Cricut for beginners: What You Can Do with Cricut Maker Machine

Cricut for beginners: What You Can Do with Cricut Maker Machine


You have gotten your Cricut Maker machine and still confused about what you can do with your machine? No need to worry as you are covered by this guide. I will explain the capabilities of this machine here in a simple way to help you understand quickly what you can do with the Cricut Maker Machine.

The Cricut Maker Machine can cut in excess of 100 materials

The Cricut Maker machine can write and draw accurately with precision; this is why I consider it as an ideal design tool. There is housing for holding pen with which it draws and cut at the same time. A number of pens fit into housing either separately or using an adapter which can be bought especially for large size pens.

The Cricut Design Space library contains drawings of different colors with which you can use to cut materials or you can decide to input your own image and drawings using Photoshop, your tablet or Illustrator. You can also draw a hand sketch, scan it into your machine to draw and cut for you.

There are more than 50 crafts you can do using your Cricut Maker machine. Here, I will discuss in simple terms these amazing items:

  1. Cut fabrics: the rotary blade was designed to cut seamlessly through any fabric including silk, denim, chiffon, and heavy canvass. Coupled with the mat, hundreds of fabrics can be cut without any backing. This is amazing!


  1. Vinyl Decals and stickers: Is cutting vinyl decals and stickers your hobby, then you need Cricut Maker machine as your companion. Get the design inputted in the Design Space Software and instruct the machine to cut. As easy as that. The delivery will be wonderful. So what are you waiting for? Get to work!


  • Greeting Cards: The power and precision of the Cricut Maker makes cutting of paper as well as making greeting cards craft less tedious and saves ample time. Your Christmas cards, birthday cards, success cards and other greeting cards will be delivered with accurate, unique and amazing style.


  1. Quilts: There are arrays of quilting pattern in the sewing pattern library of the Cricut Maker machine thanks to Cricut teaming up with Riley Blake Designs. With this library, you can cut and join quilt pieces accurately and sew them together using the Cricut Maker machine. The quilt designs are amazing.



  1. T-shits: Cutting heat transfer vinyl to be transferred on fabrics is a job the Cricut Maker does so well. First design on the Design Space and load into the Cricut Maker. Instruct the Maker to start cutting the heat transfer vinyl. After cutting, you then iron the transfer onto your T-shirt.


  1. Cuts Balsa Wood: It was stated previously that the Cricut Maker can cut through materials up to 2.4mm with pressure up to 4kg. Cutting wood up to this thickness can be done seamlessly using the Knife Blade that comes with the Cricut Maker. This is amazing.
  • Sewing patterns: There are hundreds of sewing patterns which you can access once you buy the Cricut maker Machine. Patterns from Riley Blake Designs and Simplicity are included. All you need do is select any of the designs and the Cricut Maker will do the cutting for you.
  • Holiday decorations: The rotary blade of the Cricut Maker can cut through fabrics of different types. This is a big plus to crafters assigned with decorations for holiday programmes like the birthday, wedding, anniversary and Christmas celebrations. Let the Cricut Maker do the cutting for you while you do the joining and fixing.


  1. Dolls and Toys: The sewing pattern library still comes to play here. Select the type of design and let the Cricut Maker cut the material for you. Kids love Dolls and toys. Do not deny them this wonderful experience of homemade dolls and toys.
  2. Baby Clothes: You can design that old children’s clothes to become new again by being creative or even the ones you just bought from the store. Your kids will love that. Other materials include:
  3. Leather cut
  • Ornaments
  • Jewelry
  • Doll clothes
  1. Appliques
  • Calligraphy
  • Wedding invitations
  • Coasters
  • Keyrings
  1. Christmas tree
  • Hair decors and headbands
  • Cake toppers
  • Window decals
  • Embellishment
  • Foam cut
  • Fridge magnets
  • Book colour
  • Stencils
  • Temporal tattoos
  • Boxes
  • Washi tapes
  • Glass decals
  • Home decors
  • Addressed envelopes
  • 3D bouquet
  • 3D shapes
  • Cushion transfers
  • Purses
  • Clutch bags
  1. Pillows
  • Bedsheets
  • Pet clothes
  • Socks
  • Costumes
  • Stockings
  • Cupcake holders
  • Wall art
  • Corkboard
  • Cushions
  1. Craft foam cuts
  2. Peter Pan collars
  • Cover of Cricut Maker
  • Cover for devices

There are so many things you can do with your Cricut Maker machine. The sewing pattern library has made your creativity less cumbersome and you can add your personal design. This machine is truly amazing.

