best cricut to buy

The Best Cricut Machine To Buy

Purchasing a Cricut Machine may not be very cheap, but choosing your model should mostly depend on your needs, and what you wish to do with these machines. If you have never used a Cricut machine before, then you will need to start with the easiest machine to operate. As a manufacturer of tools and accessories for DIY crafts, Cricut has several models that can serve all kinds of users. From all the Cricut Models, there are four which are most interesting: the ones from the Explore family (Cricut Explore One, Cricut Explore Air, and Cricut Explore Air 2), and of course, the Cricut Maker, which is the best Cricut Machine you can hope for.

Before you even start to think about the price of these models, it would be nice to understand what they can do.

Cricut Explore One

This machine is the most basic one you can get from the Explore family. Derived from its predecessor (Cricut Explore), this tool can be the perfect starter machine for you if you are not familiar with any of the Cricut products. Like most of the Cricut products, it’s compatible with Design Space software (and allows you to upload your own images free of charge), can work with Cricut Cartridges, or can cut a pretty wide variety of materials. Plus, it comes with Smart Set Dial, a function you can use to easily configure the settings for each material.

If you just want to start your own small business, and have something pretty interesting in mind but you don’t want to invest too much, for now, the Cricut Explore One can be the perfect choice for you. It can be bought for less than $200 on the Cricut website, Amazon, or other retailers. When you have great project ideas, then the sky is the limit when it comes to how much money you can make from your Cricut projects, so spending this amount can be considered a minor and very profitable investment on your part.

Cricut Explore Air

If you are looking for an amazing DIY value, look no further, as the Cricut Explore Air can be the perfect choice for you. In terms of features, this version is a bit more advanced than the original Cricut Explore. It includes the Smart Set Dial, a double tool holder for writing and one-click cutting, and it works with Design Space software (for Mac/iOS/Windows/Android). Obviously, you will be able to upload your own images free of charge, but the machine can also work with Cricut Cartridges and cut plenty of materials. When it comes to connectivity, Cricut Explore Air comes with a Bluetooth option for wireless cutting. This type of connectivity can be very handy in plenty of cases but bear in mind that it might fail if the projects you are trying to create are quite big.

The manufacturer, Amazon, or other retailers can offer great deals on this machine, so don’t be shocked if you can find this product at a heavily discounted price. When you think of what it can do, it’s definitely worth it to pay a discounted price for Cricut Explore Air.

Cricut Explore Air 2

If you are looking for the best product from the Explore Family, then you will need to try Cricut Explore Air 2. This machine is like an upgraded version of Explore Air, and it’s known for its time-saving performance. It has more features than the prior versions, and so far, it’s been a very appreciated product by plenty of users. The biggest advantage of this version is that it comes with both Smart Set dial and Fast Mode. So you can easily go through material settings, plus you write and cut 2 times faster, hence its time-saving performance and increased productivity.

Plus, you will get all the existing features of the Explore Family products like:

  • Bluetooth connectivity for wireless cutting
  • Double tool holding for both writing and one-click cutting
  • It allows you to upload your own images using the Design Space software
  • It can cut plenty of materials
  • It can work with Cricut Cartridges

Therefore, if you are looking for a powerful Cricut Machine that has plenty of features and can be a time-saver, then the Cricut Explore Air 2 is the perfect choice for you. When it comes to the price, this version is a bit more expensive compared to the prior versions, but it totally worth the investment, especially when you buy this product at a discounted price, or with a bundle (this option may include different accessories).

Cricut Maker

Without any doubt, the premium or the flagship machine of Cricut is the Maker. If you are looking to expand your craft business, then this is the right tool for you. The Cricut Maker has plenty of features, as you can see below:

  • it has Bluetooth connectivity included, for wireless cutting
  • it comes with a double tool holder for writing and one-click cutting
  • it allows you to upload your images for free using the Design Space software
  • you can cut even more materials compared to the prior versions
  • it comes with Fast Mode included, so you can write or cut two times faster
  • it has a special Rotary Blade for fabrics
  • it includes a Knife Blade for thicker materials
  • Simple and Double Scoring Wheel
  • Adaptive Tool System, which is a feature for cutting hundreds of other materials

Just FYI, you can use the Fast Mode option from the Cricut Explore Air 2 and Maker to work with cardstock, iron-on, and vinyl.

One of the best things with the Cricut machines is that you can select the color that you like the most, so it’s not like you are limited to one color (white or black). Therefore, for the Explore version, you can select between Green and Wild Orchid. The Explore One comes with more color options: Blue, Pink Poppy, Navy Bloom, Coral, or Grey. You will get different color options with Explore Air: Gold, Teal, Wild Orchid, Poppy, and Blue. By far, the Explore Air 2 has the most options you can select from including White Pearl (Martha Stewart), Wisteria, Sunflower, Sky, Rose, Raspberry, Persimmon, Periwinkle, Peacock, Mint, Merlot, Lilac, Gold, Ivory (Anna Griffin), Fuschi, Denim, Coral, Cobalt, Cherry Blossom, Boysenberry, Blue, and Black.

The Cricut Maker only comes with three color options: Rose, Blue, and Champagne. Some colors may be exclusive to specific retailers, so these colors may not be found in the manufacturer’s online store.

Choosing the Right Cricut for You

There are several aspects you will need to consider when selecting the right Cricut Machine for you, like:

  • your experience with these kinds of machines
  • your budget
  • what projects you want to create
  • what materials you want to cut

When you don’t have too much experience with such machines, and you are definitely not familiar with any of the Cricut Machines, then it’s wise to choose an entry-level machine from the Explore family. Perhaps this is why they included these machines in the Explore family, as it lets you explore the functions and features of a Cricut Machine. Any of these machines can be considered teasers of the Cricut Maker, which can be easily considered the ultimate cutting machine. If you are a beginner but want to quickly learn and implement some of your great ideas into projects, then the Cricut Explore Air 2 can be considered the perfect option for you. You can easily find a color you prefer, plus you will find all kinds of deals from the Cricut Shop or online retailers, offering you the product at a good price.

However, if you are very familiar with these machines, and you want to cut even thicker materials, then you really need to get the Cricut Maker, especially if you have some projects in mind that can help you make plenty of money. Regardless of the version you select, in most cases the prices are reasonable and you can easily recover your initial investment in such a machine.