how to cut wood with cricut

How to deal with Wood


Let’s talk about using Cricut for wood creations. If you are a complete beginner you might wonder how it is possible to make original crafts and how far you can go with it.

Well, you can be sure that nowadays you can create nearly anything from home. All you need is a Cricut machine! Wood is cuttable with your Cricut, well some type of wood is more appropriate than others, but remember that you can also iron-on or attach vinyl on your wood, as I always say there is no limit to your creations!

When talking about wood, I want you to be more careful than usual, because everybody knows that wood can be expensive but if you pay a little bit of attention around you can find wood cheaper if not free. To help you with this I want you to consider two characteristics that wood must have: the strength of the wood and its durability. So, after you make a fair distinction about it, start to recycle wood every time you get the chance to do it. If there is nothing you recover from your house or garage, why not asking to your neighbors? Why not going to flooring companies, or construction companies?  Why not trying with Craiglist? Many people have extra stuff and have no space to store it, there you can find great deals!

Woodworking can be really rewarding, more than others, it is totally different than working with vinyl, cards, t-shirts, etc…

It is another planet, you have to find out if it is what you are looking for.

Take the time to watch the various woodworking videos available on YouTube. You can find valuable information and get new ideas for projects you may never have considered before.


Cricut Knife Blade is not super fast but that is what you want to use to make beautiful jobs of cutting.


You need to calibrate your Cricut Knife Blade as first thing. Make sure you calibrate by following the Cricut step by step guide, but if you are in trouble with it you will find many videos about it, so do not worry.


Make sure you use some blue painter’s tape or masking tape because you will use this tape to secure your material to your Strong Grip Mat when prepping for a cut, so just tape all four sides of the mat and go ahead.

You can start easy, by trying to do alphabet letters or simple figures on your mat of your Cricut Design Space.

The material I recommend to use is balsa wood, you can find several different colors of it and if you can’t find what you are looking for, you can always stain it.

You connect to your Cricut machine and search for the wood material that you are going to use.


Check and make sure that all the white stars on your rotating bar of the Cricut machine are all pulled to the right hand side, this will prevent from marking up the wood, furthermore if you want to avoid the risk of breaking your blade remember that the smallest pieces of your design, especially the interior of those pieces need to be greater than ¾ of an inch, and any line that you have needs to be larger than the diameter of a pencil because the blade may not cut cleanly in those particular cases. And there you go, you press go and watch your Cricut machine do its work. You can create so many projects, so many ornaments for any event.

Tip: There is something that you might not be aware about and that is really interesting, in fact, when you are cutting the wood with your Cricut, you should know that you can add one more pass.


In fact, when the Cricut Maker completes a mat you can check the cuts of your design. And if it hasn’t cut all the way through, you can send it through once more.

If the machine stops cutting can be different reasons, for example could be because of minor defects on your material, or your blade has jammed. Check if the “C” button is flashing, if so brush off the debris and press it again.


If you could not find the wood of your favorite color, you can also decide to stain your woods, as said, I recommend you to wear gloves for this process; you can gently rub your wood ornaments with a paper towel moistened with gel stain of your preferred color.