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The Doll Wardrobe!

dolly clothes

I’m finally doing a post of the doll clothes saga you may have followed along with on Instagram! I started off by making a matching dress for this Geranium Dress by Made By Rae.

Geranium Dress

doll clothes

I used the Chloe Dress from Imagine Gnats for the doll, but made some modifications to make it fit this Our Generation Doll from Target. I think the sizing between 18″ dolls is mostly the same, but there are some differences in the shoulders (these doll are made like a linebacker!) and chest/torso circumference. I added 1/4″ to the back seam allowance to make it fit this doll better. I used the faux cap sleeve option on this which makes it a super quick sew!

Doll clothes

This is another Geranium/Chloe combo! I love that those two patterns look so much alike! She wore this dress for her party and then her doll was dressed up in her matching outfit when she opened it!


Party dresses are finished! Big girl #geraniumdress pattern by @madebyrae and dolly dress pattern by @imaginegnats

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doll clothesThis was how Laura (the first doll in this house with a name!!) was dressed the day of her photo shoot. This vest is self-drafted, as is the skirt. The black and white peplum is loosely based off the Chloe dress pattern. The peasant blouse is self-drafted. It’s an easy top to pull over the doll’s head since everything is elastic 🙂

Dolly clothes dolly clothes

Ha, I didn’t notice that her skirt was slipping….hazards of a doll photo shoot. Pros? She doesn’t even care, haha! Seriously, this was such a nice change of pace from the the usual bribery 😉

The skirt was made to match this one:

Doll clothes

doll clothes doll clothes

Another self-drafted skirt, top and cardigan (again with the linebacker shoulders!!!?)

doll clothes

Quite possibly my favourite thing I made for this doll!! These classic pajamas were made starting from this ooooold out of print pattern (the one in the lower right in that link), but something must have drastically changed since the 90’s because I had to basically re-draft this to fit Laura. In the end though, they turned out SO CUTE!!!

doll clothes

This jacket is so detailed and well written! I mean, do you see those TINY welt pockets???? I purchased this pattern from Pixie Faire and it was well worth it! If you like to make doll clothes, follow the Pixie Faire facebook page – they have a free pattern available almost every Friday! I will say though, not all patterns are created equal over there – the coat is a Liberty Jane pattern and is very well drafted. Some of the free/paid patterns from other designers were not digitally drafted, so choose carefully 😉

doll clothes doll clothes

I didn’t get a photo of the back – silly me! It’s the best part! Here’s an instagram shot:

How about these super cute hangers??? From Only Hangers – cheap and fast shipping (if you live in the states!)

doll clothes doll clothes

Then lastly, I made a cute backpack! This is self-drafted and slightly too big, so I may fiddle with it a bit.

doll clothes My husband built a set of bunkbeds using this Ana White plan. I made some mattresses, pillows and quilts and it turned out so cute! Laura and her friends live in the closet for now, with a tension rod for her clothes 🙂

doll clothes doll clothes

doll clothes doll clothes

Happy Sewing!


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