Cricut Machine Tips and Tricks

Cricut Machine Tips and Tricks

Organize your tools and label your buttons.

If you are able to you can subscribe to the access for about ten dollars a month to gain access to over twenty thousand different images and over a thousand different projects. You even get over three hundred fonts.

If you have an Air 2 the mat can be sticky. Peel off your cover and then place a dry shirt over the mat (make sure that it is clean) to prime it for your first project. What this does is it helps with that stickiness from the card stock without damaging your first project.

Set your dial as this is important. Turn it to the correct material setting. If you don’t it can ruin the cuts your making because it’s on the wrong one.

If you have a small design or something that’s more intricate then you can use what is known as a weeding box, this is also a good idea when your cutting on one mat for multiple designs.

When you are cutting vinyl that is heat transfer you will need to remember to mirror the design.

When you are using vinyl you also need to remember that you need to place your vinyl right way up on your mat for cutting. For heat transfer place its shiny side down.

When beginning to understand the correct use of your cutting mat then you need to make sure that you are loading you mat correctly so that both sides are sliding under the rollers. If you don’t do this it won’t load properly.

You will also need to keep the plastic sheets that come with the mats to protect them between your uses.

Clean your cutting mats with baby wipes that are water-based to keep them sticky and clean longer.

Use one blade for your cardstock and a separate one for vinyl because this will let them both last longer.

Make sure that you have a deep cut blade.

This is going to allow you to cut through thicker materials like chipboard or leather. The blade would be compatible with the Air 2. Remember we said the Maker cuts deeper, but the others can’t. This blade will help but remember to order your housing for the blade as well.

This is for people who have had the cartridges for an older machine or older cartridge. You can hook these up to your new account. It is a simple thing to do but you should know that you could only link them once so be sure that if you are buying a machine second hand that nothing has been linked yet.

This is probably going to seem like a no brainer but it’s actually a serious tip that you will need to remember. Remember not to leave your pen in the machine after you’ve completed a project.  You get so involved in what you’re doing that you can forget about the supplies and the things of that nature that you leave in it there but guess what? The next time you reach for it, it will be dried out and you can’t use it. Replace the cap and make sure it’s not drying out. They can be expensive, and you don’t want to waste them. Most projects are encouraging this tip as well because it is so important.

The right tools are important here so you should make sure that you have the toolset. It will contain vital tools that you need, and they can especially help with vinyl.

Know your glue

Many people are huge fans of what is called tacky glue. It gives your projects a little bit of wiggle room when you’re trying to position them. The problem is that it can take longer to dry. If this is something that bothers you, you might want to try a quicker one. Zip dry paper glue it’s extremely sticky and much faster.

A tip that will go along with the tip above is that if you want them to be a layer to pop out from another layer. You can make this happen by using products like pop dots or Zots. They are foam mounts that are self-adhesive. You can also make little circles by using craft foam or cardboard and then glue it between the layers.

You don’t have to get your materials from a craft store. In all honesty, they can be quite expensive. There are ways around this (coupons, sales things like that), however, you can shop online or local sign shops. Some even offer you scraps for free in some cases. If there is something that you need such as cardstock, then you should print out the color you need and then cut it out so that you can bring it with you.

Profound Knowledge

The crude materials of configuration may be documentation, a perfect workbench, studio, easels, paints, ability, and information. A performer has to know scales. A painter needs to get tones. A stone carver needs a sharp eye for negative space. An essayist must have a feeling of style.

Figure out how to trust and pursue your impulses

In the event that you ask any effective businessman what has prompted their prosperity, they once in a while state it? They for the most part say one essential key to business achievement is trusting and following your impulses. Achievement can emerge out of basically acting naturally.

Think about a Coach

Business mentors are extremely popular nowadays. Consider going through some cash with a Scrapbooking business mentor who comprehends the business as well as genuinely comprehends the specific brand of energy scrapbook sweethearts share. A mentor can help share business abilities however can go about as an extraordinary coach in managing you to your objectives.

Exhibit Your True Talent With a Business Card for Artists

The financial downturn has left huge numbers of us feeling the squeeze. Numerous individuals are searching for approaches to set aside cash in each part of life. Be that as it may, there are times when a buy must be made, and cautious research regularly structures some portion of the basic leadership the procedure.

Give the Quality of Your Work A chance to radiate Through

A business card for specialists is your window to the world, and it should say a great deal regarding your aesthetic edge and abilities. Make it state every little thing about you and what you can offer. Plan a motivating logo that can join the substance of what you can do with an incredible structure. This astute connecting can put you on top of things by helping individuals to recollect who and what you are.

Consider Other Ways You Can Display Your Skills to the World

A business card for specialists is only one of numerous limited time apparatuses you can use to enhance your presentation. It bodes well. The production of a notice is a magnificent method to demonstrate the best of what you do. Try not to place a lot into your sign; that will go about as an obstacle and prevent individuals from getting a vibe of your actual abilities. Consider the area where you can show your blurb. Vital arranging of the setting of your sign can help augment its effect. It will expand the intrigue of your work and open up more potential outcomes.

Remember to tell individuals how to connect!

A business card for specialists needs not exclusively to demonstrate the embodiment of your innovativeness; it likewise fills a need. It needs to tell potential clients how to connect with you. Incorporate all the distinctive contact techniques you have, email, site, telephone numbers, and any online networking you are an individual from. Remember about the intensity of internet based life and bookmarking destinations; they can enable feature to considerably a greater amount of your work.

Be Adaptable

Consider chipping away at zones that you hadn’t imagined, however will be something inside your abilities. This will enable you to set up a notoriety. Another viable method to advance your aptitudes notwithstanding utilizing a business card for specialists is to engage in network ventures where you offer your administrations for nothing. Make something stunning that individuals will see every day; this is an incredible advert for your aptitudes. This will place your work into the lives of thousands of individuals and will drive more clients to you.

Hard Practice

Learning alone, however, doesn’t convert into aptitude. We expand on the establishment with a long stretch of time of training.

It doesn’t make a difference if the training occurs at the easel, composing work area, or workbench.

Creators practice to the point that the art turns out to be natural. It resembles contact composing on the console. At the point when the dream strikes, we make without the slightest hesitation.

Learning of the User

Configuration spaces programming, similar to all structure, must focus on the client. They are the explanation behind the product in any case. Something worth being thankful for about present-day ways to deal with programming improvement, in any event in their unique pronouncements, is their acknowledgment of this reality.

They request that the client is included. They should be fused into the procedure, sharing thoughts regarding what works, what doesn’t, and why.


In the wake of structure information, rehearsing hard, and figuring out how to see the world through the client’s eyes, it’s a great opportunity to get tranquil. Stop. Think. Sketch. Pause. Hold up some more, and in the end, the thoughts will begin streaming.

Once in a while, it takes some time. Once in a while, the musings you had during the exploration part of the improvement spring to life rapidly, however typically not. When it begins, however, it floods. Keep a note pad, a heap of paper, or an application close by. Whatever you use, hold writing down the out of this world.


A few people make all the more successfully on a fixed calendar. John Cheever went to a cellar office for eight hours consistently. Others of us need to make the most of current opportunities, regardless of great importance.

Tune in to your very own innovativeness, and realize what works best for you. Did you realize that you can likewise offer your imaginative plans to inside decorators or property holders who are energetic about home style? You can publicize your lucrative plans to home stores or backdrop and paint stores and leave them your business cards or flyers promoting your custom divider workmanship administration.