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Models of Cricut Machine:

With regards to accuracy cutting, plotting and making, Cricut Machines will make any extend, any activity simple. Cricut Machines gives you the opportunity to make a wide range of activities, from paper crafts to vinyl decals. Essentially connect your tablet, cell phone or PC to a Cricut and it’s an assurance that your task is headed toward a good start.

There are various Cricut models to look over. In the event that you are planning buying a Cricut to use at home or for your business at that point let this Cricut machines examination help you out.


Cricut Maker


The Cricut Maker is Circuits’ most up to date machine. Cricut considers it a definitive smart cutting machine, and I can’t help but agree. It is a best in class digital die the cutting machine that conveys proficient quality outcomes at an individual machine cost. It can cut many materials, from the most delicate fabric and paper to matboard, balsa wood, and leather.

The Cricut Maker utilizes the fresh out of the box new Adaptive Tool System, which takes into account progressively precise control over the instruments, including pivoting, lifting, and shifting weight all through the whole cut. The Adaptive Tool System also enables the machine to use new kinds of devices later on as Cricut grows its device contributions.

Other than the Fine-Point Blade, Deep Cut Blade, and Bonded Fabric Blade that are good with all Cricut machines, the Maker can also utilize the accompanying apparatuses that are perfect with the Adaptive Tool System:

  • Rotating Blade – This gives you a chance to cut fabric with a Cricut Maker and it’s a tremendous improvement over-utilizing the standard Fine-Point cutting edge. You can cut intense fabric like burlap or denim, and furthermore delicate materials like crepe paper or glossy silk. This cutting edge gives you a chance to make intricate cuts on fabric without fraying or clustering (which is the reason you need a stabilizer backing when utilizing the Fine-Point blade).
  • Knife Blade – This lets you effectively cut through thicker and denser materials, for example, balsa wood, leather, matboard, and Cricut Chipboard. You can make some quite complex cuts without worrying that the sharp edge will snap.
  • Scoring Wheels – These apparatuses make crisp creases on slender, thick, and even covered paper materials. They enable you to make extra-deep score lines on any material that doesn’t break when you fold it.


The Explore machines can’t utilize these new sharp edges and instruments since they depend on the Adaptive Tool System. The standard instrument holder carriage in the Explore machines simply doesn’t have the necessary exactness or power.

As the name suggests, the Adaptive Tool System is intended to easily switch between devices, adjusting the drive framework to whichever device is loaded into it. This considers TONS of new kinds of instruments to be made, later on, to do new sorts of arts with the machine that we never could. I think the Adaptive Tool System is a HUGE advantage and I think it makes the Maker increasingly “future-verification”; I suspect we’ll see a huge amount of cool new devices for the Adaptive Tool System soon!


  • With expandable devices: revolving cutting edge, pens, and knife blade
  • With fine point pen, 12 x 12 inches cutting mats
  • The rotational cutting edge can cut quickly and precisely
  • Accompanies several computerized sewing designs
  • The knife blade can deal with meager and thick materials
  • With simple structure application; load extends on a PC or cell phone
  • With a gadget docking space
  • You can utilize your own plans
  • With a USB port to charge your gadget while being used
  • With Bluetooth remote innovation


  • Enables you to work at various materials
  • You can utilize various structures from its database
  • Accompanies expandable devices
  • Gadget dock gives you a chance to work intimately with the machine
  • Utilize your PC or cell phone with the Cricut


  • Objections that it won’t work with an iPad
  • The blade edge is sold independently

Cricut Explore Air

The Cricut Explore Air is the subsequent stage up from the Explore One. It also comes the standard Fine-Point Blade which enables you to cut several materials, and it’s good with the Deep Point Blade and the Bonded Fabric Blade (sold independently) to enable you to cut considerably more materials.

One major redesign over the Explore One is that the Cricut Explore Air has a double apparatus holder; it is intended to hold a cutting edge in one clamp and a pen, scoring stylus, or another embellishment in the other clip. This implies if you have a project that has both writing and cutting, you can stack a sharp edge and a pen into the machine and it will cut and write across the board go without stopping for you to change between instruments. Far better, the second clasp is perfect with tools like the Scoring Stylus, Cricut Pens, and so on so there’s no reason to buy an extra connector.

The Cricut Explore Air also offers worked in Bluetooth abilities. For the initial step, you should associate utilizing the USB link gave, yet after the underlying matching, you’ll have the option to interface with your machine and cut remotely.


  • With double cartridge to cut, compose or score simultaneously
  • With inserted Bluetooth, so you can work remotely
  • Will cut in excess of 60 distinct materials
  • With incorporated stockpiling segments
  • Good with .svg, .jpg, .png, .bmp, .gif, .dxf documents
  • Will take a shot at all Cricut cartridges


  • Cut and compose, cut and score simultaneously
  • You can work remotely
  • Store pens, blades and different frill away compartments
  • You can utilize your very own pictures or utilize any picture from the tremendous library
  • Works with Cricut cartridges


  • You have to buy extra apparatuses and accessories
  • You have to buy fonts and designs

Cricut Explore Air 2

The Cricut Explore Air 2 is the following stage up from the Explore Air, and it has one significant update: Fast Mode. Quick Mode enables the machine to slice and review to 2x quicker on standard materials like cardstock, vinyl, and iron-on. This is extremely useful for individuals who make various duplicates of their tasks (like educators) or individuals who make things to sell who will value the measure of time they spare.

The Cricut Explore Air 2 accompanies the standard Fine-Point Blade which enables you to cut several materials, and it’s perfect with the Deep Point Blade and the Bonded Fabric Blade (sold independently) to enable you to cut considerably more materials.

