Common cricut questions

This section will address the most commonly asked questions about the Cricut experience, as well as some of the most common issue that come up throughout the process. If there is an answer that you need, which you cannot find here, you will find the internet to be an exceptionally useful tool in answering nearly any questions, troubleshooting mostly any issue, and just getting a better understanding of your Cricut system.

Is there any software I can use that will allow me to use my own designs? Currently no 3rd party software is compatible with Cricut. This wasn’t always the case in the past and has made some unhappy Cricut users.

You can still manipulate designs by welding, kerning, flipping, rotating, grouping and shadowing your images. Visit YouTube and watch the helpful tutorials other crafters have posted to learn even more.

What types of material will a Cricut cut? Your Cricut will cut paper of various thicknesses. It will also cut card stock, vinyl, cardboard and cloth. But for each material you will need to adjust your settings. You may need to use the multi cut function for thicker material. Also, it’s a good idea to switch to your deep cut blade for thicker material.

What is a Crop? This is just a get together for Cricut users and scrapbookers to share ideas and have fun.

Does is cost to join the Craft Room? No, this is provided by the Provo Craft company and there is no cost to join.

How can I learn how to use the Craft Room? The CCR has provided many video tutorials to help get you started. You can find them here:

What is a Gypsy? The Gypsy is a portable handheld design studio that works with your Cricut. It would be out of the scope of this guide to explain the benefits of working with the Gypsy.

I’m having trouble using the Craft Room with my Mac? Sadly, you’re not alone. Provo Craft has supposedly worked out the issue regarding the security settings. It seems to happen most if Mac users have updated to Maverick on their Mac.

Can I have more than one computer authorized on my Craft Room account? Many people like to have their desktop and their laptop authorized for use in the Craft Room. This shouldn’t be a problem since the Craft Room claims they allow two computers for each account. However, many users complain that they have to call customer service and unauthorize a computer every time they switch. This should not be the case; but apparently it is, at least for some users.

What types of projects can you create with a Cricut machine? The sky is the limit. Many people, like me, originally bought it for scrapbooking projects. We wanted to be able to cut out a multitude of shapes and designs.

Why can’t I weed my design without it tearing? There are two fairly common causes for this type of issue. Number one is dull blades. We have some tips on how to sharpen your blades later in this section, so just look for that! The second reason is a build up of residues on your blades. Look further into this section for tips on how to clean your blades as well!

Is it necessary to turn all my images into SVGs? No, it is not necessary to convert your images to the SVG format if you have a JPG or PNG. However, if it is your wish to have SVG files in your project, there are several free online resources that can help you with this process. Try to keep in mind that if you convert your file type to an SVG, you may have less freedom to manipulate the components of your image.

Where do I go to buy materials? When it comes to buying materials for your Cricut, there are nearly an unlimited number of places where you can get them. Since the Cricut is such a versatile machine with the ability to cut so many materials, you won’t be able to go into any crafting or fabric stores without tripping over new materials you can use for your latest and greatest crafts.

As you continue to learn more about how Cricut works and what you can do with it, you will find which materials and brands best suit your needs. From there, you will often find what you need by shopping online to get the best prices and quantities of the materials you prefer, which will help you stretch your dollar as best as you can.

Do I need a printer to use my Cricut? In a word, no. Using your Cricut with the materials we’ve laid out in this guide doesn’t require ink from a printer, though there are some materials on the market for Cricut, which are specifically meant to be printed on before using.

If you’re not using these items, then you will find that you can get the most out of your machine without that feature.

If you wish to print things, then cut them, this is known as the Print then Cut method and there is a wealth of knowledge about this on the internet. You can make iron-on decals, tattoos, and so much more!

Where can I get images to use with my Cricut? The beautiful thing about the Cricut Design Space and its ability to host so many different file types, is that you can upload images from any source, so long as you have the legal rights to use that image. Pulling images off of Google Image Search is done amongst crafters, but if you’re selling the design in any way, you will want to make sure that the images you’re using are either open license, or you’ve purchased them for use and distribution.

Do I have to buy all my fonts through Cricut? Cricut Design Space has an option when looking through your fonts to use fonts that are installed on your computer. This is called “System Fonts.” Ant font you can buy, or download can be used through Cricut Design Space with little to no issues. There are many resources for this on the internet as well.

However, if there is a font you’re using, do make sure that you have the license to use the font for the purposes you have in mind for that font! Fonts, just like pictures, do have copyrights and can be limited in what they allow you to do with them.

