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The Dolly Princess Party

My baby girl turned FIVE a couple weeks ago. I feel like if I blink she’ll be off to college tomorrow…*sob*. Ahem, carrying on! She requested a dolly party, then changed it to a princess party, then said a dolly princess party would be great, haha! So this is our interpretation of that! more

The Dollhouse Adventure: bedroom and nursery

Dollhouse Makeover

This is the completed exterior of the Estoril Dollhouse. One day I’d like to replace the door and windows with wood, but for now, a coat of spray paint will have to do!

We’re going to tour the upstairs bedroom and nursery today! This is a large open attic space basically, so it’s a combined bedroom and nursery. I think it works well that way, since J is such an avid interior decorator. The wide open space makes it lots of fun to rearrange furniture! more

A Little Man Celebration

My little boy turned one?!?!!! How on earth did that happen so fast? I’ve seen lots of Moustache Bash/Little Man parties, and knew that we had to have one for E. Pinterest to the rescue! I seriously can look back at my Pinterest page and basically see my party there. SO much inspiration!

So, you’ve seen the Chocolate Moustaches here, more

Speculaas {Biscoff Cookies}


These cookies were perfect for our Little Man birthday party – no decorating required! I was debating between these and sugar cookies, but it came down to time, and these were fine just as they are – no decorating!

Since I couldn’t find a moustache-shaped cookie cutter anywhere, I had to improvise. This was originally a round biscuit cutter that I had previously made into a strawberry shape. Since it was never going to be a perfect circle again, I figured it was a good candidate for reshaping. It was easily bent into a moustache, and then I just turned the ends up a bit more once the cookies were on the baking sheet. more

Getting ready for a Moustache Bash!


My little boy turned ONE this past weekend and we threw him a Little Man party, or, a Moustache Bash 🙂 I’ll share more details of the party later, but I just wanted to post about these moustaches first.

They look deceptively easy. And really, they were, once I figured them out. If you browse Pinterest much, you’ll see these things all over the place. So I bought the mold, the long lollipop sticks and some dark and milk chocolate. more

The Big Top: shower theme


Little bit of a throwback Thursday here. I hosted a baby shower way back in…March? April? Ha, it’s been THAT long. Anyway, it was the Big Top theme. Perfect for a little boy 🙂

I found these little cardboard popcorn boxes at Michaels, and it all started coming together. We had plain and caramel popcorn (I love this recipe), pogo sticks and mustard, lollipop-shaped cookies, fruit, spring rolls, sandwich roll-ups, cupcakes and more cookies! The lion, giraffe and elephant are all from the dollar store 🙂 I put the lollipop cookies into mason jars. Easy-peasy! more

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