Best Cricut accessories

Tools and Accessories You Need to Work with Cricut Maker Machine

It is very exciting when you consider the number of fun things you can do and all the supplies you’ll have to get after purchasing a new Cricut machine. However, as much as it is exciting, it can also be overwhelming. From iron-on to cardstock, to vinyl, and foil, not to mention the mats, accessories, and tools. If care is not taken, you can spend as much on supplies as you did for the machine itself.

Before you proceed to buy these tools and accessories, you need to, first of all, ascertain their roles and importance. Below are a list of the tools and accessories you need to work with your Cricut Maker Machine;

Cutting Materials (Cardstock, Vinyl, Iron-On, Etc.)

  1. VINYL – if you intend to make stickers for cars, signs, tumblers and coffee mugs, you’ll need the following products;
  • Printable Vinyl – Mainly used for making stickers
  • Glitter Vinyl – removable vinyl with sparkle
  • Holographic Vinyl – It is the same with basic vinyl but comes in different colors depending on the angle that is being viewed
  • Chalkboard Vinyl – Mainly used for making calendars and for labeling
  • Removable Vinyl – Mostly used for temporary items that are not meant to last long e.g. for rentals and others
  • Permanent Vinyl – Used for projects that are intended to last long
  • Dry Erase Vinyl – Used mainly for labeling
  • Stencil Vinyl – used for making screen-print shirts or hand-printed signs
  • Patterned Vinyl – Used for fun design projects like Star Wars, Mickey Mouse, watercolor, and Minnie, etc.

Some other items include;

Adhesive Foil – It is similar to vinyl. However, it is more complicated to use, thus, if you’re new to working with vinyl, you should stick to basic vinyl for a start.

Transfer Tape – You need the tape to get your vinyl from the backing to your project.

IRON –ON – This is used to apply on hats, pillows, and shirts, etc.

Iron-On Designs: These are pre-made designs that can be used alone or customized with other types of iron-on

  • Foil Iron-On: Used to add shine to your projects
  • Glitter Iron-On: Used to add sparkle to projects. Very easy to apply and weed.
  • Mesh Iron-On: Used to make jerseys
  • SportFlex Iron-On: Stretchy iron-on used for athletic wears
  • Holographic Iron-On: Used to add dimension to projects, either with holographic sparkle or opal holographic
  • Everyday Iron-On: They can be used for most projects! They come in different bundles and colors and are highly versatile.
  • Patterned Iron-On: Used for creative designs like Star Wars, Mickey and Minnie, Cute hippos and watercolor. Basically, it is used to add fun designs to projects.
  1. Felt: Used for making ornaments, finger puppets, headbands and dress up masks.
  • Cardstock: Used for scrapbooking, making gift boxes, gift bags and cards.
  1. Genuine Leather: Used for making home décor, accessories and more
  1. Fabric: Normally used for sewing projects
  1. Faux Leather: Used for making baby moccasins, key chains, windows, and fridge.
  • Window Cling: Used for short term projects for fridges, windows and other appliances.

ACCESSORIES (Pens, Tools, Mats, Etc.)

Mats – They come in two sizes; 12×24 and 12×12, and it is advisable to own at least one of each size. You will have to choose the type of mat to use, depending on the materials you will be cutting.

  • FabricGrip (Pink); used for fabric
  • LightGrip (Blue); used for cardstock and paper projects
  • StronGrip (Purple); Used for thick cardstock, poster board, and other thick materials.
  • Standard Grip (Green); used iron-on and vinyl

Pens – They are used for making gift tags and bags.

Tools – They are not mandatory, but they can make your work much easier if you have them;

  • Scissors
  • Scraper – Used to apply transfer tape on vinyl
  • Spatula – Used to remove materials from the mat
  • Weeder –Used to remove vinyl
  • Bayer – this tool is used in ensuring that the fabric lays flat on the cutting mat

Precision Hand Tools – These are tools used during projects, especially after you’ve cut and weeded your projects.

  • Acrylic ruler – Used to cut straight lines and measure fabrics and other materials
  • Self Healing mat – This is a double sided mat used for sewing, vinyl, iron-on or even paper project.
  • TrueControlKnife – Used to easily cut thick, thin delicate and brittle materials. It is used to cut large sizes of fabric down to size for mats.
  • Cutting Ruler – This is a very large 18” ruler used for obtaining straight lines with cuts and placing designs on your blanks

Specific Blades and Tools for Cricut Maker

Rotary blade – It is included in the pack when you purchase the machine. The blade is used for cutting fabrics.

Knife blade – It is used for cutting thick materials such as leather, basswood, balsa wood, chipboard, and others, etc.

Scoring wheel- It is used to make clean and crisp score lines.

EXTRAS ( EasyPress, Totes, BrightPad)

BRIGHTPAD – it is a tool used for weeding and a must-have for people that plan on using plenty of glitter or even those that work in low light areas.

EasyPress Mat – They are best used when applying Iron-on. They trap heat in materials so that iron-on can last long.

Easypress &Easypress2 – Is an easy to use, portable heat press. You need this item if you’re going to be using a lot of iron-on. However, there’s a slight difference between the Easypress and the Easypress2.

Storage Totes – Storage Totes – They are used for organizing and safeguarding the machine and other supplies. Below are three types of totes;

  • Machine Tote – Used to hold cords and machines
  • Rolling Storage Tote – Used to hold tools, EasyPress, laptop, Cuttlebug, cutting tools and more.

EasyPress Totes – Used to hold Easypress machine, accessories and other materials.