Common Questions About the Cricut Maker

How easy is it to learn to use the Cricut Design Space?

If you use a smartphone, browse the internet, heck even downloaded this eBook- YOU ARE MORE THAN PREPARED to use the Cricut Design Space. It is an intuitive and beautifully organized space that can be learned by anyone easily, even if you are not tech-savvy. What’s more, Cricut has even prepared a little walkthrough tutorial for newbies to Cricut so you can get your machine set up and getting to know the basics of the Design Space. So, don’t worry. Plus, once you get the basics covered, you’d be working on creating your own projects in no time! There are also plenty of YouTube videos and blogs from crafters showing you the many tips and tricks to get you started.

Another thing about Cricut is its amazing community! From bloggers to Youtubers, Cricut forums, Facebook groups, and also a dedicated Reddit section- you will have plenty of resources to help you along the way.

What kinds of crafts and DIY projects can I make?

Anything and everything your heart desires. The only limit is your imagination, but if you are ever stuck for ideas, read our chapter of project ideas. You can also go on Pinterest to get some amazing ideas on what you can do with your machine if you ever need inspiration. Even a quick search on the internet will give you loads of inspiration. One of the best ways to continue being inspired and motivated is to join a Facebook Cricut group in your area as there will be plenty of opportunities to meet fellow crafters, exchange ideas, share tips, and hacks and network!

Can I use my old cartridges?

When Cricut first came out with their machines, crafters needed to use physical plastic cartridges that could be inserted into the machine so you can access their digital content. These physical cartridges have been retired because now you can access these images via their digital cartridges. If you are one of those people who have older machines and cartridges, don’t worry! You can still use the images in them. All you need to do is link your physical cartridge to the digital version in Cricut Design Space. You can now use the digital version of all your images anytime you want. Thanks, technology!

How does the Cricut compare to other competitor models?

If you are shopping around for a cutting machine for your crafting needs, then you are bound to come across Cricut’s competitor models like the Silhouette, GCC Professional Expert, the Graphtec, and the Roland machines. Each of these machines has its pros and cons, but you cannot deny that the market leader in home cutting machines is definitely the Cricut. If you are still undecided, hopefully, these five reasons will help steer you into making your decision:

  • The smart dial- The dial available on the machine has presets that make crafting quick and easy because all you need to do is to select the type of material you want to cut. You don’t need any guesswork in choosing how deep to cut. The machine does this for you, and not only that, but you can also go into the custom materials setting and choose from the drop-down menu that contains loads of different options besides the ones listed on the dial. But seriously so easy: cutting iron-on just turn it to that setting. Vinyl? Turn it a few notches. Easy-peasy.
  • Cricut Design Space- The Design Space has been designed to be intuitively easy and convenient for you to make your designs easy and fast. You do not need to go for a course in order to learn to use the designing tool. What’s even better is the community of Cricut crafters with loads of tutorials and step-by-step and not to mention this book that can help you in maneuvering the Design Space.
  • Range of materials it cuts- With any version of the Cricut, you can be guaranteed that you will never be exhausted from the range of materials it can cut. From Chipboard to vinyl to foam, glitter, and even balsa wood, the Cricut is your best friend.
  • Ability to upload your own images- Check out chapters 6 and 7 of this book to find out how you can upload your own images and also use existing Cricut images. The machine makes it possible for you to use your own images, which takes personalization to a whole new level! This is one of the main reasons why crafters love Cricut. Also, any image you’ve uploaded is available on your own Image library, and it is nice that everything is available online under your account for easy access anytime.
  • Saving projects and sharing them-You can save your projects and log into the Design Space on any device, and it is all available for you to use anytime. Another reason to love the Cricut is that it has the ability to share links to a project where someone else can open it and use it for their own project.

Can I make some side income with a Cricut?

If you are a craft blogger, then this machine was built for people like you in mind. Purchasing the Cricut depends entirely on your needs and how often you make crafts. If you love to craft, do personalized projects, you do plenty of scrapbooking- then this machine will definitely save time and money for you in the long run.

How often you use the Cricut will also determine whether this machine is worth the price. Would you use it three months once? Would you only use it when Christmas is around the corner, and you want to make personalized gifts? Do you use is every week? Do you want to make labels and stickers for your business? Do you want to have a machine that helps you create signage for your events or catering business?

All of the answers to these questions will determine if the Cricut is indeed worth its money. One of those ways to use the machine as many times as possible is to consider turning your crafting hobby into a side income.

If you have been using your machine for a considerable amount of time, you’ve done plenty of projects, make beautiful things with it, and have received compliments and even orders- then why not look into turning your passion for crafting into a money-making endeavor?

You can sell your items to friends, family, on Facebook, Instagram, Etsy, craft and art bazaars, and weekend markets. It is a good opportunity for you to make extra income while indulging in the things you like. What can you create to make money?

  1. Stickers – People are always looking for unique stickers. If you have a knack for design, then making unique stickers could be your way to start a side hustle with your Cricut. Stickers are easy to make, and there are plenty of ideas and themes that you can think of to create unique designs.
  2. Cell Phone cases- What’s not to love with monogrammed cell-phone cases or cases with your name on it? From quotes to superheroes, colors to motifs- the sky is your limit in designing unique, one-of-a-kind cellphone cases. You can even start with personalized cases for friends and family.
  3. Nail decals – Do a quick Instagram search on nail designs, and you’d find plenty of nail artists using nail decals in their designs. Why not start your very own unique decals? If you love doing your nails, then you know there’s a market for cute and unique decals for fingernails. This is an option not many have considered so you could be one of the firsts.
  4. Cricut Earrings – If you are okay with spending some time weeding out small cuts from intricate designs, then you might want to consider creating your own Cricut earrings.