Which Cricut machine should a beginner get?

The Cricut Explore One

This is the most affordable machine of the Cricut with more than 50000 images accompanying it. The images allow users to have flexibility in the choice of design and good insight into the capability of the machine. It is designed using advanced technology for precise cutting, scoring and writing capabilities of the Cricut Explore Air Machine lines.  A smart dial setting attached to the Cricut Explore One eliminates the use of manual setting.

Cricut Explore One does not come with any Bluetooth enabled device; therefore a cable is required to connect between your Cricut and your device or a Bluetooth adapter using the USB port that comes with the machine.

Another challenge of this Cricut machine is that there is no double tool cartridge to score and cut during the same pass, therefore, the need to score and cut separately. Other disadvantages of this machine is that Design Space software can only be accessed online and only cut light materials. The challenge of this machine comes into play when you have a lot of work to do involving scoring and cutting

The Cricut Explore Air

This machine is different from the Cricut Explore One in two ways. First, it has a Bluetooth-enable device and therefore does not require cable for connection between your device and the machine. Secondly, you can score, write and cut at the same time due to the double tool holder. These two features make the Cricut Explore Air more expensive than the Cricut Explore One.

The machine was designed for the user to have an easy to understand experience while using it. With the Bluetooth enabled device, you can send designs directly from another Bluetooth enable device including your phone

The Cricut Explore Air 2

This machine is different from the Cricut Explore Air in two ways also. First, it is bigger than Cricut Explore Air and secondly, it is two times faster in cutting and writing than the Cricut Explore Air. It is more expensive than Cricut Explore Air obviously and saves ample time for job delivery. It is also designed for easy to understand experience of the user.

The Bluetooth enabled device gives the user freedom to send designs directly from another Bluetooth enable device including your phone thereby eliminating the need for an adapter.

The speed at which this machine performs the cutting and writing operation is its main selling point. It has both normal and fast modes of operation. The Cricut Explore Air 2 comes in nice green colour and very beautiful too. Added to these advantages is the powerful cutting blades (can cut even wood), easy storage compartments, and over 3000 project already made for users to explore and used to their satisfaction.

However, this machine has its own disadvantages including the fact that the Design Space can only be accessed through the internet and the noise level is higher than other Cricut machines. Even with these disadvantages, Cricut Explore Air 2 is an amazing cutting machine that will give you huge value for money

The Cricut Maker

The Cricut Maker is the latest and most advanced of Cricut’s cutting machines. It is similar in design to the Cricut Explore types and performs the same function except that new and advanced features were added to enhance its capabilities. For example, the Cricut Maker uses tiny rotary blade to cut unbounded fabrics which eliminates the use of stabilizers used in the Cricut Explore line. Cricut Maker cuts and writes on the materials placed on its adhesive mat. This machine is designed to help users make amazing sewing and DIY projects. Like the Cricut Explore Air 2, it has a wireless enable device; it is compact and dependable too.

The capabilities of the Cricut Maker include cutting thicker materials up to 2.4mm thickness using Knife Blade, cut fabrics of the size 12 x 24 inches and 11.5 inches wide, the Scoring Wheel to score all sorts of materials for razor-sharp creases and folds, and its adaptive tool system for cutting hundreds of materials. The capability of the Cricut Maker Machine is far from been exhausted because more tools for its adaptive tool systems are been tested by Cricut and due for release any moment.

This machine has a rotary blade for cutting tough fabrics. By its gliding and rolling actions, this special tool is empowered to cut through tough fabrics like a sharp knife. This tool is incredible in the way it gets job done compared to other Cricut machines, it is just amazing. These two blades (rotary and knife) makes the Cricut Maker a unique desktop cutter with cutting pressure of 4kg.

Note that the smallest size Cricut recommends for cutting is ¾” using rotary blade and fabric mat.

Other features of the Cricut machine that shows its power as a professional machine include expandable suite of professional quality tools, Design Space software (for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS platforms), double tool holder, ability to upload your own unique images and fonts for free, faster cutting and writing, washable fabric pen for making patterns on materials, and over 500 available digital sewing patterns.

The disadvantages of the Cricut Maker include a limited cutting space and the Design Space software is web-based. These limitations do not in any way change the fact that Cricut Maker is the king among the Cricut cutter line.