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Different Types of Cricut Machines: Which Model is Suitable for You?

Based on the preferences, the type of materials you are using, the crafting techniques you prefer and the level of your expertise in Cricut crafting and DIY crafting in general, you can choose the most suitable models for your needs and requirements. Make sure to check out all specifications and features included with each model so you could choose the perfect Cricut machine for your projects.

Cricut Explore One

Out of three models from the Cricut Explore machines line, Explore One is the most basic model, getting the job done but also lacking a feature or two here and there when compared to two other Cricut machine models. For starters, Explore One doesn’t have Bluetooth function, so the machine needs to be connected to your device by a chord. Although there is no Bluetooth connection enabled, Explore One comes with a powerful blade that can cut through 100 different materials varying in thickness and structure. Cricut Explore One can be used for cutting and writing with utmost precision while it doesn’t require cartridges. Cricut Explore One might not be as compatible as some crafters would like.


What can I make with Cricut Explore One?

Cricut Explore one is probably the most “basic” model of Cricut machines, which means that it is probably the best choice for crafters who are not cutting often and whose working area is not far from where the machine is placed as there is no Bluetooth support. In addition, crafters can’t use the machine for cutting and drawing at the same time, which is how Cricut Explore One model should suffice for various types of cutting.

Cricut Explore Air

Cricut Explore Air, as you can probably suggest, is in many ways an upgrade when compared to the previous model, Cricut Explore One. There are several key differences between the two models, one of these differences being an extra feature – a double slot for pencils and cutters. That means that crafters can without any inconveniences cut and draw at the same time without the need to remove either of the tools from the slot. Moreover, this Cricut machine model comes with Bluetooth enabled functions. That is how crafters can set up their machines far from the working station and work in increased comfort. Cricut Explore Air is an improved version of the previous model due to having these two features added, however, some crafters may satisfy with Cricut Explore One in case they don’t have intentions to use the machine that often.

What can I make with Cricut Explore Air?

Basically, there is no task in the world of crafting that wouldn’t be easily conducted with Cricut Explore Air, which means you can cut, score and draw everything that comes to your mind. As they say “The sky’s the limit”.

 Cricut Explore Air 2

Cricut Explore Air 2 is an improved version of Cricut Explore Air, while the two Cricut machines are different in two important ways. One of the improvements might make a huge difference between the two models for some crafters as Cricut Explore Air is designed to be two times faster than the previous model. That means that crafters can get their work done more quickly, which is perfect for crafting shops with moderate to the high demand for products. The second difference is more a matter of taste than an improvement as Cricut Explore Air 2 is available in numerous fashionable colors. Crafters who enjoy matching their tools and crafting rooms would probably love the fact that they can choose in which color they want to have their Cricut machine. Depending on what materials you usually use for your projects, Cricut Explore Air 2 might not be your choice in case you often work with thicker, rough materials. However, the machine can cut almost any other material used for crafting.

What can I make with Cricut Explore Air 2?

Cricut Explore Air 2 can respond to the requirements of almost any crafting projects you could possibly come up with. The only downfall is the lack of capacity to cut thick materials. The perfect targeted crafters for this model would be crafting shop owners who would like to increase the efficiency regarding the time spent on finishing projects as this model cuts 2 times faster than Cricut Explore Air. If the time needed to finish a project really plays a major role in your crafting, and you need the projects done fast and smooth, Cricut Explore Air 2 would probably be your first choice aside from the following Cricut Maker.

Cricut Maker

Cricut Maker model originally had its debut on the scene on crafting in 2017, although new features and functions have been added since the time the model was first presented to the public. In a way, the Cricut Maker model was presented as an improvement of the previous model, Cricut Explore, beginning with improving the cutting pressure by ten times in comparison to the Explore model. The size of the Cricut Maker blade is the same as the blade size seen in the Explore model, 11.5 inches, however, with a cutting pressure of 4 kilograms. Given the fact that the increased cutting pressure exceeds potency of many commercial cutting machines, crafters are able to use the Maker machine for thicker and more demanding materials when it comes to cutting. That way, a range of materials that could be used for various projects is increasing in scope. The improved cutting pressure thus allows crafters to cut through up to 3.3 inches thick wood, leather and other materials with heavy density. The machine model can be likewise used of light materials such as paper, while also effectively cutting through vinyl, mat board, fabric, basswood, chipboard – it is no wonder that Cricut Maker is one of the most commonly used Cricut machines as it responds to various requirements and can be used on a great scope of different crafting projects that include a variety of materials.

