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Most people believe that they can only cut paper and vinyl with the Cricut machine. You will soon find once you get started using your machine that it can actually cut over 100 different types of materials! In this section, we will go over a variety of them in detail to get a better understanding of how truly remarkable the Cricut machine really is! Get inspired by a collection of diverse, high-quality materials, all designed to cut perfectly with Cricut machines. Material finishes ranging from fun and flashy, to polished and rich. These materials make it easy to achieve exactly the look you are after. Once you get more comfortable using all the different types of materials, you will easily be able to create projects that have multiple materials in one!


Adhesive vinyl for Cricut cutting machines come in a wide variety of colors, designs, and uses. The adhesive properties can either be semi-permanent (easily removable with adhesive remover) or permanent. Semi-permanent is typically used for projects indoors; such as wall decals or window clings. Permanent vinyl would be used for outdoor use, such as holiday décor and tabletop designs. Vinyl is the most commonly used material for Cricut projects outside of paper because it is one of the most versatile materials to work with. Adhesive vinyl is a great starting point for creators who are new to Cricut but want to branch out outside of paper crafting. Adhesive vinyl is a material that will need to be weeded, as designs are typically cut out of the vinyl and the negative space will need to be removed in order to see the design.

Vinyl for Cricut


Iron-On vinyl is a special type of vinyl that is adhered to a surface using a heat sensitive adhesive. It can be used on fabric and other materials such as wood paper and metal. There are many how-to videos online for Iron-On Vinyl because it can be a tricky material to work with. More often than not, when using Iron-On Vinyl you will need to use the “Mirror” feature in Design Space. This feature allows you to cut your vinyl backward so that when you go to apply heat to the design, it will show the correct way on your surface. Luckily for us, Cricut builds in a feature for Design Space that reminds you to turn on the mirror option when the dial is set to iron on. You can easily and quickly waste a lot of material if your image is not set to mirror! Iron on vinyl is most commonly permanent as this type of material is usually used with fabrics. There are numbers videos on how to remove iron on shortly after application if you do make a mistake, however! Utilizing how-to videos is an important part of getting comfortable with using this type of Cricut material.

iron on for cricut


There is a wide variety of paper products that can be cut using the Cricut machine. Some varieties include cardstock, which is one of the most popular, corrugated cardboard, foil embossed, Kraft board, scrapbooking paper, pearl, sparkle/shimmer, and poster board. Paper products can come in a wide range of sizes, with 12”x12” being the most common and easily applied type as it fits perfectly on a 12”x12” cutting mat. Paper is most commonly used in card projects, but it can also assist in wall décor, gift boxes, cake toppers, lantern projects. Most crafters familiar with the Cricut recommend starting with the paper project first, to get a handle of the different options Cricut cutters to have. Paper allows you to create intricate designs and get familiar with cutting blade depth at the same time.

Cricut paper

The following materials can only be used with the Cricut Maker machine.



Chipboard, also known as a type of particle board, is an engineered wood product that has been manufactured from saw shavings, wood chips, and a synthetic resin, which is pressed and extruded. The Cricut website sells a variety pack of this type of material, which is great for getting to know the material and what projects to use it effectively. It is suggested for use on projects such as sturdy wall art, school projects, photo frames and more. Since this material has a 1.5mm thickness, it can only be cut using the Cricut Knife blade. Chipboard is great for any time of project that requires dimensions such as gingerbread or haunted house around the holidays!

Chipboard compatible with cricut


Have you ever dreamt of becoming a famous purse or leather goods designer? You can now make that dream a reality with the Cricut Maker! Cricut offers a few different color options for genuine leather. You will love the look and feel of real leather for your projects! There is always the option to mix and match different colors and styles to get impressively dimensional projects! Leather is one of the newest options for Cricut Maker materials, but it is quickly becoming a favorite among users! Leather will always be in style, so if you are someone who loves to create their own unique fashion looks, this material will be the right one for you and all your design needs!


