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A Summer Summary!

That may have been the longest blogging break I’ve ever taken! But for good reason! I’ve finally opened an Etsy Shop, Painted Truth Co. and have been busy “stocking shelves” over there! If you follow me on Instagram then you I’ve recently taken up painting again (after about a 15 year break!) and it’s been so fun! So far I’m just doing digital downloads, but may add prints in the future 🙂

Beloved, if God So loved usAlso, I create WAY less mess painting than I do sewing, haha! But since the kiddos have decided they aren’t staying little, I really need to do some fall sewing. I have a Mori Dress planned (I think it will look super cute with a long sleeve shirt under – almost pinafore-like!) and some skirts for girly-girl, and maybe a sweatshirt for the big boy. He kind of likes matching with his little brother, so maybe some more matching Brindille & Twig hoodies! 

Happy Sewing (or painting!)

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2 thoughts on “A Summer Summary!”

  • Everyone who has visited me so far has commented on the pretty print I bought from you! Although they are a little confused that I didn’t paint something for my walls myself, haha. I like the idea of the Mori as a pinafore!

    • Haha! I was a little surprised that you bought one too 😉 But I’m glad you like it! Time to start hanging some of YOUR beautiful work on the walls now!!

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