Why is my blade cutting through my backing sheet? This can be due to improper seating on the blade in the housing, so just pop the housing out, re-seat the blade inside, reload, and try again. This can also be due to an improper setting on the material dial. If you’re cutting something very thin, but have the dial set to cardstock, your needle could be plunging right through the whole piece of material and its backing!

Why aren’t my images showing up right on my mat? It is possible, when you click “Make It,” that the print preview of your project doesn’t look anything like how you have it laid out in Design Space. If this is the case, go back to Design Space, highlight all your images, click “Group,” then click “Attach.” This should keep everything right where it needs to be for all your project cutting needs!

I’m just getting started, do I need to buy all of Cricut’s accessories right away? No, you won’t need all the accessories right at once, and some of them you won’t ever need at all, depending on what crafts you intend to do with your Cricut machine. In fact, you can use crafting items you likely already have on hand to get started, buying tools and accessories here and there as you get more use out of your machine! It is, by no means, necessary to spend a small fortune on accessories and tools just to do your first Cricut crafting project!

Can I Use Design Space on My Chromebook? Unfortunately, Cricut’s Design Space isn’t currently optimized for compatibility with the Chromebook operating system. This is because the need to download the plugin for the application is a current barrier for that operating system, but this isn’t to say there is no possibility for compatibility in the near future.

Can I use the Design Space on more than one of my devices? Yes, thanks to Cricut’s web-based and cloud-based functionality, all of your designs, elements, fonts, purchases, and images are accessible from any device with an internet connection and your account credentials. This way, it’s possible to start a design while you’re out and about for the day, then wrap them up when you’re back in your crafting space.

How many times can I use an image I buy in the Design Space? Any design asset or element you purchase through the design space is yours to use as many times as you’d like while you have an active account with Cricut Design Space! Feel free to cut as many of every image you’d like!

I accidentally welded two images. How do I unweld them? Unfortunately, there is no dedicated unweld option currently available in Design Space. If you weld an image, however, you can still click “Undo” if you have not saved the changes to your project. It is recommended that you save your images locally at each different stage, so you have clean images to work with for every project.

How do I set design space to operate on the metric system? On your computer (whether it’s Windows or Mac), click the three stacked lines in the upper left-hand corner. From there, click “Settings.” In those settings, you’ll see the option to set inches or centimeters as the default measurement.

If you’re using Design Space on your mobile device, you will access your settings from the bottom of your screen. You may need to scroll or swipe to the left to view all your options, but this setting is available on mobile as well!

What types of images can I upload through Cricut’s design space iOS or Android apps? Any images that are saved in the Photos or Gallery app on your Apple or Android device can be uploaded! If you have SVG files saved, you can upload those as well.

If you are trying to upload a .PDF or a .TIFF file, it should be noted that Cricut Design Space does not support these.

Can I upload images through the Android app? Yes! Cricut understands how crucial mobile accessibility is to its users, so this feature has been made available on all platforms where you can access Cricut Design Space, including Android!

How do I delete images I uploaded through the mobile app? This is another great feature that can be accessed through any available version of this platform, whether you have a Mac, PC, iOS, or Android device! In order to complete this task on your mobile device, open the design space app.

Select Upload in the bottom list of options, you may need to swipe to find it. Once you’ve tapped on that, select Open Uploaded Images. Once you’re in your uploaded images, find the one you wish to delete. Tap the Info button, which is indicated with a green circle and a lowercase I. From here, you will be able to delete your image with ease!

Are the “despeckle” and “smooth” tools available in Design Space for Windows, Mac and Android? At the time of writing, these features are exclusive to the iOS platform. This means that only Apple devices have this feature, and there is currently no indication as to whether or not this is intended to change in the future.

What is SnapMat? SnapMat is an iOS-exclusive feature that allows you to give yourself a virtual mat preview. This gives you the ability to line up your designs in Design Space, so they’ll fit perfectly onto what you have laid on your mat. This feature allows you to place images and text over the snapshot of your mat so you can see exactly how your layout should be in the Design Space.

What Are the Advantages to Using SnapMat? SnapMat gives you certainty in where your images will be placed when you send your design to cut through your Cricut. It will show you where your images will be drawn, cuts will be made, and how text lines up. With SnapMat, you can tell your Cricut to cut out a specific piece of a pattern you have stuck on your mat, write in specific areas of stationery, gift tags, envelopes, or cards, and you can get the absolute most out of your scraps and spare materials that are left from past projects!

