cricut weeding tool

The Cricut weeder tool is one that looks like a dental pick. This tool is used for removing the negative space from a vinyl project. Negative space is the material that you do not want to use within your project. This tool is definitely one that you must get if you are planning to work with a lot of vinyl. This includes iron-on vinyl as well. Trying to get rid of the vinyl that you are not planning to use in a project is nearly impossible without a weeder-like tool especially with vinyl materials like glitter iron-on. The weeder is a useful took for any type of project you are working with materials that have a type of adhesive. With the weeder tool, you won’t be picking up the adhesive material with your fingertips, and likely getting it stuck to you almost immediately. The weeder tool instead helps you keep your fingers sticky free!

cricut weeding tool alternative

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to a weeder when you are initially starting out with vinyl projects, you can also use something that is like that or a dentist pick. Some people are known to use toothpicks because they have a similar shape and come to a sharp point at the end. The sharp point is ideal to have because that is what you can fit into tiny spaces when you are removing the negative space.