cricut explore air 2 supplies

What Supplies Will I Need for Cricut Explore air 2?

There are some essentials that you will need in order to get started on projects with your Cricut. Here is a breakdown of what you will need to do a project on vinyl, just as an example.

The Cricut Machine (explore air 2)

Cutting Mat

This is a simple, but an integral part of the Cricut process. Cricut has proprietary plastic mats that have grip strength and a grid on them. You layer your material on the mat, then feed the mat into the machine.

This is one of the pieces to the Cricut process that is best left to the brand. It holds your projects exactly where they need to be, and it helps you to get the most precise cuts without fail.

Cricut Tools

Some of the purposes these tools fulfill can be achieved using other items around your home. However, Cricut offers a really comprehensive starter kit with the tools you will need to execute your first project perfectly. The tools that you’ll find most helpful in this venture are:

  • Weeding Tool – This is a hook with a very fine point that allows you to peel blanks from your cut vinyl.
  • Scraper/Burnishing Tool – This allows you to burnish your vinyl onto its backing so when you’re weeding, only blanks come up off the page. It also allows you to apply your final cut to your project with fewer air bubbles and with more staying power.
  • Scissors – These sharp tools come in handy more often than you can possibly know with Cricut projects and having a dedicated pair makes it so much easier to complete your projects.
  • Craft Tweezers – These reverse-action tweezers have a strong grip, precise points, and alleviate cramping after prolonged use.
  • Spatula – Sometimes you feel like you need an extra set of hands when you’re peeling or laying down a project. This tool gives you that extra support and maneuverability where you need it.

These tools will allow you to complete your first project to a spectacular result every time.

Transfer Tape

This is a clear, medium-strength adhesive tape that comes in sheets. This is an absolutely invaluable step of the process. We have some tips for you on getting the most out of your transfer tape, and on choosing a transfer tape that will come in a quantity and power that is right for you and your projects.

I will tell you that the Cricut brand transfer tape comes in a single, rolled 12” x 48” sheet. You can cut pieces to your liking and use them multiple times before disposing. These sheets from Cricut are currently $8.99 at a local crafting retailer, while other brands offer a 12” roll of six to ten feet for a similar price.

While transfer tape is an absolutely integral part of the process of using your Cricut machine, the brand is not nearly as important. Do some shopping around, find a sample size that works for you and your price point, and get started!

Like with any new type of crafting project, it will take some time to get used to the supplies and products, and to find the things that really work the best for you.

Rubbing Alcohol


If you are working on a slick surface like glass or ceramic, you will want to rub the surface down with some rubbing alcohol to remove any dirt and oil that may be on it. This will help your project stick so much more readily.

Once you’ve cleaned the surface, wipe it with a clean paper towel and let dry for a couple extra minutes before getting started!

A Blank Material

This will be the item onto which you will be putting your project! The world is your oyster, and you can use anything you’d like for this. It is recommended that, for your first project, you choose a flat surface that can easily be accessed and seen. You might not want to do a travel mug for your first project. Instead, consider putting a personalized image on your laptop or a plaque.

A Computer with Internet Access

This will allow you to access the Cricut Design Space that we’ll teach you to use in this book.

That’s it! With these items, you’re ready to begin!