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Skirting the Issue: a Skirt Waistband Round-up!

Hello readers! I’ve been neglecting my poor blog, but I’m thankful for sewing buddies that pull me out of my slump and ask me to sew things, or do fun things like this round-up! You’ve probably heard of Skirting the Issue (maybe? I’ve posted about it before here). Anyway, it’s a great reason to sew up some skirts and donate them – and they don’t have to be fancy…just something that a girl would like to wear 🙂 Read more about this great initiative over at Simple Simon & Co.


For this post, I thought it would be fun to do a round-up of various styles of waistbands! These tutorials are not limited to skirts (they all work great on pants too!), but since this is Skirting the Issue month, I’m talking specifically about skirt waist bands. 


  1. First up is (in my opinion) the quickest method and works best on a serger. The elastic is serged on and then topstitched down. This tutorial from Courtney over at ModKid is excellent!



2. The classic elastic waistband with a casing is straight forward and doesn’t require a serger. You may want to have a bodkin or other gadget handy for stringing your elastic through! Check out this tutorial that Lisa at cucicucicoo put together. It’s very thorough with great photos!


3. Another easy way to add a knit waistband (these are the reeeeally comfy ones) is this fold-over style. These work only with knit fabric. This one from the Do it Yourself Divas is great!

yoga waist

4. This tutorial is from the ladies themselves over at Simple Simon & Co! This simple exposed elastic waist is fun, especially now that you can find coloured elastic! Find the tutorial here.


5. And last, but certainly not least, shirring! This one is a little tricky, and each machine works differently with elastic thread, so it will take some trial and error to perfect this technique! Here’s a detailed tutorial from Bella Sunshine Designs.



I hope you found a new method to try out! Don’t forget to sew up some skirts to donate to foster girls and send them over to the Simple Simon ladies!


Happy Sewing!

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  • What a great post! It’s nice seeing all the different options in one spot!

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