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The Dolly Princess Party

My baby girl turned FIVE a couple weeks ago. I feel like if I blink she’ll be off to college tomorrow…*sob*. Ahem, carrying on! She requested a dolly party, then changed it to a princess party, then said a dolly princess party would be great, haha! So this is our interpretation of that!

DSC_0697She specifically requested a dolly cake. I like to get creative with birthday cakes, but this was so far out of my comfort zone, I was pretty much convinced that it would be a huge flop! I even made a second normal cake JUST IN CASE! Turns out they aren’t that scary, just a lot of work. I found a cute Barbie (she’s not actually Barbie – someone younger, but I can’t remember her name) that would work in the cake, and started scouring Pinterest for help! I used marshmallow fondant which was really yummy! It’s super messy to make, but cheap and you don’t need lots for this kind of cake. I followed this picture tutorial for most of the dress. Here are a few photos as I was working on it:

I curled the dolls hair. Seriously. 


You wrap the hair around straws and then dunk her in very hot water for a few seconds. It kind of worked. 

Then I wrapped the doll’s head and legs in plastic wrap to keep it somewhat clean:


I made the top of her dress first:


I didn’t take any photos of the actual cake itself, but I used a 4-cup pyrex measuring cup to bake the top half of the cake it, and then made a 6-inch layer for the bottom. Once the skirt was made I stuck Barbie in. Cutting a 1 1/2″ hole in the center of each layer will help this work smoothly. *ahem*

image2 (1)

dolly cake

In the end, it turned out SO CUTE. But never again. 


Here’s how it looked when we cut into it:

image1 (1)Let me just say that sewing is far easier than fondant dressmaking.

We also had cupcakes, a regular layer cake (actually, I put cake balls in it to make it fun inside!) and crown sugar cookies (which hubby so graciously decorated for me – the cake was making me crazy by then!!).

image2 (2)


Next post will be all about this stylin’ gal:

DSC_0810Happy Sewing (and eating cake!)

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9 thoughts on “The Dolly Princess Party”

  • How wonderful! Everything is just perfect – the two cakes, the crown cookies, etc. I decorated a lot of cakes for my children when they were little, but I never made dress ruffles! In fact, the only fondant I ever made was the pourable kind (like on bakery petit fours). What an amazing party for a precious little girl.

    • Thank you! Let me just say, I’m so glad I have two boys who love cakes with an excavator stuck on top, haha!

  • That turned out amazing! My youngest daughter is turning 5 next month and talking about mermaids so we will see how fancy I get with that. Probably not very. 😉
    And by the way, my oldest is 18 and leaving the nest in august so I’m telling you it does go fast. So fast. 🙁

  • That cake turned out awesome!! Cakes always take me waaaay longer than I expect them to. I think part of that is just needing practice though. I think it’s totally awesome that your husband decorated the cookies too!

  • The dolly cake is brilliant, and I fully understand the “never again” part. But my…what a wonderful memory you’ve created. Well done! <3

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