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Project Run & Play MINI: She’s a Wildflower

Hey hey! So it’s another round of Project Run & Play! Remember this from 3 years ago?? They were soooo small! This time, it’s a short little competition, and our little plot twist is that the fabric was chosen for us! We were sent 2 yards of this Art Gallery canvas, and allowed to pick 1 yard of coordinating fabric, whatever we liked…but picking fabric online is hard for me! Especially when I had no idea what I was going to do with canvas!!?? Thankfully, this Art Gallery canvas washed up nice and soft! I picked a coordinating minty aztec print and the golden fabric is a little linen from my stash. 


So let’s jump in…what did I make? I started with the Mori Dress as a base, and as you can see, the bodice went through quite a transformation! I re-drafted the front to become a bib with a continual ruffle and made sure to match things up at the shoulders. The ruffle changes size and really adds a whimsical feel to the dress. Sometimes I make something and my daughter just doesn’t like it, but this one? It was only half-finished and she declared it The Most Beautiful Dress! The ruffle edge is finished in a sparkly gold metallic thread, so maybe that caught her eye? The skirt is gathered as I like to do it – the front and back, leaving the sides nice and flat. I feel like it suits her shape better. 


It was a windy day when we took photos…her flyaway hair was not going to be tamed! There were no complaints about the canvas. It really washed up so nice and soft, I’m glad that someone pushed me to try this! This dress pattern is one of my favorites (see here). There are no closures (which some may dislike, since they do add a bit of character) but my daughter doesn’t really like how buttons or snaps feel in the back. Plus this dress is just so easy to slip on and go!


To finish off her outfit, I made up a little sailor bow. I am admittedly terrible at doing hair, and thought that might help me get a little more creative. It’s a quick little project that only takes a little sewing before you have a sweet little bow! She loves it so I’ll be making a few more of those! Thanks so much for reading through our little adventure with canvas! Head on over to Project Run & Play to vote for your favorite!






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