best inkjet printer for cricut

Regardless of how much you may seem to know about a cricut machine and how to use it, there will always be a trick to doing something differently you would kill to know about. People always want to know something new about what they think they already know about, people also like cheats. Cheats make things easier, and sometimes more efficient.

The inkjet printer trick

Some people use a laser printer when their cricut machine fails to print a project for them. Remember the example I gave earlier about the cricut machine not being able to print a thick paper sticker? When you go to a copy shop, request that they use an inkjet printer other than a laser printer. When you use the laser printer to print out your project, what will happen is that during calibration, the light that captures the registration marks on your project can heat up the toner.

Heating up the toner is not exactly something you want. It has the ability to make the project not to be read by your cricut machine, thereby causing your machine to cut through your work improperly. In essence, an inkjet printer works best for a print and cut project, so consider that when next you want to do a print and cut project.

Maybe a print and cut project can work on a white paper, but if you will do a project on a different color, then maybe consider the fact that your cricut machine may not be able to read it, properly. You can print your registration mark on white paper and cut it off of the white paper, and then find a way to mask it on your colored project. Afterwards, you can now load the paper into your cricut machine.

Another thing is, in order to maintain a huge size for your cricut images through printing and cutting, then consider using Internet explorer, Safari, or Chrome browser. These browsers have permission of images that are at least 6.75’’ in width and 9.256’’ in height.