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It’s cozy slipper time!


With a low of -19c and dipping even lower this week, these slippers came in just the nick of time!

I have never made footwear before (with the exception of a pair of booties made from a Pinterest pattern a couple years ago….that came out too small!) so when I got the opportunity to test these Comfy Cozy Slippers, I was ALL OVER IT!!! Except for one small problem. I had no slipper gripper for the soles, and also, the sweater I thought I had saved (specifically for crafting!) apparently went to Goodwill. It was time to improvise. I used an upcycled pair of knee socks of all things, some leftover chenille minky from this project, and some tanned elk hide my husband gave me for crafting. more

One Pattern, Two uses: Boy and Girl sewing

I find sewing for a boy somewhat of a challenge. I mean, how do you get creative and cute when it’s for a boy? Sewing for Little J is easy: she likes pockets and flowers and ruffles and the colour pink. Easy right? Sewing for my (almost!) one year boy? Ha. BUT. I just bought a bunch of patterns (raglan t-shirt, V-neck cardigan, duffle coat, etc) that I think will come in handy for sewing for BOTH kiddos! more

Design Challenge – new patterns!

Over at Pattern Revolution you can find out all the details about the Design Challenge and new pattern releases! Today was the release of the Lily Knit Blazer by Peek-a-boo Patterns. It is TOO cute for words! You can check out a few pictures of it here along with a giveaway to win the pattern. If you just want to buy it now,  use the code “lily20” at checkout to save 20% now through the end of the day on 11/17! more

Flip this Pattern [Hangout Hoodie turned vintage]

I had a few ideas floating around for this month’s Flip This Pattern over at Frances Suzanne. Using the Hangout Hoodie pattern from Peek-a-boo Pattern shop, we had to come up with an original idea for construction, details, etc. I used an old sweater of mine, and an old curtain and turned a modern hoodie into a vintage-looking cardigan! more

Asian-themed Rice Wraps {recipe}

I love ethnic food, and although I’m not that well-educated on making most of it, I do enjoy trying! This dish uses a sauce that I basically will put on anything – a mandarin chicken salad, noodles and meat, rice and meat, any kind of meat…it’s THAT good! I’ve adapted a few recipes to come up with the perfect one, a perfectly sweet teriyaki(ish) sauce! This recipe calls for rice papers (found at my local No Frills in the international aisle, if you live in Canada) and Bean Thread Vermicelli noodles for the uncommon ingredients, and the rest you probably already have! Let’s get started! more

Downton Duffle Pattern Review

It’s no secret that I love Peek-a-boo Patterns! I really just found this pattern shop a few months ago, and already I own 5 patterns….and counting!

Since Little E needed a jacket, I just had to try the newest pattern, the Downton Duffle. It was definitely a bit more time-consuming than other things I’ve made (I decided to do an interlining as well) but SO worth the effort. The pattern is very straight-forward with lots of photos to guide you through. I’ve never used leather patches before, so that might have been the most nerve-wracking part for me – not messing them up! I used Amy’s trick and used a glue stick to hold the leather in place while I sewed. Also, I couldn’t find small enough pre-made toggles closures, so I made my own using toggle buttons. All in all, a very good pattern. The cuteness factor is out of this world! more

Cold days, warm meals!

Brrr! Winter is here in northern Alberta! I always love a pot of bubbling stew and warm biscuits for these chilly days. This stew recipe is my Grandpa’s passed down to my mom and now to me! It is a very simple and delicious recipe, and now I make it with elk, deer or moose meat….depending on my mood 😉 more

Footy Jammies are ALWAYS a winner!

….unless you’re potty training, then, well……

Anyways, whipped up this tester pair of jammies for my little guy last weekend. Amy at Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop was doing some revising, and I got picked to be a tester (yay!). They are a fairly easy sew, and I can see myself getting creative with these – embroidery, applique….If you’d like to pick up the pattern, you can find it here. There is going to be a sew-a-long for these jammies in the next couple weeks, so keep your eyes peeled for more information! more

The start of something new

I did it. I finally sewed something for my almost one year old boy. Using a Peek-a-boo pattern for a V-neck cardigan, I made him a Mr. Dressup lookalike outfit for church tomorrow. The Mr. Dressup thing was accidental, but cute nonetheless! Sewing for boys is much more difficult than I anticipated. Although the pattern couldn’t be easier (Peek-a-boo patterns are phenomenal!), there’s only so many ways to get creative for boys clothing. I’m going to try making some pants next! more

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