cricut cake machine

Cricut Cake

Cricut Cake Personal Electronic Cutter

  • Can use cartridges directly into the machine
  • Holds 12” x 12” mat
  • Uses a cable to connect to Cricut Design Space

Cricut Cake Mini

  • Can use cartridges directly into the machine
  • Holds 6” x 12” mat
  • Uses a cable to connect to Cricut Design Space


Both of these machines are used for edible materials like fondant. Basically, the most distinctive points between the two would be the price and the size. The Cricut Cake Blade is FDA-approved and is in fact certified safe for cutting fondant, which it has been specially made for, and any other form of food. It is possible to use the Cricut Cake on other materials, although you should keep in mind that the machine was not designed for them. The desired result might not be attained at all if you use the Cricut Cake on anything other than fondant or gum paste. It took me a very long time to figure out how to cut other materials with my Cricut Cake, and I went through a lot of trials and errors. Still, after years of working with it, the machine can’t still cut the materials that I have chosen as nicely as I would want it to.


The Cricut Cake comes with the Cake Blade, which has FDA’s seal of approval and can safely be used on edible materials. Any other blades are deemed unsafe and should not be used on consumables.

It’s beautiful. Come on, people, have you seen this machine? The red is stunning; it can truly be a focal point in any room it is displayed in.

If you purchase the deep-cut blade, the blade housing, as well as the new mat that’s sticky enough to hold the paper in place, it is indeed capable of cutting paper and fondant. If you are using the same cake blade that you utilize for slicing fondant, there is a high chance that the paper will dull the cutter. Never mind the health safety issues that go with using the same blade on both materials. If you are going to cut paper with your Cricut Cake, be sure to utilize two separate blades and mark them with nail-polish or labeling tape. The less confusion there is, the better.

The Cricut is simple to use and cuts intricate designs and lettering in a matter of seconds. You won’t have the hassle of free-handing it anymore. We all know the struggle of working with fondant, especially in hot, humid areas. I, for one, can’t stand sticky hands; that’s why this is a big plus for me.

Fondant doesn’t go into crevices too, and so the Cricut Cake and Cake Mini were created with this problem in mind. Unlike cutting fondant or gum paste with the other machines, you won’t have to deal with getting the excess materials out of the gaps. Whatever material becomes stuck can easily be removed with a toothpick or a clean paintbrush. Fondant gets gross when it gets hot or wet so it has to be cleaned as soon as possible. The Cricut Cake particularly makes that process a lot easier than the other machines.


They are hard to find. Yes, I mean that they are legitimately difficult to acquire anywhere. The Cricut store itself does not sell the Cake or the Cake Mini, which entails that you will have to resort to other methods to get either. I have tried Amazon, but it ended in a catastrophe before I finally tracked down some out-of-stock machines. This did, however, give me a price for the two so you might want to go pre-loved. Second-hand doesn’t always mean bad – you can think of it as giving an old Cricut a new life.

It can’t cut an assortment of items that the other Cricut machines can. It is specifically designed for edible materials; that’s why expecting the unit to do what the others are capable of may be unfair. Still, it would have been nice to have a machine that does everything.

I personally found it challenging to use the Design Space software. It might be because it is an older machine, but connecting the machine to a computer to use the software was a pain, I kid you not. It’s just easier to buy the cartridges than do the latter. The newer machines are more user-friendly.

Materials It Will Be Able to Cut

  • Fondant
  • Gum Paste
  • Sugar sheets
  • Printer paper
  • Card stock
  • Vinyl
  • Scrapcha paper

Final Thought

All in all, I think that if you can get your hands on the Cricut Cake, that will be incredible. It’s not without its faults, but for a cake decorator and simple crafter, the Cricut Cake is perfect. The materials above can be cut just as good as with any other machine if you switch out the blade and use the right pressure, speed, and mat. You might struggle with slicing items that the machine was not designed to cut, though, so keep that in mind. There will be a limit when it comes to the variety of materials that you will be able to craft with, but it does work just fine with the things listed above.

The Cricut Cake is perfect for cutting unique details for any cake that you are decorating, especially for lettering and making silhouettes that are difficult to free-hand. The fondant cutouts can also be used to dress up cupcakes. Whatever the occasion may be, the Cricut Cake machine can cut your decorative fondant or gum paste perfectly.