Can I include multiple mats at one time with SnapMat? SnapMat can only snap one mat at a time. If you’d like to snap multiple mats, you can do so individually, and work through your designs that way. This ensures that each mat is shot properly and that each one is done with precision.

Can I save the snaps of my mat from the SnapMat feature? SnapMat doesn’t currently have a “Save” feature for the images captured in it, so if you would like to retain a photo of your mat, simply take a screenshot in the middle of that process. This will save an image of your mat directly to your photo gallery.

If you find yourself referring to the image for where you have items on your may, it may be advisable to wait until you’re ready to cut in order to take your snapshot.

How exact is SnapMat when it comes to where my cut lines will be? The SnapMat technology is quite precise and the lines should be accurate to within a tiny fraction of an inch. If possible, it’s best to give yourself as much room as you can to allow for small deviations, but you can trust that the lines are overall very close to where they ought to be.

How can I be sure that SnapMat will work with the Cricut mat I have? SnapMat is compatible with all versions of the Cricut mats that are currently for sale. However, if you have a mat that is a bit older, or which has black gridlines, the app may have a little bit of a harder time differentiating between the grid and your design. It’s best to do a couple of test runs with the mat you have, if it’s not a Cricut brand mat, to ensure that everything will run smoothly.

What does it mean if SnapMat can’t capture my mat? The capture feature of the SnapMat application will automatically capture the picture of your mat, once it’s within view and it can detect it. If your app isn’t detecting the mat, there could be a few things you need to check. The positioning of the mat is key, so make sure that’s done properly, your hand is completely steady, and make sure that there is nothing else in the shot. If you’re still having trouble, try these tips:

Add Contrast to Your Mat

If SnapMat can’t easily see the difference between the edges of your mat and the surface behind it, you might have difficulty getting the picture to snap. Try laying a darker piece of fabric or material behind the mat so it has a lot of contrast to work with and see if that solves it!

Let There be Light!

If the lighting in your space is too soft or if there isn’t enough of it, your camera could be having trouble picking up on the mat that’s in front of it. Try adding more light to your crafting space, ideally the light should be placed behind the camera, aimed at the mat. When you’re working with intricate projects such as these, having good lighting is best for your eyes, anyway!

Flatten the Mat

If your mat has any curling, or if your mat is unable to lie flat for any reason, the curvature or different in depth could alter the camera’s perception of where items are on your mat. If you need to flatten your mat, consider placing it between to very heavy objects to flatten it.

Mind the Edges of Your Grid

The edges of your grid are part of what tell the SnapMat application where the materials are on your mat. So if you have materials that are hanging over the sides of your grid, you might find that your app is having trouble picking up where items are on your mat, or how large your mat actually is.

Look for the Green Square

Once SnapMat detects the edges around your mat, you’ll see the green square or rectangle that indicates it’s snapping the picture. If you’re not seeing that rectangle, the picture has not been captured and further troubleshooting may be needed.

Keep it Level

The blue circles in the SnapMat application are a level. If you use those, ensure that the circles are even and this will tell you if your phone is level and thus, picking up a completely level and true photo of the mat in front of it. This will help you to be sure all the materials on your mat are captured in the right proportions.

My hands shake; how can I use SnapMat?

Don’t worry, keeping the camera steady can be a real pain for a lot of users, so we’ve figured out a way around that. Many crafters have solved this by placing their mat on the floor, just under the edge of their table, while resting the phone or device on the tabletop, with the camera hanging over the edge. In most cases, this keeps your phone so steady that the snap is completed in mere seconds.

What is offline mode for Cricut Design Space? This is a feature that is exclusively available through the iOS platform. With this feature, you can download your items for use in an offline environment later. This is ideal if you’re planning on working on your designs in a space that does not have an active internet connection for an extended period of time. In that time, you can still work on your designs without worrying about losing those creative thoughts!

What is available to download for offline use? Every element or asset that you personally own, or for which you’ve purchased rights through Cricut Design Space is available to download for offline use. This includes images that you’ve uploaded from other devices, images or assets that you’ve obtained through an active Cricut Access membership. It is up to you to hand pick what assets you would like to make available for offline use.

How do I save projects so I can use them offline? This step can only be done with an active internet connection, so make sure you download before you go offline. Open a project you wish to save for offline use and select the “Save As” option. Select the “Save to this iPad/iPhone” option and this will allow you to use that project at a later time with no connection.

How do I save changes to my projects while offline? When you’re working on a project in offline mode, simply tap “Save,” and the file you have saved to your device will automatically be updated, without having to reselect the “Save to this iPad/iPhone” option if there is no internet connection.

