cricut explore air 2 replacement blade

Both Cricut Explore Machines come with an extremely sharp German carbide fine-point blade. This allows all users to get started cutting right away. It comes already housed within the Cricut machine and is easily removable and sharpened in the event that the blade gets dull. A user tip on keeping your blade sharp and long-lasting is to stick the blade into a ball of aluminum foil to sharpen it. This allows you to continue using the same blade for an extended period of time, and saving you money as well! A fine- point cutting blade is typically used for almost all of the Cricut design cutting projects, and will last through many projects when taken care of properly. If you are continually cutting rough materials, it is recommended to sharpen the blade often, or you will find yourself replacing it more often. The housing for this blade is silver on the older style machines and has been upgraded to gold for the new generation of machines.


The next type of blade that is commonly used is the Deep Cut blade. This is the type of blade you will need in order to cut thicker materials. These materials include thin wood and leather. You heard that right; you can cut leather with a Cricut machine! With this blade, you will need to get its custom housing piece, which you can purchase separately. When using this blade, you will simply need to swap out the housing pieces and then attach the blade as necessary. Similarly, as the fine-point blade, you will need to take care of this blade and sharpen it often. Since you are using thick materials for this blade, you may have to replace it more often if using it all the time. The housing for this type of cut blade is black. You also will have the option to purchase cut blades individually once you have the housing unit.


Finally, there is a Bonded Fabric cut blade. You will use this blade to cut a variety of fabrics once it has been stabilized with Heat N Bond or some other type of stabilizer. This precision cutting tool stays sharper longer and can also be used with a fabric that has iron-on. It is made from premium German carbide steel. It is specifically designed to make intricate cuts with the Cricut machines.  This blade is identifiable with its pink color.


Cricut Maker Cutting Blades

In addition to the Explore Cutting blade, the Cricut Maker has additional cutting blades that allow for intricate cutting details on a variety of materials.


The Knife blade was released in August of 2017. The Knife Blade was designed to cut thicker and denser materials that cannot be easily or successfully cut with other blades. These materials include Balsa Wood, Basswood, Cricut Chipboard, Craft foam, leather, and Matboard. When cutting with the Knife blade, Cricut Design space will ask you if you wish to add one more cut pass, to get a complete cut. This is typically recommended when using thick wood and metal materials.


The Cricut Maker comes with one additional blade, the revolutionary rotary cutting blade for use on cutting all sorts of fabrics. Unlike the average rotary blade, this one lasts far longer because it avoids the nicks that typically come with its line of duty. You can buy additional blades individually, but one blade should last throughout multiple projects.