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What Types of Cricut Machines are Being Sold?

The name Cricut is the brand-name for the product range of cutting plotters or die-cutting machines that are commonly used for craft projects, specifically scrapbooking. It is created by Provo Craft & Novelty in Utah, America. These machines’ basic function is for cutting a variety of materials based on the designs created, and the materials range from finally to paper, felt the fabric, and even fondant. The first-ever Cricut was the Cricut Expression. Let’s explore the various Cricut Machines that are available in the market today and which would be useful for your crafting needs:

  • The Cricut Maker (best vinyl cutter for t shirts)

This Cricut Maker is the latest in Cricut’s offering of cutting machines. Visually, it looks the same as the Explore line of machines but has a different design from the bottom up. The Cricut Maker does everything the Explore does but with some new and enhanced features. The Cricut Maker cuts unbonded fabric which means crafters do not need stabilizer as you would for the Explore line. The Cricut Maker uses the new Rotary Blade which allows it to cut thicker material. The Knife Blade that is built into the Cricut Maker can also cut thick leather and balsa wood. With the Cricut Maker, crafters can also look forward to scoring a variety of materials using the Scoring Wheel which is an upgrade from the Scoring Stylus. This machine also has several other tools that can be used, so this Cricut Maker can help you do the basics and so much more.

Who is it a machine for? This machine is perfect for serious crafters who like using many different tools available on this machine. Avid crafters will also find this a useful machine, especially if you do plenty of paper crafts, woodwork, or sewing projects.

The Cricut Explore One

Considered as the most economical and basic machine in the Cricut line-up. It has all the necessary cutting, scoring, and writing abilities of the Explore Air machines and you can also use it to cut all the same kinds of materials from leather, acetate, soda cans, vellum and vinyl, freezer paper, aluminum, bonded fabric, corkboard and yes, felt. While this machine does not need cartridges, it does have two distinctive differences. First of all, it is not Bluetooth enables, which means you need to connect it to your device, most likely a laptop or a desktop to transfer your images and design. This is not a big deal because let’s face it- we still have wires running around in our house in 2019. That said, it would be less of a hassle to have no wires at all. The second difference would be that it is not a double tool cartridge which means you cannot cut and write or even score and cut in the same pass. You have to do this separately, just not at the same time. Again, this is not a big deal unless you are cutting and writing plenty.

Who is this machine for? This machine is ideal for beginners who are newly exploring this machine and understanding its capabilities. It is great for those who want to learn and only do craftwork on a minimal level for home use and not for extensive purposes such as for business. If you are just cutting and scoring to label your pantry items or organizing your closet or garage space- this machine is for you. It is handy to keep and use whenever you want to do some craft.

The Cricut Explore Air

This machine is one step up from the Cricut Explore One. In this machine, you will find that it is Bluetooth enabled which means there is no need plugging in your device. It also has a secondary tool holder so that you can cut, score, and write simultaneously. This machine is slightly pricey, but it is worth the money thanks to these two upgrades.

Who is this machine for? For those who want an upgrade from the Explore One. If you have used the Explore One and love it without these added features, then so be it, but if you want an upgrade and find that it is a waste of time not to cut and score simultaneously, then Explore Air solves this problem for you.

The Cricut Explore Air 2

This version of the Cricut may be out of the price range for some people, but the price difference is justified with two major differences that the Explore Air 2 and Explore Air do not have. Firstly, The Air 2 cuts and writes up two times faster than the Air. This is a game-changer if you use your Cricut a lot, and effective time management means money. Everyone who has used a Cricut machine knows what it is like to wait for a long time to write or cut your product.

Another difference here is that the Air 2 comes in a beautiful mint color. To some, this is not a big deal- it’s just prettier than the other machines, so to spend a few more bucks on this machine is not justified. However, if you love something different, you can try the Explore Air 2.

Who is this machine for? This machine is made for those who do plenty of crafting work and for those who prefer faster production. If you do plenty of cutting and scoring and writing, this machine is your best friend.

So, which one do you go for? If you are new to the Cricut and you want to explore using it, then the Cricut Explore 1 is your best choice as it is ideal for those learning to use a Cricut and exploring the many different things you can do with a Cricut. For more advanced and avid crafters, the Cricut Maker is your best choice since it comes with all the latest and advanced features that you would need to expand and enhance your creativity. At the end of the day, the choice of the machine entirely depends on your unique needs and how often you would be using it to make crafts.