This simple yet classic material is another favorite among Cricut Maker users. Many use fabrics to create custom clothing, home décor, and wall art. Imagine all the times you went out looking for the perfect top or skirt only to come back home empty handed after many hours of searching. It would be ideal to find exactly what you want when you want it! Now, without the help of a bulky and outdated sewing machine, you can make simple and affordable clothing exactly the look and feel you want! Fabric is also a great material to make homemade gifts for friends and family. Lots of people enjoy curling up on the couch during the winter months with a cozy quilt and a favorite movie. Now you can provide the quilt and have long-lasting memories made with it! Friends and family from all over will want in on the action! Quilts will never go out of style, and neither will give them as gifts!


The final material we will cover in this chapter is Basswood. Similar to balsa wood, but has a much greater thickness. Basswood is a high-quality wood with a tight grain that allows for a smooth and precise finish. Basswood is typically the first choice of wood for wood carvers because of its reliable sturdiness. It is denser than balsa wood. Therefore, it is an ideal surface for clean cuts. This material can be painted and stained easily without having to be stained first. This is a great option for someone who is looking to get into woodworking, but not quite equipped with old-time tricks and tips. You will need to use this material with the Strong grip mat, and tape down all four corners to ensure that it does not shift during cutting.  It is perfect for projects including models, toys, dollhouses, home decor, shadow boxes, mixed media art, and more.


Blended fibers between natural and synthetic are also common among craft felts. Felt is commonly used to help young children distinguish among different types of textiles. Felt is also commonly used in craft projects for all ages. The felt is easily cut with your Cricut Machine, no Deep Cut blade required! Felt can be used for fun décor, kid’s crafts, baby toys, stuffed shapes and more! When starting out on the Cricut Maker, this is one of the best materials to start out with. This material is very forgiving and will allow you to keep the gift-giving spirit going! This material is also great for creating faux flowers. You can bring the outside in, without the maintenance or worrying about children or pets getting into a mess!

Now that you have an idea of the variety of materials you can use with both the Cricut Explore machine and the Cricut Maker machine, you are well on your way to creating one of a kind, beautiful works of art! Although this is just a small list of the different materials that are available for use, it is a great starting point for someone who is new to the Cricut world! Once you have mastered these different types of materials you will be able to venture out into new kinds of materials and see the potential both Cricut Explore and Cricut Maker have to offer. It is good also to know which types of materials you feel that you would like to work with the most to determine which machine is right for you.

It is also good for beginners to know where the best places to buy these materials are. Although Cricut sells the majority of the materials you need to get started, there are many other places you are able to buy materials from. Below we will list the different places you should be able to buy any Cricut material you will need.



Amazon has become a leader in providing materials for Cricut projects, at a much lower cost than the Cricut website. Amazon also offers a wide variety of brands all that is compatible with both the Cricut Explore machine and the Cricut Maker machine. Amazon also offers free two-day shipping for Prime Members; many of these items are included in the offer. This is a great option for new crafters that may need materials in a hurry, depending on the type of project they are doing and when they would like to begin. Amazon is a great resource for finding new material offerings and brands that carry them. It doesn’t hurt to save money on a project and receive free shipping as well!

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Craft Stores: Michaels, JoAnn’s, and Hobby Lobby

If you are someone who enjoys going to a store to purchase items for a project over ordering them online, you too have many options to purchase your materials from. Craft stores have been around for a long time, but they have just recently started providing materials for all the Cricut Machines. You can easily think of a project and run to your nearest craft store and get everything you need to get started on your project that day. This also comes in handy if you are missing something you thought you had, or run out of something you need right away. These stores are always in convenient locations and making material gathering easy for everyone!

Cricut Website

As mentioned before, Cricut online also provides a great resource for buying materials for your Cricut projects. They keep their products up to date and often offer products that are created by designers. This is a great option for materials that are unlike what is sold in-store and online. Another great perk of buying directly from Cricut is that if you are a Design Space member, you will receive 10% off every purchase you make through them. Cricut takes care of their customers in more ways than one!