the edge of the images; drag them to change the size of the images.

When you have you done this, and done any other form of editing you will like to do to your sticker image, click on the save icon. The save icon is usually found at the left side of the top of your screen. You will see the option asking what type of project you want to save the work as. One of the options will read as cut image, while the other one will read as print then cut image. If you want to your machine to only cut the image, then select cut image, but if you want your machine to print the image, then you will select print then cut image.

Take a second look at your work and be sure that it looks just as you intended for it to look, then locate the continue button and click on it. After this you will receive a notification that asks whether your project should be printed on the paper. When making stickers, make sure you have your sticker paper ready and filled onto your machine and ready to be printed on.

In order to avoid having complications when you are ready to print your work, use the right kind of materials. For example, instead of using a very thick sticker paper to print your sticker, opt for something lighter and easy to be penetrated. In this case, you will not have issues printing on them, or rather; your printer will not have issues printing on them. Also do not forget to change your cricut machine’s settings to be able to align with the type of material you purchased for printing.

The setting of your machine for printing should match the nature of the material you want it to print on. However, there are some materials that your printer may not be able to print. Such materials are for example, chunky stickers. In a case like this, don’t fret. There is another way. All you have to do is to take your sticker to a print store, or if you like, a copy shop.

To prevent having the printer print out your sticker only for it not to turn out very clear, or become confusing for your cricut machine to cut through, make sure you take a portable document format of the work along with you.

Avoid the use of laser inks, this might not be read on your cricut machine, so make sure you inform them to use the normal inkjet to print it. One of the other reasons why your cricut machine may not be able to correctly cut through your work is when the work is not printed at a hundred percent. This will alter the size of your project and as a result, affect the cutting process.

At the end of the printing, regulate your material dial option to a corresponding setting. Instead of leaving it at the normal cricut sticker paper setting, set it to the vinyl setting instead. Now go ahead and position your sticker paper over the cutting mat and fill it onto the machine. Thrust it up in force towards the breakers.

You will find the load and the unload button coupled together, press that button. Now press the “Go” button and let the machine do its job. Remember again, as I earlier stated, that depending on the nature of your sticker, and how many it is it could a little while to finish cutting.

The moment your machine is done cutting the stickers, know that the stickers are ready to be used. You can then peel off the stickers and use them.

There are many beautiful things and designs you can do with your cricut machine. All you need is to be very creative with your designs. It does not really cost much to be creative with designing stickers for your cricut to cut through for you. You can look up other people’s sticker works and get some inspiration, or pay attention to yourself and discover what you love and can do. Everyone has latent creativity in them that can use some exploiting.

In a simple and straight to the point format, here is how to make stickers using your cricut machine below:

  • Log into your cricut design space
  • Select the new project icon
  • Select the image upload icon
  • Search for the image you want using the search option
  • Select the image and proceed to upload it
  • Insert the image or images as the case may be
  • Proceed to edit and remove unwanted particles
  • Save the image
  • Upload the image to your machine and prepare to print and cut
  • Regulate your machine settings and print the project
  • Cut the project and there you go, your sticker image is ready to be used.