how to engrave with cricut maker

How to engrave Monogram on Acrylic ornament using Cricut Maker Machine.

A monogram is an image made by combining or overlapping two or more graphemes or other letters to form one symbol or logo. Its main purpose is to identify the owner of a property. We all think of special identify for ourselves at all times.

The Cricut Maker can engrave monograms on materials including acrylic ornaments. These beautiful pieces of ornaments are beautiful to behold and gives the crafter such amazing feeling of satisfaction and creativity.

The tools required for this project include Cricut Maker, Chomas Creations Engraving Tool, Cricut Design space, a piece of acrylic coaster and painter’s tape.

In case, you are seeing the Chomas Engraving Tool for the first time, you are not alone as there as so many tools for crafters that you keep seeing from time to time as you progress in your creative ventures.  These tools are made in the USA with capability of engraving and etching materials with the aid of a die cutting machine including your darling Cricut Maker.

 Chomas engraving tool

Without wasting much time, let us go to the step by step approach to engraving monogram on acrylic coaster. It is pretty simple and amazing project.

  1. Choose your desired monogram from your Design Space and insert it into your Canvas
  2. Insert shape into the Canvas preferably a circle.
  3. Weld the design into one colour.
  4. Resize the shape into the size of the ornament plate you are using.
  5. Insert the monogram into the shape and resize the monogram to fit into the shape as you desire.
  6. You can choose the colour of the plate to suit viewing on the Canvas. This, by the way, is optional.
  7. This step will be in two phases. One is cutting the coaster and the second is engraving on the coaster. The phases are done in several steps as put together below:
  8. Send the shape to the virtual mat. Ensure that your shape is in the position you want the Cricut Machine to Cut the shape out of the coaster.
  9. Place your coaster on the Strong Grip mat, position it correctly and secure it.
  10. Load the mat by pressing the Load/Unload button on the Cricut machine.
  11. Press the flashing Cricut button to start the cutting process.
  12. When done, Unload the material and remove the shape from it. That is the end of the first phase.
  13. Next, place the shape unto the mat again. Of course, at the precise location of the shape on the mat and secure it underneath with painter’s tape.
  14. Remove the cutting tool from the machine and replace it with the engraving tool (the Chomas Creations Graving Tool). For Cricut Maker, the correct side to fix the engraving tool is the right side of the adaptive tool while for expression; the correct side is the left.
  15. Ensure that you move the White Star Wheel from coaster material on the mat so as not to touch it while the machine is engraving it.
  16. Again, load the mat
  17. Press the flashing Cricut button to engrave the monogram on the piece of coaster.
  18. When done, unload the mat and you have your beautiful monogram engraved on the coaster as an acrylic ornament.
    1. Wipe the dirt from the ornament and clean it up.

Some of the beautiful projects done with these steps are shown for you to try your hands on.





How to Engrave Metallic Tags Using Your Cricut Machine

If you are a lover of pets or you want to create an identity tag for an organization or institution, then this project will help you develop your creativity as I walk you through the step by step approach to this project.

You will learn how to engrave names or information on metallic tags with your Cricut machine.

The materials for this include Design Space, metal dog tag, Chomas engraving tool for Cricut machine and a ruler.

To do this project,

  1. measure your tag with a ruler. This will help you to know what size to use in your Design Space.
  2. Create a New Project in your Design space.
  3. Upload your metal dog tag image unto your Canvas.
  4. Resize it to fit your measured value. Am sure you can do that right? At the Layer’s panel, remember?.
  5. Because the size is really small on the screen, you will need to zoom it for proper viewing.
  6. Select Text and input the name of the dog. Choose any font type of your choice.
  7. Resize and move the text to fit in to your metal dog tag.
  8. Select the text layer on the Layer’s panel and set it to Score, if it is on Cut. When you do these, the colour of the text on the Canvas will change to pale. It shouldn’t bother you, it is just machine expression.
  9. Select the two layers on the Canvas and click on Attach on the Layer’s panel. To verify this action, check on the Layer’s panel and notice that you have only one layer indicated.
  10. Next, zoom the metallic tag on the Canvas to 100% and then move it to the 2” mark, horizontally aligned.
  11. Placed the metallic tag on the 2” mark level of the mat. Use a piece of tape, underneath the tag, to hold it down exactly on the point as seen on the Canvas. The tape is so small that it is not visible when placed on the mat.
  12. Insert a square into the Canvas, change it to any color of your choice and move it over the metallic tag. Send the square to the back of the tag without touching the tag. Select the two objects and click on Attach (Layer’s panel).
  13. Go to the Layer’s panel and hide both the tag and the square leaving only the text. You can hide a layer, right? Yes. Click on the Lock icon in front of the layer in the Layer’s panel and you are good to go.
  14. Click Continue to display your virtual mat. The text on the virtual mat will be faint but that should not cause you to worry.
  15. Click Continue.
  16. Now, install the Chomas engraving tool into the Cricut machine. And how will you do that? It is quite simple. Remove the cutting tool from the machine and replace it with the engraving tool (the Chomas Creations Graving Tool). For Cricut Maker, the correct side to fix the engraving tool is the right side (side B) of the adaptive tool while for expression, the correct side is the left (side A).
  17. Set the Cricut machine dial to custom.
  18. Place your mat into the Cricut machine and load it by pressing the Load/Unload button on your machine. When loaded, press the flashing Cricut button to start engraving the tag. After one pass and you are not satisfied with the engraved job, press the Cricut button again for another pass.
  19. Unload you mat by pressing the Load/Unload button again.
  20. Finally, remove your tag from the mat and clean it up. And your job is done.

Like previous projects, allow your creative mind to express itself and come up with better and super amazing designs that you can explore using this approach. So, what are you waiting for? Get busy.