best cricut for shirts

Models of Cricut Machine: With regards to accuracy cutting, plotting and making, Cricut Machines will make any extend, any activity simple. Cricut Machines gives you the opportunity to make a wide range of activities, from paper crafts to vinyl decals. Essentially connect your tablet, cell phone or PC to a Cricut and it’s an assurance … Read more best cricut for shirts

oracal 651 vs 631

SO WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE IN ALL THE VINYLS? 631, 651, Permanent, Indoor, Outdoor, Matte, Glossy, HTV, Iron On, Window Cling, and the rundown goes on. Some vinyl sticks to dividers and will fall off easily(631), some won’t fall off… ever(651). Some vinyl you can use as iron on vinyl(HTV). Some are sparkly and others are … Read more oracal 651 vs 631