Can I download images for later, offline use? While you have an active internet connection, you can download images to your device for later, offline use. To do this, open the “Images” screen, select an image, and tap “Download.” The image label will indicate when this is done and the image will immediately be available, regardless of an internet connection.

Where can I look at my downloads? To view your downloaded images, go to the “Images” screen. Once you’re there, tap the “Filter” icon, select the “On this iPad/iPhone” option and all the images displayed will be all the images that are stored locally. If you’re currently in offline mode, then this will be your default view of the “Images” screen.

How do I look at all the projects I’ve saved to my device? To see this, tap the “Menu” button, which looks like three stacked bars. This will be at the top of the “Projects” screen. Once there, tap the option that says, “My Projects on this iPad/iPhone.” If you’re already offline, this will be your default view of the “Projects” screen.

Can I save Ready-to-Make projects to my device? If you’d like to save a Ready-to-Make project to your device so you can use it offline, you can save it to your device. This is done by picking “Customize,” tapping “Save As,” then selecting “Save to this iPad/iPhone.”

It is important to note that project photos and instructions will not be saved offline. If you need these, it could be beneficial to take screenshots of those aspects or print them off so you can refer to them while you’re working in offline mode.

Is there a limit to how long my offline images are available to me? Free images gotten through the Cricut Design Space (including basic shapes) can be used for seven consecutive days without refreshing the internet connection. Permissions will expire after that time, but can easily be renewed by connecting to the internet and relaunching the Cricut Design Space application.

I bought images with Cricut Access; are they available offline? Yes, the images that you bought with your Cricut Access membership can be downloaded while your membership is active. This means that images in that category can be used without an internet connection for up to 30 days, or until the subscription needs to be renewed, whichever comes first. At that time, you’ll be prompted to reconnect your device to the internet so you can renew your subscription and your license to keep using those images offline.

Can I delete items I’ve downloaded? Absolutely, simply go to “Images,” and, if you’re online, select the “Images saved to this iPad/iPhone,” and delete with the “Remove” button that populates. It should be noted that if an image that was not downloaded is selected by mistake, the “Remove” button will simply be a “Download” button.

Do my projects automatically sync with the cloud when I sign back online?

No, you will need to manually save each of your projects to your “Projects” page, taking care to overwrite older versions of your work, if that is what you wish to do with them.

Can I update my projects in the cloud with offline changes? Yes, simply save your projects to the “Projects” screen with the same exact name as the previous version of your project. This will completely overwrite the project you currently have saved to the cloud with the changes you made while you were offline.

What sort of things can’t I do in Offline Mode? Features that are only available online are Print then Cut calibration, custom materials, setup for a new machine, cartridge and category views, and image upload services. If you wish to do any of these things, simply connect your device to the internet and you may do so without issue.

Is offline mode available on desktop? No, at this time the offline mode function is exclusively available for iOS devices. There are no indications at this time, as to whether or not Cricut intends to add other platforms to this functionality.

Can I download an entire cartridge to use in offline mode? It’s not possible to download an entire cartridge of content in one move, but you are able to download as much of the individual assets as you like from any cartridge or category.

What happens if I sign out of my app? Every asset you manipulate in any way is associated with your Cricut ID, which is attached to the cloud. What this means is that, when you sign out of the app after you’ve downloaded something, you will need to log into the app again with an internet connection to access those assets, projects, images, etc., once again.

It is important to note that signing out of the app can only be done when you have an active internet connection, even while in offline mode, any assets that were downloaded from the app will be removed from your device, and the only way to get them back is to sign back into the app with a live internet connection, and download them all over again.

With the Move and Hide feature in the print layout, if I move an image to a different color mat, does it affect my layout on the canvas?

Nope! Any changes made on the mat do not affect the canvas in any way.

Using Move and Hide, can I move printable images to another mat?

At this time, printable images cannot be moved to another mat.

In Move and Hide, it is possible to move multiple images to a new mat all at once?

Currently this feature is only available on mobile iOS devices. Selecting an image, tapping and holding on other images to select them as well, multiple images can be moved at once. There is no indication as to whether this feature will be made available on other devices and platforms in the near future.

How many images can I move to one mat? There is not currently a limit to the number of images you can put onto a mat. If they fit, you’re all clear!

Can I save money by hiding images from the mat? The price of a project does not update to reflect whether or not images have been hidden. If the image has been included in the design in any capacity, you will incur the charge for that element.