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Month: November 2016

Simple Simon & Co fabric tour

by popular demand

Hey there, friendly blog readers! Can someone please tell me what happened to my 5 year old and who is this grown up kid?? Aaaaghh! Seriously, I popped the scarf on her and she aged 8 years. Never again. 

But she’s still a great little model, even without a candy bribe! I’m on tour today with the ladies over at Simple Simon and Company. You may recognize that name from previous Project Run & Play seasons, Skirting the Issue, and Teach the ONE to sew…what can I say? They’re busy doing great things! And then they somehow squeeze in designing a fabric line. This fabric is part of a mini collection called By Popular Demand. It’s meant to coordinate with their Four Corners line (LOVE IT!!!) but give a little extra variety. This is the Gray Feathers jersey knit and it is DELICIOUS to sew with! If you sew, you know what I mean, haha! more

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