The Cricut Explore Air 2 additionally has worked in Bluetooth abilities so you can cut remotely and a double tool holder so you can cut and compose all in a solitary pass. Furthermore, similar to the Explore Air, the second clamp is good with frill like the Scoring Stylus, Cricut Pens, and so on so there’s no compelling reason to buy an extra connector.

Personally, I don’t really utilize Fast Mode all that frequently, so the progression up from the Explore Air is definitely not a huge deal for me, however, it can spare you time if you do a ton of cardstock, vinyl, and iron-on projects!


  • With Cricut Pens to make “written by hand” cards and different projects
  • Cut multifaceted subtleties with extreme exactness
  • With Scoring Stylus to crease cards, boxes, envelopes, acetic acid derivation and to make 3D paper specialties
  • With Fast Mode for 2X quicker cutting
  • You can work with more than 100+ sorts of materials
  • With in excess of 370 textual styles to look over
  • Can work with an Android or iOS gadget
  • Remote cutting with Bluetooth
  • Utilizations Design Space to deal with records from any gadget
  • With Cricut Image Library


  • Scoring Stylus folds lines for various projects
  • Cuts with extreme accuracy
  • Works with more than 100+ materials
  • Writes more than 370 text styles
  • Structure anyplace with Design Space
  • Associates with gadgets by means of Bluetooth
  • Cut and write multiple times quicker


  • Issues with Design Space
  • Disconnected Design Space accessible for iOS clients

Cricut Explore One

The Cricut Explore One is Circuits’ entrance level spending machine; it’s ideal for any individual who needs to begin with a digital die cutting machine yet wouldn’t like to spend a huge amount of cash. It accompanies the standard Fine-Point Blade which enables you to cut several materials, and it’s perfect with the Deep Point Blade and the Bonded Fabric Blade (sold independently) to enable you to cut considerably more materials.

As its name suggests, the Explore One has a single apparatus holder, so if you need to cut and write in a similar project you should change out the sharp edge for a pen mid-route through the cut. It’s extremely simple to change out the accessory or blade, and the Design Space programming will stop the slice and walk you through it when now is the right time, yet if you do a lot of tasks that join cutting, composing, or scoring, it can get tiresome sooner or later.

Moreover, really, the single tools holder is good with the standard estimated edges (Fine-Point, Deep Point, and Bonded Fabric), however to utilize different instruments and extras like the Scoring Stylus or Cricut Pens in the Cricut Explore One, you’ll have to buy a different connector to fit in the single device holder.

The Explore One doesn’t have worked in Bluetooth capacities, so you need to connect the machine to your gadget with the USB link gave. Or then again you can buy a Bluetooth connector independently to enable the machine to cut remotely.


  • Utilize the Cricut Design Space for PC, Mac, iPad or iPhone
  • Transfer your own plans for nothing or pick one from the Cricut Image Library
  • Use text styles introduced from your PC
  • Work on various materials from flimsy paper to thick vinyl
  • With helpful device and extras holder
  • Works remotely by including a remote Bluetooth connector
  • Perfect with .svg, .jpg, .bmp, .gif, .png and .dxf records
  • No compelling reason to set with the Smart Set dial or make your very own custom settings
  • Make extends in minutes
  • Will work with Cricut cartridges


  • Works remotely with Bluetooth connector
  • Transfer your very own pictures and structures for nothing
  • With 50,000+ pictures and text styles from Cricut Image Library
  • No settings required with the Smart Set dial
  • Prints and cuts quick
  • Structure with your very own gadget or PC utilizing Design Space


  • It expenses to utilize pictures beginning at $0.99
  • Bluetooth connector sold independently

Cricut Expression 1

You can make more customizations for various projects with the Cricut Expression 1. This electronic cutting machine works with the Cricut Craft Room where you can alter plans and improve your output even more. With its six modes and four capacities, you will have the option to make a variety of projects. You can also appreciate quick cutting and plotting speeds which imply that you can make extends quicker, perfect for business use. Expression 1 is additionally portable you can take it any place you should be; at school, at home or at the workplace. It has an LCD screen however touchscreen isn’t.

Your buy accompanies a 12″ x 12″ cutting mat so there is no compelling reason to buy.

The Cricut Expression 1 is portable and woks productively; you can make numerous kinds of activities any way you have to buy cartridges since this one doesn’t accompany one. In fact, you can’t make any projects yet when this comes out of the box.


  • Can cut moment 0.25” pictures to 23.5” plans
  • Will work with the Cricut Craft Room
  • With ordinary LCD screen
  • With 6 modes and 4 distinct capacities to improve customization
  • Buy accompanies a 12″ x 12″ cutting mat
  • Compact structure
  • Cuts rapidly and productively


  • Totally adaptable to make better plans
  • With six modes and four capacities
  • Accompanies a 12” x 12” cutting mat
  • Works with Cricut Craft Room
  • With a convenient plan


  • Issues with the sticky mat
  • No cartridges included with buy
  • Isn’t perfect with different cartridges

Cricut Easy Press Machine

Another cutting machine that worth is the Cricut Easy Press. I state that it worth the investment due to the home-accommodating structure and star level execution. It accompanies a major handle, a security base, and an auto-shutoff include so as to keep your home, workspace, and office very protected. In the event that you request this workhorse, you will get a compact, lightweight and simple to store with a giant, clay-covered warmth plate that gives the definite temperature you need. It is ideal for layered or enormous iron-on projects. It accompanies a reference diagram that will assist you in deciding time and temperature.


  • Ace level execution
  • Home-accommodating structure
  • Portable and compact
  • Reference graph included
  • Auto-shutoff highlight


  • Manual warmth temperature and clock settings
  • Conflicting weight and little cutting zone