cricut joy vs cricut maker

Current Cricut Cutting Machines

There are five Cricut cutting machines. (The base costs for the machines are in the framework beneath, however click these connections to Amazon—you can often spare yourself a considerable amount!)

Inheritance machines that aren’t being sold any longer incorporate Cricut Gypsy, Cricut Cake, Cricut Personal, Cricut Expression, Cricut Expression 2, and the first Cricut Explore.

Note that there is additionally Cricut Cuttlebug, which is a different kind of machine inside and out, and is essentially beyond words and decorating. It was ceased as of spring 2019.

Cricut Machine Comparison Chart

Before we really expound on each machine, open a PDF of this helpful examination outline by tapping on it! Then observe beneath for top to bottom conversations of each machine.

Cricut Joy

On February 12, 2020, Cricut reported their most up to date cutting machine, Cricut Joy. I was fortunate enough to travel out to Salt Lake City to find out about the machine before it was declared. I wasn’t certain from the start if I would utilize a littler machine, yet it immediately prevailed upon me.

Cricut Joy is a reduced small cutting machine, not exactly a large portion of the size of Cricut Explore and Cricut Maker. It’s pared down a piece from the other Cricut machines, with a solitary sharp edge and pen holder. The cut width is 4.5″.

Yet, don’t let its size simpleton you—it has a ton of fun new highlights! Two major ones are without tangle cutting, which implies you can slice up to 20′ (indeed, twenty feet) of “Brilliant vinyl” in a solitary go. Cricut Joy additionally has a Card Mat, making it very easy to make cards for a wide range of events.

The value purpose of $179 may in any case be somewhat high for certain crafters, especially since a portion of the capacities are somewhat restricted. In any case, Cricut Joy is ideal for practically the entirety of your essential Cricut makes, remembering iron for vinyl, glue vinyl, writable marks, and cardstock.

Best for: producers without a devoted specialty space, new Cricut clients scared by the bigger Cricut machines, or as a partner machine to your Explore or Maker.

Cricut producer

Cricut Maker is Cricut’s best in class cutting machine. It appears to be like the Explore line of machines, however it has been re-structured from the base up. It does everything Cricut Explore will do, yet with included highlights.

Cricut Maker cuts unbonded texture (so you needn’t bother with a stabilizer as you do with the Cricut Explore line) utilizing the minor Rotary Blade. It cuts thicker materials (up to 3/32″) like balsa wood and thick calfskin utilizing the Knife Blade. It can score a wide range of materials utilizing the Scoring Wheel (a stage up from the Scoring Stylus).

  • The Debossing Tool
  • The Wavy Rotary Tool
  • The Perforation Tool

Cricut Maker’s versatile apparatus framework is worked in light of development—which means it was worked to utilize instruments that Cricut hasn’t concocted at this point! They have twelve extra apparatuses in testing—so this machine will accomplish increasingly more as new instruments are discharged.

The value point is the most noteworthy in the Cricut line—$399, in some cases at a bargain for $349. Be that as it may, if you’re a genuine crafter who likes to utilize an assortment of materials, or if you are a sewing fan, a devoted papercrafter, or maybe even a carpenter, this machine is for you.

I reviewed an extensive book about Cricut Maker—I went to the large discharge occasion and chatted with numerous individuals on the Cricut group about it.

BEST FOR: Crafters who need everything—particularly the individuals who cut texture or cut thicker materials.

Cricut Explore Air 2

This is the Cricut Explore that I have (notwithstanding my Maker), and I should state that I love it. At $299, however, I realize it may be out of the value scope of certain clients.

There are two differences between the Cricut Explore Air 2 and the Cricut Explore Air. One is enormous, and one is little. The enormous one is that the Air 2 will slice and review to multiple times quicker than the Air. It’s not all materials, yet it functions admirably for most materials that you’d need to cut. This is a distinct advantage if you utilize your Cricut a ton—you comprehend what it resembles to sit tight for a since quite a while ago eliminate or compose position to wrap up!

The little difference is that the Air 2 arrives in a gigantic assortment of hues to coordinate your specialty space For a few, it’s absolutely not worth spending the extra $50, however it may be if you simply LOVE one of the numerous hues available today.

BEST FOR: Users who possess a creating business will truly see the speed difference, and it will have any kind of effect with how rapidly they can deliver things for customers.

Cricut Explore Air

Cricut Explore Air is a stage down, butoffers you the two things that the Cricut Explore One beneath doesn’t—it is Bluetooth-empowered so you don’t need to plug it into your gadget, and it has the auxiliary device holder, so you can compose and cut or score and cut simultaneously. At $249, I believe it merits the move up to get these two additional highlights, however you may conclude that they aren’t justified, despite any potential benefits for what you need to do with your Cricut.

BEST FOR: Most clients will see this as a competent machine for all that they have to do.

Cricut Explore One

Cricut Explore One is the most essential and conservative machine that Cricut offers, and at $199 the cost can’t be beat. It has the entirety of the exact cutting, composing, and scoring capacities of the Explore Air machines, and you can cut no different materials (there are more than 100!). None of the three machines require cartridges, however you can utilize your heritage cartridges in every one of them.

The sorts of vinyl you use for Cricut relies upon what you need to do. You can’t utilize a similar kind of vinyl for each Cricut undertaking and there are specific sorts of vinyl for each venture. So it’s ideal to get them straight in your mind before you start.