cricut print then cut not working

Sometimes, you might find that you are having a lot of issues with the Print Then Cut Calibration. This section will help you troubleshoot this problem as it is common among Cricut users who like to use this feature a lot in their projects. As you remember, the Print then Cut feature allows you to print a full-color image on your home printer and then have the Cricut machine cut around the edges of that image for you. If you are using this feature for the first time, the machine will ask you to calibrate your Cricut. There is a general calibration process. In Design Space, you will start by selecting a Print then Cut image and hit go. If you are using it for the first time, it will prompt you to calibrate your machine. Print the calibration sheet that is provided by the Design Space software. Then you will place the printed sheet on your Cricut cutting mat and hit the go button on the machine. The Cricut machine will read the sensor marks and make a test cut on the paper and ask you some questions about it if necessary. Then it will make a few more cuts and ask additional questions. Then it should be calibrated!


For a lot of people, it is not easy to cut and dry, and it does not work perfectly every single time. Sometimes, no matter what you do, your Cricut machine will not read your sensor marks. This is not a recent problem and there are a lot of posts and videos available online from people who were having the same issue. Even the Cricut site has an entry addressing it. If this method we are providing does not work for you, feel free to Google other alternatives. There are a few different ways that are known to fix this issue. Based on answers from other sources, it might be that the light in the room is too bright, your mat might be too dirty, and it might be that the sheet is not aligned on the mat in the right spot. Sometimes, it is not actually any of these issues. What can actually happen is that even though you have not touched any of your settings for the printout of the calibration sheet, it is possible that it did not print correctly.


You can see that some of the senor marks can appear at the top of the sheet and they are likely cut off. If the correct sheet is print, it would have the full sensor marks. There is no known reason why the software and the printer do not always get along and print the calibration sheet the right way the first time. Instead, sometimes, what you will need to do is download the full calibration sheet before you print. Then you do not have to change any of your settings for it to print properly. You will just need to verify that all of the senor markers are showing completely. Once you get the correct calibration sheet into the Cricut cutter, it will calibrate perfectly. Then you can use your first Print then Cut file and be so happy with how it turns out.