When compared to the previous Cricut machine model, Cricut Explore, the Maker model has more advantages in the form of improvements seen in its engineering. The added feature making a great difference in the way the cutting is conducted is Adaptive Tool System, which enables crafters to take advantage of improved cutting precision. The feature is operating based on mathematical algorithms and brass gears, enabling high precision in cutting different types of materials regardless of density levels. Perhaps the best part of Cricut Maker is that the machine is designed to allow new features and functions to be added, so even years after the model has been first presented to the market of cutting machines for crafters, Maker got new tools. In 2019, new tools were added to Maker’s range of functions, introducing engraving tools, wavy rotary tools, a perforation tool, and debossing tool. Besides, the scoring wheel and the knife blade also became a part of Cricut Maker’s functions. Cricut Maker machine is made to respond to the need for expansion, which is how new tools are being added to the scope.


What Can I Make with Cricut Maker?

Cricut Maker might be one of the most “wholesome” Cricut machines out there, representing a great choice for aspired tailors and clothes designers, crafters of all sorts, and beginners as well as advanced crafters and professionals. The machine is also suitable for light woodwork projects, sewing and cutting all types of materials from thick to thin, so you can cut leather and paper without a problem. Any type of project requirements could be most probably satisfied with tools available in the Cricut Maker model.

       Cricut Joy

Cricut Joy might be the perfect proof of the fact that Cricut is becoming a more favorable trend in the sector of DIY, applied arts and crafts. Cricut Joy was released to the public on March 1st, 2020, making the latest addition to the family of Cricut machines. What makes the newest model stand out among other machines of that sort, is its evident compactness while its size doesn’t limit its capabilities. What might not be evident judging on the size of the machine (two times smaller than two of the previous models, Cricut Maker and Cricut Explore), is the extent of its capabilities.

Cricut Joy comes with handy features, also representing the perfect Cricut machine for crafters that like to work on a variety of projects and have no preferred crafting style or specific types of projects. The machine is compacting, making it rather user-friendly, which is how Cricut Joy can make a perfect machine for crafters that are only being introduced to the world of Cricut designs and tools. What is interesting about Cricut Joy is that it is designed to become a handy addition to the Cricut machine you are using as your first choice. Cricut Joy can be used on its own for different types of projects, but since it has a single pen holder and a single blade, it is best to be used in pair with another Cricut model – this is especially recommended to crafters who are regularly working on various projects. At the same time, Cricut Joy is a pretty straightforward model with simple functions, but interesting and handy features, which makes it a particularly favorable choice for beginners and crafters who are only starting to explore the possibility of working on a Cricut machine. When it comes to the way Joy is created, a crafter can’t fail to notice that the machine is rather simple and straightforward with no buttons. You can switch on the machine by plugging it in while you also need to switch from using a blade to using a pen since the two features share the position on the machine and can’t be used simultaneously. This is definitely one of the reasons why Cricut Joy makes a more than fine addition to other Cricut machines that might have more functions and bigger blades. The size of the blade on this machine is 4.5 inches, compared to larger Cricut machines such as models Explore and Maker with 11.5 inches-long blades. The machine does compensate for some “disadvantages” such as a smaller blade and the fact that crafters need to switch from blade to pen. The machine has a yet-unseen feature that enables easy card cutting and crafting. The feature is called “Cricut Joy Card Mat”, making the overall creation of cards an easy task. Another feature that you can’t find in other models of Cricut machines is matless cutting for smart materials. “Smart” materials such as smart vinyl demand use of a mat to be able to cut it, however, with Joy Cricut machine, matless cutting is enabled, making the job of crafters easier.

Furthermore, Joy machine enables easy and smooth cutting in long lengths when it comes to regular and smart materials with firmer background – with this tool, crafters can easily cut 20 inches of a smart vinyl role without making a single wrong cut. This feature is especially handy for crafters who are using smart materials more often, also removing the need for buying new mats as Joy model provides matless cutting. That way you can make more patterns and cut in a shorter time.

What Can I Make with Cricut Joy?

Cricut Joy is suitable for various types of projects which includes wall decals, making cards, vinyl decals for mugs, labels for kitchen, jars, crafting room, wall borders, iron-on vinyl decals for shirts, banners, party decorations, and more projects that could make good use of matless cutting and card cutting features.