cricut cutting tools

What are the Tools?

Cricut is a brand that listens to its customers. Thanks to this, they’ve thought of every possible tool you would need in order to take your project from the very beginning, all the way to completion. I’ve compiled a list of all the tools that will assist you in bringing your projects out of Cricut Design Space, and into reality.

Take a look through these items, get a feel for what they are, what they do, and you can see some of the ones right off the bat that can be substituted with other tools that aren’t part of the Cricut brand.

In doing this, you will save money, and you may be able to make use of some of the tools you currently have around your crafting station! Let’s dive in.

Bonded Fabric Blades

These blades are made with German carbide steel to cut through bonded fabric with ease and precision. They should be used with the FabricGrip™ mat, to keep your fabric in place for the most precise, cleanest cuts.

These blades, and the housings that are also available for them, are designed and crafted specifically to fit the Explore line of Cricut cutting machines, including the Explore Air models. The Cricut Maker requires a different type of blade and housing.

Craft Tweezers

These reverse-action tweezers have a strong grip, precise points, and alleviate cramping after prolonged use. The ergonomic grip makes it possible to keep a tight grip on your materials throughout the project, giving you that extra set of hands you always wish you had while crafting.

Cricut Explore® Wireless Bluetooth® Adapter

This product is to help your Cricut Explore machine connect with Bluetooth to your computer or device. If you’ve invested in the Cricut Explore One, but have found the Bluetooth capabilities to be helpful, this handy adapter makes easy work of adding that capability to your Cricut Explore One machine.

Deep-Point Replacement Blades

Deep-point blades allow you to make deeper, more precise cuts on even thicker materials with ease. Over time, you will find the blades in accessory clamp B will begin to go dull or will simply be less precise. Cricut offers a line of replacement blades to overcome this, and your blades will also respond to sharpening on a couple of occasions before replacement.

Paper Crafting Set

If you’re particularly into papercraft, you will find the edge distresser, quilling tool, piercing tool, and craft mat in this set to be essential in your crafting. Quilling or paper filigree art is more popular than ever these days and these are some of the best tools available for that craft.

Portable Trimmer

This is a precision cutting tool that allows you to get fast, crisp, straight cuts on your projects 100% of the time. These are especially popular among scrapbookers, so other versions of this product are largely available on the market, so keep your eye out for ones with great reviews and a low price point.

Replacement Blades

There are replacement blades and housings that are available for every model on the current Cricut line. Any blades that fit the Cricut Explore One will fit any model in the Cricut Explore line. The blades for the Cricut Maker will only fit that specific model, so be sure to check the product descriptions or packaging to ensure you’re getting the right blade for you.

Rotary Cutting Kit

This kit comes with a gridded cutting mat and a rotary cutting tool that makes fast, straight, precise cuts every time. Cricut is far from the only brand that offers a rotary cutting tool, so be sure to look at other brands on the market for the tool and price that are best for you.


Any crafter knows that scissors are an integral part of their tool kit. While the scissors that Cricut offers are exceedingly sharp, with very fine points on each blade, any pair that is suited for your craft will serve you well here.

Scoring Stylus

The scoring stylus is meant to fit perfectly into accessory clamp A of your machine to score your projects to create and embossed effect, fold lines, and so much more. The tool can also be used freehand to create the effects you’d like to create in your art.

Scraper/Burnishing Tool

This simple tool will be your most-used Cricut tool, with the possible exception of the weeding tool. You will find that once you lift your cut designs from the backing sheet, transferring them to your project surface will require even, steady pressure for burnishing your projects beautifully. This tool, in a pinch, can be replaced with other items, but this tool really does do the best work.


Sometimes you feel like you need an extra set of hands when you’re peeling or laying down a project. This tool gives you that extra support and maneuverability where you need it.

TrueControl™ Knife

This is a precision blade that is comparable to XACTO in quality and in type. For more precise freehand cuts, this knife is very helpful at any crafting station.

Weeding Tool

This is a hook with a very fine point that allows you to peel blanks from your cut vinyl. This tool will come in handy for most, if not all the projects you do with your Cricut. It helps you to remove your design from the excess material without having to bend, fold, or fight with your material. This helps to keep the edges of your design crisp, clean and sharp every time.

XL Scraper/Burnishing Tool

This provides a level of control that cannot be beat. It exerts pressure evenly and helps to eliminate uneven layering and air bubbles. This tool comes very highly recommended by the community of users.

Paper Crafting Set – If you’re particularly into papercraft, you will find the edge distresser, quilling tool, piercing tool, and craft mat in this set to be quite to your liking. Quilling or paper filigree art is gaining popularity these days and these are some of the best tools available for that craft.